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Image: jKrolak.jpg   720x817 120072 bytes 2007.07.05

Commission for JKrolak

Such a fun commission to do, and the first time I digitally inked an image. Possibly my favourite painting to date! \r\n\r\nImage copyright Flying-Fur 2007\r\n\r\nIf you would like a similar commission, visit the "more info" link to my auction page, or just drop me an email! ^_^

Tags: Centaur jkrolak transformation   [More Info]
Image: moldredFinished.jpg   1000x708 410383 bytes 2006.04.14

Commission piece. Characters copyright Moldred, Image Copyright Flying-Fur.

Image: venusian.jpg   600x997 244861 bytes 2006.04.14

The Venusian Woman- She doesn't have a proper name yet. First all pencil work in a while, i normally try and mash watercolour in there! Copyright Flying-Fur 2006.

Image: librarian_copy.jpg   590x936 349500 bytes 2006.04.14

Good gawd am i embarrassed by the colour scheme i chose for this. And i swear she wasn't meant to be doing anything dodgey with that scroll in her hand!!\r\n\r\nStill, i do like the lacy bra and level of detail in the piece. Image and character copyright Flying-Fur.

Image: commCompJpg.jpg   600x777 221881 bytes 2006.04.14

My next commission comp to show y'all what i can do! Bigger version will be up soon, check out for bargain commissions if you like what you see!

Image: madame.jpg   415x642 72155 bytes 2006.02.01

2002, another really early piece. unfortunately the scanner at the time sucked out all of the shading and detail in the face. Lucky for me i have a new scanner now ^-^

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