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Image: castanetlizard.jpg   543x801 194177 bytes 2006.09.28

Some people just have an aura of happiness around 'em, y'know?\r\n\r\nHate the toes, like the legs, love the crest and tailfloof.

Image: amiequoll.jpg   441x798 75508 bytes 2006.09.28

My quoll character, Amie. She's purple and white and pink and all kinds of spotted. Also, a bookshop owner.\r\n\r\nBehold my half-hearted background!

Image: tshirtmousecolvcl.jpg   439x800 60625 bytes 2006.07.23

Stretchy stretchy... coloured version of a previous picture. She's wearing a Yiffstar t-shirt. Free advertising or product placement?\r\n\r\nLogo is Avek Vaer.\r\nYiffstar t-shirts available at!

Image: tshirtmousevcl.jpg   439x800 46592 bytes 2006.07.19

A loosely drawn picture of a mousegirl stretching. I was going for fluidity rather than accuracy in this one.

Image: tiggyfoxcolvcl2.jpg   424x786 93661 bytes 2006.07.11

A tiger-fox hybrid, also known as a tiggyfox! This is a female version of the species of fursona that my friend Vulpyro uses. The design is all me, though.

Image: lizardandivcl2.jpg   564x800 153354 bytes 2006.07.11

A picture of my boyfriend Ralmiska and I. I am, obviously, on the left.\r\n\r\nFlye is © Flye, and Ralmiska is © Ralmiska. ;)

Image: kangamumvcl.gif   424x400 28550 bytes 2006.07.11

A simple drawing of an expectant kangaroo having a smoke; scanned and inked, then adjusted in Photoshop CS2.

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