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Image: cooking.jpg   553x720 128775 bytes 2004.04.13

Kiss the cook? Heck with that when you can do so much more! A rare male/male piece for me, and done up fully in inks. That's a lot of crosshatching. More so than I would normally do. This should have been a colored pencil or marker job, but I wanted to do some ink work and this turned out okay.\r\n\r\n

Image: rooboy_01.jpg   720x537 84952 bytes 2004.04.07

G'Day, mates! What do you do when you're out in the Outback studying the wildlife and there's nobody around? Should be an interesting time to see what happens. \r\n\r\nA simple pic for Furbid that took six hours to color in pencil. I draw many male pieces, but this one was worth studying for me and a good practice session for colored pencil. \r\n\r\nOh yeah, art by Flinthoof. You know, the mint addict.

Image: jobfax_01.jpg   565x753 140952 bytes 2004.04.06

Unemployment sucks rocks through a straw backwards. This will be my exploration into that world and I think I'll take you folks with me. Who ,nows, maybe you'll pick up a tip or two. At least we can all commisserate.

Image: pinkjill.jpg   453x600 96563 bytes 2004.04.06

She's just full of ferrety goodness waiting to get out. A silly ferret girl drawn for Furbid and because I haven't drawn enough ferrets, especially female ones. Dook!\r\n\r\nArt by Flinthoof....dat's me, yadda yadda yadda.

Image: Mink-Music.jpg   600x388 62223 bytes 2004.03.26

Make your own music or enjoy that of others- music offers its own escape into a world of fantasy, light, and hope.\r\n\r\nA white mink drawn to test the waters of Furbid for mink pics. I know bunnies sell, so this is my first mink. She's inspired by White-Delirium of Taps, minus the swirly markings.

Image: mechbunny-01.jpg   379x600 58964 bytes 2004.03.22

Another bunny, this time in black. Some sort of swoopy aeronautic looking logo in the background and your generic stone block there as well because... um.... it fills space.

Image: nurse-01.jpg   455x600 59823 bytes 2004.03.21

Oh Nurse! It's time for my sponge bath.... please? \r\n\r\nThe first of a series of pics I'm putting up on Furbid to help pay for rent. Just got laid off on Friday so it's time to turn to furry art to help pay the bills. Woo! When I'm out of work, I get a lot more done. -Flinthoof

Image: sheve-squee-fh.jpg   501x600 72204 bytes 2004.03.18

SQUEE! Silly dragonkitty/mink/ferret/fill in the blank female of Taps. I looked through their pics online and realized I hadn't drawn one of them. Well now, we've got to fix that right up! Sheve (c) of their player. Drawn by Flinthoof, da minty one. \r\n

Image: romamink-fh.jpg   712x523 92968 bytes 2004.03.07

Mink are such lovely creatures. Flexible like ferrets, musky ladies of musteline wonder. That tail just makes me want to hug it like a big body pillow. A picture for Roma, silly minky of Taps. Wish the scanner had done a better job of it. Character of Romamink (c) 2004 by her player. Art is by me! Flinthoof Ponypal

Image: white-delirium-fh.gif   335x600 96718 bytes 2003.10.30

She's crazy, I tell you! Crazy! That mink is dangerously whacked in the head- but don't tell her I said that! :) She's also fun, cute, and a regular out on Taps. Just a silly doodle of her and Kaylen, a size changing ferret fella. Characters (C) 2003 their respective creators.

Image: master_may_i.jpg   550x593 38629 bytes 2003.08.04

"Please, master? I so wish only to please you," the young doe tried to keep her head held low as to not offend her owner, but she could not help but to look up shyly to see who her new master would be. Could it be you? A touch of the whip, or taste of the cane would keep this pretty thing in line, and I'll let you take her off Honest Jarmac Echlin's paws for a mere 50 gold pieces. Any less and it's robbery, I tell ya.\r\n\r\nOh, pic copyrighted to Dan Canaan, aka Flinthoof Ponypak, yada yada yada.

Image: snowshooroo_01.jpg   454x600 55139 bytes 2003.08.04

The rare and elegant kangaroos of the alpine highlands sometimes come down to forage for food, especially when carrying young. This flyer was caught snacking on a small sapling pine, stripping off the needles with adept tongue and sharp teeth. \r\n\r\nThe idea of a Snowshooroo came about thanks to a discussion with Rooth'ragon. Thanks, Rooth!

Image: roodazeofsummer.jpg   512x600 86496 bytes 2003.07.24

It's running in the 90's here in Seattle, land of the rain and summer temps of typically 75F. Even a roo built for the hot deserts of Australia can have a tendency to melt under the sun. This is the first loose 'free' pic I've done since moving to a new apartment- I should have been unpacking, but well, you know... folks want art!

