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Image: Dave_and_Corey.jpg   800x608 103764 bytes 2004.11.22

Dave and Corey.... well, actually Davina and Corey, two girls who had to pretend they were guys in order to be taken seriously and get jobs in the highly competitive game design industry. They met each other thinking each thinking the other was male and yet still attracted even though they were lesbian themselves. They put on a show of dating each other to keep their friends happy until they finally had to tell the truth to each other that they weren't male... but neither was, and it turns out to be the perfect combination. One lady raccoon and her mate, a poucher named Corey. Blimey!

Image: gwen_online.jpg   519x600 78944 bytes 2004.11.22

Gwen, one of the bunnies from Bunnies in Babeland, a comic project Tibo and I are working on. Maybe she's mucking online at one of those online human mucks- as if anyone would want to pretend to be some other species online, riiiiight. Freaks. Heh.

Image: Kandace-008-color.jpg   720x468 88247 bytes 2004.11.02

Kandace, my kandy roo girl. I forgot to give her white paws though, my bad. Hope she doesn't notice! \r\n\r\nI don't know why I chose pink for her. It fits though. Pink for a character is just plain silly and weird, and yet when I look at Kandace, somehow it seems to work for her.

Image: Kandace-004-bw.gif   720x477 81997 bytes 2004.11.02

Another picture of Kandace, my kandy roo girl character. I like to do some pencil work now and then with cross hatching and sometimes even actually works.

Image: Kalanthe.jpg   720x567 93368 bytes 2004.11.02

Just your average ol' lizard / dragoness type of critter. With broken chains that I really like the rust effect on.

Image: Jake-Kandace_01.jpg   720x533 94959 bytes 2004.11.02

Can't tell I like roos, can you? Kandace is a favorite of mine to draw and it appears Jake doesn't mind sharing her as well. Jake (c) 2004 his player on Taps.

Image: jackie_01.jpg   512x600 75118 bytes 2004.11.02

Jackie's Graduation Day. The colors on this vixen, the pose, and her general demeanor sets this one off as one of my all time favorites.

Image: hot_buttered_bunnies.jpg   537x720 105204 bytes 2004.11.02

Hot Buttered Bunnies. Do they need any other description than that? Yum!

Image: heather_01.jpg   447x600 62944 bytes 2004.11.02

I got back from Conifur 2004 and cranked out a lot of new art. I should have a good 20 or so new prints ready for FC at this rate. Here's Heather in 'Patience'. Stay.... stay.... good doggie!

Image: Doene_01.jpg   425x600 65467 bytes 2004.11.02

Oh dear, a deer!\r\n\r\nCouldn't see that one coming, could you?

Image: bound_mouse_03.jpg   715x516 81521 bytes 2004.11.02

Realized I haven't uploaded many of the pics I've been doing for Furbid and thought I should update you folks. There's a lot! Check out this cute tawny mouse waiting for someone. I really like the color of her fur in this pic.

Image: binding_the_bunny.jpg   485x720 105233 bytes 2004.11.02

It's always important to read those assembly instructions from Denmark. Here we find Leannan 'working' with Jake, both of Tapestries, on that old problem of "Insert Tab A into Slot B." Characters (c) 2004 their players.

Image: bear_butt.jpg   720x488 75817 bytes 2004.11.02

Some jewelry is meant to be pretty. Some is meant to be functional. Some is meant to be a hindrance for special occassions, but this.... ouch!

Image: Squeep.jpg   477x600 64200 bytes 2004.11.02

"SQUEEP!" That's all that goes through the mind of this squirrel girl as she looks up at... ?

Image: roo_jump.gif   691x400 58034 bytes 2004.11.02

I know kangaroos can't move their feet independantly of each other (except while swimming- isn't that cool?), but I figure anthros are probably a slight exception, and frankly I just like this pose and it looked better with one foot more ready than the other.

Image: brr.jpg   573x720 79128 bytes 2004.11.02

What can I say other than "BRRRR!" That's got to be cold on the bits when sitting in the snow. I don't care if you are an artic fox or not, that's just one fridgid fox!

Image: badgerbadgerbadger.jpg   720x543 75876 bytes 2004.11.02

Badger badger badger badger- err, okay, I'll be good now.\r\n\r\nHadn't drawn a badger in a while and decided to try another. I mucked up the head but I like the stripes. Have to work on that more, I think.

