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Image: eve_vcl_props.gif   388x800 48965 bytes 2005.09.27

"No hits, no fame but IN!"\r\nThis is Eve, congratulating her friends for having gotten into the VCL. Of course she may accompany them.\r\nI know she is very thin and tall and her legs are too long but I can not help liking this picture. I worked for about 4 hours with one eye on my drawing-paper and the other one in my anatomy-reference-book. After that many little adjustments were still necessary. As I said, it is not perfect but right now I am happy with this.

Image: lex_ollie.gif   600x723 41764 bytes 2005.09.27

the second

Image: lex_walking_greeting_bg+c.jpg   800x607 174406 bytes 2005.12.13

Lex has become a pilot and is walking toward her aircraft in this picture. Done with pencils and coloured pencils.\r\nŠ emanuel behrendt; emanuelbehrendt(at)web(dot)de; ask before you steal any ideas/designs/characters and you will probably be allowed to borrow them

Image: rabbit_nick_rapping_4.gif   600x477 44846 bytes 2005.10.21

Another picture of Nik on stage. I do not know why I gave him four toes again, I did not intent to make him different from the others in that way.

Image: rabbit_nik_rapping_2.gif   265x600 20885 bytes 2005.09.27

This is the first of the three Picture I used for my application.

Image: tim_flying_birdie.jpg   640x480 88872 bytes 2005.10.10

I let Tim have some fun with a plane that I designed and called "birdie". I do not know who flies the other one that is just rushing by and it does not matter.\r\nI drew this with pencils and coloured pencils. The colours look smoother on paper.\r\nBy the way I would like to thank the dark ferret and ch'marr for dealing with my application. I should have done that earlier but maybe they will read this some day.

Image: tim_with_gun.gif   550x800 59372 bytes 2005.09.27

...and the third: Tim, not the way he usually is but as he sometimes wishes to be.

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