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Image: beckoning2.jpg   577x700 71969 bytes 2006.04.21

This picture was deleted from my archieve, originally that rather confused me as I couldn't understand why... but I've since come to realise that it was because this was the first picture I stored as a PNG format and not JPG. (Not allowed!)\r\n\r\nOops! Won't happen again...\r\n\r\nAnyhow, back to the drawing.\r\n\r\nMy brain was about to explode in a violent detonation of sexual frustration. To combat this I decided to take my first attempt at full frontal nudity. Now, for many of you, that may not be much of an achievement... but for me it is a real milestone to get over my guilt.\r\n\r\nThere were many points while drawing this that I had to stop because of how embarrassed and guilty I felt drawing this. As such, it took over four days to complete.

Image: Xian2.jpg   586x700 50595 bytes 2006.04.21

When I first saw the trailer for the game-in-development; "Spore", I nearly peed my pants. Several times, in fact.\r\n\r\nNot content to simply wait around for the game, I decided to set to work making my own incredibly cute critters. Meet the Xians!

Image: Night_Elf.jpg   598x800 174182 bytes 2006.04.21

Another picture for my 5% of off topic. (I think I'm up to 3 of them now...) I couldn't resist uploading this one simply because it is the ONLY picture for which I have completely coloured a background. Ever.\r\n\r\nIt may be a little generic... but I like it.

Image: rat.jpg   657x600 69748 bytes 2006.04.21

A FAX2 piece for Wyatt. The colouring is just... weird. I don't really know WHAT my scanner did to it.\r\n\r\nAnyhow, this is Douggie the Rat!

Image: nakerz.jpg   533x600 63997 bytes 2006.04.21

A FAX2 piece for... Umm... I forget.\r\n\r\nAs I recall the character had "Nothing!" Written under the accessories portion of the form and I decided to play on that a little...\r\n\r\n"How come I never get to go shopping?"

Image: Talinaqua_Leaves.jpg   612x700 85643 bytes 2006.04.21

Another Picture of Talinaqua in the newish template that I quite like. While in retrospect the face seems a bit awkward... I still like the grass.

Image: Christmas_Cheer_by_tempestryder.jpg   604x700 91784 bytes 2005.12.25

Jalyss: Merry Christmas, now go choke on a candy cane and die.\r\nIf I could give you the finger, I would.\r\n\r\n\r\n(Erm... Jalyss and I wish you and your ilk a merry Christmas. You should probably go now before somebody gets hurt > >)

Image: Relief.jpg   286x672 45181 bytes 2005.12.12

We're allowed a small percentage of non-furry work I believe... I think this will be my only submission so far... although it IS a furry, sort of. That's Jalyss, she's just a drow, and apparently much happier to pose for the camera than she is in her regular Bastan form.\r\n\r\nWoo?

Image: FAX2Nov.jpg   418x575 42753 bytes 2005.12.12

Another FAX2 piece. The recipient has yet to comment on it... I hope they like it.

Image: Talinaqua_New.jpg   511x600 84017 bytes 2005.12.12

A new template for Talianqua that I think turned out quite well. I may use this one in the future instead of her standard yellow appearance.

Image: triceratops.jpg   605x700 80436 bytes 2005.12.12

Sometimes you get bored. Sometimes you draw a triceratops in a Bikini.\r\n\r\nI wanted to try a few new things, detailed colouring, a lizard, and a female body-type that wasn't "Supermodelperfect"

Image: Master_Plan_5.jpg   700x1000 129439 bytes 2005.12.12

I think this really speaks for itself. A half-gift for Ree.

Image: Tig_Gift.jpg   566x700 91905 bytes 2005.12.12

A gift for Tigrisblessing who has deserved one for a very very long time.

Image: Jalyss_Sheet.jpg   395x700 51634 bytes 2005.12.12

Jalyss's full character sheet. It's about time I made one. Full information on the bastan species can be found on my Deviant Art page at

Image: beach.jpg   443x600 68564 bytes 2005.12.12

It's Jalyss's Bum!! This is the first image ever that actually shows Jalyss's secondary pulminary oriphices (a "nose")

Image: Ringo_costume.jpg   661x600 63341 bytes 2005.12.12

Another FAX2 piece. This one liked as well for its sheer bizzareness. This would be a gryphon dressed up as Ringo Starr

Image: sanddragon3.jpg   477x550 35440 bytes 2005.12.12

A piece for FAX2 that I liked, it was incredibly late but... I like candy.

Image: Jalyss_Mystique_Shadowed.jpg   533x550 68664 bytes 2005.12.12

ANOTHER Halloween costume for Jalyss, this one is probably my favourite, despite the fact that it's rather silly to have a shapeshifter dressed up as another shapeshifter...

Image: Forever_Boo.jpg   473x550 36020 bytes 2005.12.12

A gift piece for Ree when he precious kitty Boo died. *sad* Boo was fun.

Image: Jalyss_Force.jpg   436x600 55327 bytes 2005.12.12

I watched Starwars TOOOO much. Is Jalyss a sith or a Jedi? ...Well, the Jedi have way too many rules, but then the Sith are so... bent on things....

Image: Jalyss_Spider_2.jpg   628x600 58083 bytes 2005.12.12

What was to be the last of Jalyss's Halloween costume designs, this one was actually a rehash from last year because I liked it so much. This one actually SURVIVED the colouring process!

Image: Reia_Water.jpg   692x500 70212 bytes 2005.12.12

I got sort of bored and decided I wanted to try a few things. I wanted to give water another shot, and I also wanted to colour Reia. It's not great, but I like this.

Image: Jalyss_as_Ada.jpg   285x500 22110 bytes 2005.08.19

Jalyss again dresses up, this time as Ada Wong from Resident Evil. Although this one doesn't look as much like the target character as the others, I had as much fun making this anyhow.

Image: Jalyss_as_Rouge.jpg   446x600 49072 bytes 2005.08.19

Inspired by Jalyss as Ashelin, I set to work on other Halloween Costumes for Jalyss. here's Jalyss as Rouge the Bat from Sonic the Hedgehog. Also another creepily accurate set of similarities.

Image: Jalyss_Ashelin_Coloured.jpg   415x550 27517 bytes 2005.08.19

I played Jak3. Have you noticed how much Jalyss looks like Ashelin? Well, maybe now you'll see it thanks to the halloween costume.

Image: Starskimmer_AI.jpg   496x500 62224 bytes 2005.08.19

The AI for my Science Fiction ship, the Starskimmer. It's a warship, this her friendly personna.

Image: Jalyss_nude_coloured.jpg   338x500 28872 bytes 2005.08.19

Jalyss ticked me off, so I got her back by displaying her with no clothes for all of you to see. She's not happy.

Image: Jalyss_Theif.jpg   474x600 36711 bytes 2005.08.19

Another of my attempts to try something more Dynamic. Play Sly Cooper too long and this sort of thing could happen to you. I never quite finished the background, and I doubt I ever will.

Image: talflowers.jpg   600x489 80231 bytes 2005.08.19

Talinaqua doing her flower romp. Three... Two... One... AWWwww!

Image: kickin4.jpg   600x359 46633 bytes 2005.08.19

Action! Drama! Romance! ...sort of.\r\n\r\nI wanted to try something with a little bit more... dynamic feel to it. I think I did okay. The robot was fun.

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