Image: roo_joy3.jpg   576x671 94162 bytes 2004.07.07

Spending time in the Outback can be pretty stressful, but kangaroos are built for it, light of form, strong of leg, adaptable to the environment, these roos can handle the excessive heat and parched conditions well. Heavy tails thump the ground sharply in mid-hop to help change direction even as they increase their leaps up to 30 feet between landings. But sometimes a roo simply wants to lay back and rest for a bit. Itches are natural for their environment and this sheila idly scratches her pouchlip even as you stare- err, 'appreciate' her natural beauty. Do you see something you like? She smiles, seeing something SHE likes, beconing to you to come closer for a more in depth experience.... 'Down Under'. \r\n

Image: wotterotter2.jpg   576x630 66144 bytes 2004.06.10

You oughta play with otta, but noughta iffn' she don' wanna. Okay, that was silly. This otterette is just a simple pic but a good practice in pencil shading. I really like this method of shading.\r\n\r\nFour Furbid pieces drawn in one day. Can't tell I have bills due, can you?

Image: vixen-joy01.jpg   747x509 64898 bytes 2004.06.10

Okay, spread 'em! It's amazing all you have to do is *suggest* that a vixen spread her thighs for a picture and they toss off their clothes as eagerly as if you asked them if they wanted a double dipped chocolate fudge sundae. Vixens. Hmph. \r\n\r\nFurbid gets this original. That means one of you out there will have it in their posession too.

Image: roo_joy2.jpg   500x666 57693 bytes 2004.06.10

Hop to it, the kangaroo says... you'll never get anywhere unless you take advantage of every opportunity that comes you way- and a few that you make for yourself. \r\n\r\nA roofemme I wanted to try out in this pose. The lower hips are twisted the way I wanted, but the upper torso didn't quite get the perspective I was hoping for.\r\n\r\nYes, another Furbid auction. It's a good excuse to draw and try out new things. Let bidders show their opinions with their bids.

Image: bunny-joy01.jpg   717x570 65435 bytes 2004.06.10

She's a silly little doe, but this rabbit seems to enjoy herself more on all fours than her sisters. Perhaps a throwback to their quadraped ancestors, who knows. I just know she presents a view that I don't think I could get tired of. Hee!\r\n\r\nOh, a Furbid auction, if you're curious. And if not, it's also a nekkid bunny, which is always a good thing.

Image: roo_joy.jpg   491x600 68330 bytes 2004.05.31

Kangaroos are known to defend themselves by leaning back on their tails and using the leverage to lash out with their feet at their opponents. While typically a behavior displayed by the boomers, recent studies have indicated the flyers have their own purposes for this unique posture. Further study is needed and this specimen appears to be looking for volunteers. \r\n\r\nAnother Furbid auction 'cuz I need to pay bills and the power company won't take artwork. I don't know why- I certainly would. :)

Image: wotterotter.jpg   496x600 64949 bytes 2004.05.31

Preparing for a dip in the ocean, this lovely otter girl strips off her panties and checks out her surroundings before taking a dive into the waters below. \r\n\r\nA Furbid auction piece to help pay for utility bills. Woo.

Image: white-headphones-fh.jpg   484x600 74921 bytes 2004.04.20

White-Delirium of Tapestries knows her music and audio hardware. The headphones she uses on a daily basis cost more than my first car, and probably have more horsepower. I wondered though what would happen in an alternate dimension... Hmm!

Image: Kaur01-fh.jpg   428x600 49876 bytes 2004.04.20

A silly minky! Kaur of Tapestries. A sweet lil' mink kit that is quiet and watches the world go by. Just had to draw that lil' lady.

Image: JackNAnthony_03.jpg   454x600 60613 bytes 2004.04.20

"Are you ready?" the wolf asks as his mouse friend hovers over his hips. \r\n"I think so, Jack." His spine was tingling as much as his cock that was being suckled by the wolf. It would only take a slight settling of his hips and he'd be introduced to a new world opened to him.\r\n\r\nPart three of three for a Furbid auction experiment. Let's see if anyone bids. Hmm!

Image: JackNAnthony_02.jpg   359x600 61716 bytes 2004.04.20

Part two of three. Jack plays the part of a good doggy and Anthony rewards him with a nice proper chewtoy.

Image: JackNAnthony_01.jpg   398x600 66538 bytes 2004.04.20

Part one of three of a mouse's first time playing around with guys. He's not so sure, but Anthony is pretty sure he can trust Jack.\r\n\r\n

Image: Kandace-001.jpg   600x510 64360 bytes 2004.04.19

A silly kangaroo flyer that I hope to draw more of. This was for a Furbid piece long since sold. Yes, the ladder is wrong- I spent time making sure it was accurately detailed that I completely overlooked getting the paint shelf on the WRONG side of the ladder- it should be opposite of the steps, not on the same side. Sheesh.

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