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Image: FZ-AbiReunion.jpg   601x737 139234 bytes 2006.02.01

Some very content ratty, enjoying the anticipation.\r\n \r\nThis one actually is for the official invitation cards and banners of our 10th graduation anniversary reunion this summer. Looking forward to see this hanging printed in the entrance hall.\r\n\r\nComputer-colored cleaned pencil work, 42x29 original size. \r\n 2006 \r\n

Image: FZ-CheyFire.jpg   534x737 140474 bytes 2005.12.21

Cheyenne, a mean little coyote girl. She was a commissioned mascot for a commercial balloon fetish site. A line art version of her was printed on large balloons, together with a slogan. Hmmm where did all the sample balloons go they sent me? *smirks at some remaining rubber shreds*\r\n\r\nComputer-colored cleaned pencil work, 21x29 original size. \r\n 2005 \r\n

Image: FZ-FoxieZig.jpg   581x808 183550 bytes 2005.12.09

A mean little foxy lady, some tight balloons, a lit cigarette.. well, most of the time, I wake up in this moment. What a pity!\r\n\r\nComputer-colored cleaned pencil work, 21x29 original size. \r\n 2005

Image: FZ-FrazFloTease.jpg   1018x680 176847 bytes 2005.12.13

Another quickly colored sketch. Used as training playground for cell shading. I kept the sketch-origined lines a bit rough to keep some early-days 2D animation charm, instead of having them surgically clean in the end.\r\nAnd yes... seems I don't really like balloons ;)\r\n\r\nComputer-colored cleaned pencil work, 21x29 original size. \r\n 2005

Image: FZ-KM-MouseStraddle-EN.jpg   1024x819 138766 bytes 2007.04.09

Some unattended water balloons, a yarn spool with some pins stuck into it, and a cute little mouse with a mischievous smirk - she may sure enjoy her ride, but she leaves no doubt about how this is going to end...\r\n\r\nComputer-colored cleaned pencil work, 42x29 original size. \r\n 2007

Tags: balloons popping toon pin-up mouse needle tease   [More Info]
Image: FZ-PegCliff.jpg   521x737 171483 bytes 2007.02.14

Up, up and away?

Commission for Peg. This Pegasus has a long story of trying to fly, and failing in spectacular ways. To ask this needle-happy rodent for advice is the first mistake. To fall for his innocent smile the second. There is a good chance that this idea goes literally -pop-!\r\n\r\nComputer-colored cleaned pencil work, 42x29 original size. \r\n 2007

Tags: balloon rat pegasus popping  
Image: FZ-RatAtWork.jpg   941x600 222500 bytes 2005.11.23

Just some needle-happy rodent having his very own "special sort of fun". Hide your balloons!! ;)\r\n\r\nComputer-colored cleaned pencil work, 21x29 original size.\r\n 2005 Frazzle -

Image: FZ-SK_Anticipation.jpg   827x791 158422 bytes 2006.11.30

Waiting For The Bang!

A sharp-clawed, busty skunkette, a seductive smile, a thightly inflated balloon... that's what you will get out of a sleepless night, and one dirty mind gone wild. Hope you like it!\r\n\r\nComputer-colored cleaned pencil work, 21x29 original size. \r\n 2006

Tags: Balloons Popping Toon Skunk Pin-Up Tease  
Image: FZ-TrixClawTease.jpg   447x576 89565 bytes 2005.12.13

Something old.. something new.. something jurassic this time ;) \r\nThis picture has been published back in 2001 for some larger event, and I still like the way it turned out.\r\nSeems Trixie has been a bad-assed foxy girl since quite some time now.\r\n\r\nComputer-colored (greyscale) quill-inked pencil work, 21x29 original size. \r\n 2001/2005

Image: FZ-TX_CheetahSketchbook.jpg   536x737 83761 bytes 2007.04.11

Cheetah's Sketchbook

Now we really go jurassic - this piece was a sketch done for the con sketchbook for Cheetah Spotty, back in 2001, during Mephit Mini Con.\r\nThe theme of the sketchbook fortunately has been "Things That Float", and for some reason this picture immediately popped to my mind ( wonder why hehe).\r\n\r\nNo worries, the floor below them is covered with pillows - never would want that vixen to get hurt. \r\n;)\r\n\r\nComputer-colored pencil sketch, 21x29 original size. \r\n 2001/07

Tags: rat vixen balloons toon pin up needle popping   [More Info]
Image: FZ_Paperplane.jpg   507x624 242388 bytes 2005.12.09

A little present for someone very special.\r\nNeedles on paper planes might come in handy sometimes ;)\r\n\r\nComputer-colored cleaned pencil work, 21x29 original size. \r\nCharacter Taci, used with permission\r\nartwork, character design interpretion 2005

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