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Image: big_cow-2.jpg   800x600 54269 bytes 2004.12.22

an experimental cow fem,since there legandary in the lactation department i decided to give a try at a goddess of bounty and make her a cow. and no, i dont think cows should be wasp waisted thin as a board freaks of nature, so dont ask

Image: Clid&zeb.jpg   574x830 95274 bytes 2004.11.24

An older pic of mine, but one of my faves, it was one of the first pics i did entierly on my comp that came out well and bearing both of my brush names. i love big equines.

Image: Clidsdale_herm-2.jpg   574x768 87851 bytes 2004.11.30

an older pic of mine with a couple of touch ups. what a site to see in a big scary house on a cold dark night eh?

Image: finherm-3.jpg   600x800 88881 bytes 2004.11.27

A rather rushed pic i did for a friend of mine to help cheer him up. my version of his fursonna. No, he isnt a herm, but he likes them alot. Here's to you Fin.

Image: Hi_edania.jpg   1024x768 149145 bytes 2005.01.30

My fursonna Dark shaking tail with my very good friend and fellow artist Edania

Image: Iron__Peace.jpg   1024x768 64972 bytes 2004.11.23

Just a pic of my monsterous fursonna The Iron Basilisk against a beautiful sky i painted in the gimp

Image: Reptile's_whore-2.jpg   1024x768 147110 bytes 2004.11.27

a rather experemental early pic. A neo-reptilian pirate captian plans to take some well earned pleasure from her obidient and willing cabin boy.

Image: sea_goddess.jpg   800x600 54318 bytes 2004.11.23

One of my best to date, The lovely sea goddess known only as "She of the Deep" rescuing a ship and her crew from a watery fate.

Image: shefin-2.jpg   800x600 107202 bytes 2004.12.22

another of my large aquatics, you dont like it? i dont care. Not everyone has to fit in and be what society calls perfect and just because they arent doesn't mean they don't deserve love. So just move on mister normal upright citizen and go back to raping your daughter and beating your wife, theres nothing for you to see here...

Image: Tribal_mate_plump.jpg   1024x768 112660 bytes 2004.11.27

a wise woman of the tribes, powerful and respected, she comes seeking the one who is destined to be her servant and her lover.

Image: Ultrafem-4.jpg   1024x768 127653 bytes 2004.11.24

its my superheroin Ultrafem! she has the power to alter her sise and the density of her body, becoming hard as diamons or a s flowing as putty or anything between. shes stronger than a fleet of super tankers and rather cute as well.

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