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Image: Tansunn.png   600x700 55261 bytes 2005.02.01

A pic I drew for somone, not really a commision persay, but I figured I'd give it a shot. It's Tansunn the coonfox, property of him/his player, or whatever you prefer to call it.

Image: WolfForm.png   800x580 65119 bytes 2005.01.31

More practice on the a subject I usually practice on, myself. An attempt at drawing the wolf form I often take online. It's supposed to be really light silver, with darker silver patches in places, though it's hard to get the color down right, so this is the result. I hope it's good, but I'm still improving.

Image: Dancefurs.jpg   1015x765 221488 bytes 2004.12.31

I had to draw this, after so much DDR, the idea hit me, quadrapeds would have an easier time at the game, so, here is the pic. Just a sketch I did while waiting for something, so no color, but I think it seems ok.

Image: Coonfox.png   650x759 111429 bytes 2004.12.05

Another attempt at using new photoshop things, and I have a newfound respect for people who use dodge and burn, yikes. Well this is...a coonfox yay! Something that came up from an RP online, got changed into it so..decided to draw it, of course it was only temporary, but I thought it'd look cool to draw.

Image: Fatherandson.png   723x600 94436 bytes 2004.11.10

I started sketching this while fishing, of all things, a father and son together bonding and sharing moments on the lake.

Image: newme.jpg   755x440 44096 bytes 2004.06.02

Ok, updated self pic, new things added so I can show people myself, correctly! hehe

Image: KoBowDrawn.png   600x589 61743 bytes 2004.04.04

Another RP character, it's Ko, the hengeyokai Fox. Half easter half western. In his anthro form, which he uses to fight in as it's hard to fight in his true form. A ranger/fighter/Animal Tamer/Sniper and soon to be animal Lord of vulpines. The two foxes are blackpaws the male, and white paws the vixen, his two companions, both sentient and inteligent, though, more like little kids in mentality. I think I'm getting better.

Image: FFArk.png   612x700 71185 bytes 2004.03.24

Another Character pic, this time it's Ark, a different one from earlier, this one's a Paladin albino wolf, with his companion, the baby dragon Draco, (Charcter was young when he named him, so uncreative name was given) I think it turned out well.

Image: Vulpemon.jpg   671x500 99645 bytes 2004.02.22

A line of evolution for a digimon I was asked to make. Looks pretty good I think, hehe. Hey, at least it not another self pic. ^.^

Image: lander1.jpg   557x562 60137 bytes 2004.02.21

Lander, one of the main characters for the RPG I am making. His look is tired, but hides an inner depression. Poor foxy, torment from living in the world he does, only time will tell if it will leave him, and happiness be found.

Image: Arkface.jpg   446x769 90130 bytes 2004.02.21

An up close, headshot of Ark, in both his forms, mostly for reference for my players in my RP, but also for practice and just all around drawing. More to come of him, as well as other NPCs and characters.

Image: Ark.jpg   324x616 49411 bytes 2004.02.21

This is Ark, an NPC in my new RP, I was bored while waiting for my turn in I drew, this is the result. A coyote named Ark, with his chibi companion and sidekick.\r\nNext I draw his other form, his grey fox form.

Image: Shadowmean.jpg   500x586 43913 bytes 2004.02.13

An anthro Noble Shadow fox, another form of mine, hehe. It's ok, I guess, oh well, back to more drawing.

Image: Rath.jpg   554x600 80777 bytes 2004.01.14

A pic I drew for a NPC character for the RP I co-GM. His name is Rath, just drew him for reference, but I think it looks ok, I think.

Image: metrueform.jpg   599x685 75445 bytes 2003.08.22

It is finnaly a good pic of me, yes me, as I trully am. At least inside, heh. Hopefully I can get better with non-anthros. And yes, I know I draw myself maybe a little too much ^^;;

Image: mepose.jpg   617x685 126268 bytes 2003.08.15

I tried a new spin to my style, and I all of a sudden had inspiration to draw myself anthro, posing like this. hehe. I think it turned out really well.

Image: vin2.png   754x484 40021 bytes 2003.08.05

another of my character, this time with colored pencils, don't know if I'm good, but I needta try it to get better.

Image: mecp.png   500x349 36687 bytes 2003.08.05

Me, in anthro form, drawn with colored pencil. Yay.

Image: meanmatefen.png   770x513 61344 bytes 2003.08.05

Me and my mate, in fennec form, why? I dunno, just pooped into my head.

Image: vin.jpg   796x496 71973 bytes 2003.08.05

Another of one of my characters, I like this one.

Image: cleanyiff.jpg   567x492 62406 bytes 2003.08.05

I decided to try and draw something like this, but clean. So here it is, fun fun.

Image: metruandkia.png   571x754 43362 bytes 2003.06.20

Me, in my true form being held...mrrr hehe I like this one

Image: vinchamp.png   636x678 100069 bytes 2003.06.20

MY Ironclaw character Vin, son of a ruler of a large region...and now a legendary class, that changed his fur black, he was a normal colored wolf, till he got it, so I decided to draw him <^.^>

Image: selkit.png   804x590 119725 bytes 2003.06.10

A drawing I did for someone online, whose character is named Selkit, a gray fox. I found it hard to get the colouring down correctly, but i hope it turned out ok, eh practice, practice, practice...\r\n

Image: succubune.jpg   574x634 98039 bytes 2003.06.07

Hmm...someone brought up the suggestion and I figured, why not? So I did...A succubus kitsune, was my first try with something along these lines...practice is always good though.

Image: antifoxfluff2.jpg   829x675 152653 bytes 2003.06.07

My second anger inspired drawing...A comic featuring the best way to teach one a lesson, by making them go through the same thing they put another through...

Image: sternfennec.jpg   513x583 52330 bytes 2003.06.07

A stern fennec...A friend of mine inspired me to draw this.

Image: labwork.jpg   803x521 105503 bytes 2003.06.06

What happens when you mix something you shouldn't? Well, looks like this racoon found out the hard way, heh.

Image: furrygod.jpg   333x383 50563 bytes 2003.06.06

It's the god of furries, looks fox cause he prefers to appear in such a form, although he can be any type of furry...From a comic, or perhaps from something more, heh...

Image: foxpunch.jpg   622x315 49613 bytes 2003.06.06

Hmm, I did this becuase, well cause I was practicing action pics, I think it's ok, but I still got more to improve, always will, heh.

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