Image: obey_the_hoof.jpg   462x600 76324 bytes 2003.05.10

Never doubt the power of a Clydesdale mare when she puts her foot down. OBEY THE HOOF! Shania's actively recruiting minions for her invasion force and may be looking for fine young soldiers such as yourself. Contact Shania on Furrymuck at Equine Central today!

Image: bad_vixxy.jpg   454x684 56055 bytes 2003.05.09

More auction pieces drawn up to help me pay for an upcoming rent bill that I simply don't have the cash for. Enjoy the vixen- she'll be joined by others real soon now.

Image: time_for_bhunny.gif   443x600 112669 bytes 2003.05.09

You'd think with as many rabbits that I draw that I like bunnies. They aren't my preferred species (I tend towards hoofers and roos), but they are fun to draw and for some strange reason, people want me to draw more of them. They even buy them. Soooo, it's time for bunnies!

Image: hello.gif   382x600 88357 bytes 2003.05.09

Hello! Foxes always have their own unique way of showing a friendly face, don't they?

Image: outback.gif   494x600 102299 bytes 2003.05.09

Roo! It's a kangaroo flyer! It's a girl! I'm using a lot of exclamation points! Tibo just showed up at the front door! This is making no sense! I think I'll upload this now! Woohoo!

Image: plumbers_helper.gif   428x600 92931 bytes 2003.05.09

Got a leak that needs plumbing? Or do you just want to plug that leak? Call 1-BHU-NNY-PUMP today!

Image: busty_bunny-fh.gif   419x600 98211 bytes 2003.05.09

Busty Bunny (c) DC Rabbit. I'm pleased with the results- DC and I are swapping a few pics and this one turned out decent. It's not inked- just heavy pencil outlines and shading done to the pic. Enjoy!

Image: tcb_search.gif   471x600 162589 bytes 2003.05.09

TCB (Not TCBY!), aka ThreeCloudsBlue is a very earthy flyer. She's form a dirtworld and space flight is still new to her. She is slowly getting acclimated on a kangaroo space ship, but there are times when the urge to explore is just too strong- unfortunately for her, some ventilation shafts aren't built for heavy thighs and that means help is called for. Looks like Roodaroo has found TCB in a rather delicate situation.

Image: roodaroo_01.gif   481x600 107523 bytes 2003.05.09

Roodaroo, chief engineer of the UMV-102 "Matilda", a cargo ship run by marsupials. She's a grey roo with dark points and while not carrying weapons of typical design, nobody wants to mess with a crowbar carrying flyer when she's in a bad mood.\r\n\r\nI'm building a fursuit based on this and have the head, feet, and one paw done- got to keep working!

Image: possum-lady.jpg   400x600 51644 bytes 2003.01.20

This possum girl looks more like a mouse to me. I think it's the tail. Do possums have ringed tails like this? I couldn't find a good photo online for reference. I want to do a spooky crazy pink eyed one soon just for fun.

Image: gwen-01-bib.jpg   480x600 94901 bytes 2003.01.20

Ah Gwendolyn.... One of the four bunnies from my web comic, Bunnies in Babeland. This colored pencil original will definately be made into prints. Tibo suggested the pose.

Image: bunny_boy.jpg   600x466 71692 bytes 2003.01.20

See? I can too draw male spooge. So there. Nyah. \r\n\r\nA bunny boy and his bunny boy toy.

Image: birthday_boy.jpg   466x600 70668 bytes 2003.01.20

I don't draw male erotic art that often so it's a special occasion when I do. The occasion today is that I need money. :) I'm drawing this and that for Furbid. This piece won't sell for much- typically my works sell for $15-$40, depending on the bidder market. It's fun to draw anyways. I'm told I need to draw the penises larger on my male pics. Hmm. Could be!

Image: crusader_cow.jpg   464x600 73523 bytes 2003.01.20

GwenCarter has a lovely cow character and I thought I would doodle up the bovine as the masked hero, Crusader Cow. :)\r\n\r\nHey, it's silly and I didn't have any good excuse not to do it.

Image: advice.gif   576x758 293310 bytes 2002.11.24

MistyStriker recently sent me an email saying she really liked my artwork. Wow! An Aussie sheila that likes what I draw. She also asked a lot of questions about how I do it. Hmm, good question! So here's my answer to her. I hope she likes it. \r\n

Image: keytoherheart.gif   365x600 57271 bytes 2002.11.11

Inspired by the lovely pictures drawn by Brian Harp, this little dragoness is looking for someone to unlock her heart- amongst other things...\r\n\r\nShould I color this in marker or pencils? Questions, questions, questions...

Image: nyahnyah.gif   288x408 34297 bytes 2002.11.01

It's disgusting how many of you folks are excellent artists. Just cruising through the new art uploads makes me want to go blither blither blither in the corner for a little while. \r\n\r\nPardon me while I do that very thing. :P

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