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Image: getwell2.gif   700x508 61064 bytes 2001.02.27

This is for Pat from the newsgroup, who needs some cheering up. =)\r\n

Image: Lo_gravei.jpg   452x365 78747 bytes 2001.02.26

A slightly askewed point of view of a big sword in a grave, with a buncha graves in the back. =P The mourning ghost takes her walks on every full moon, while the sword laughs at it's latest victim. Wiicked. >=)\r\n

Image: 6464roo.gif   64x64 3383 bytes 2001.02.17

a temporary small gif file I made for myself (as a mini avatar in message boards). will be deleted shortly this site updates it, and I can download it.

Image: Newroo.jpg   508x660 78193 bytes 2001.02.13

A redo of an old Roo. She grew up! Yes, Richard, kids DO grow up too fast these days. *sigh*

Image: ufinfair.jpg   486x630 37198 bytes 2001.02.01

Still working on her......

Image: dkmfin_l.jpg   559x451 93854 bytes 2001.02.01

A furry sorceress fem holds a tortured soul captive in her hands, as her dark servant watches from the back. This piece was done for the front cover of Scrollworks' newsletter, March edition. (I think it was march. =P

Image: Lo_tko.jpg   640x364 96483 bytes 2001.01.29

The most pain-staking coloring commission I have ever done. This was the drawing that made me icky about digitally coloring another drawing ever again. It was so tedious and my brain hurts just from thinking about it.\r\n\r\nThis was done for Tanya the Tigress, where her character, Sierra, and Cat square off in the ring! Sierra knocks out Cat with a devestating punch!

Image: nakileav.jpg   524x480 45896 bytes 2001.01.28

Nakibo waves a sad farewell as she flies off to new and unexplored worlds! =P

Image: birdga.jpg   607x461 29524 bytes 2001.01.28

Bird armor! Working on it right now......not finished yet though. =/

Image: sunrise3.jpg   800x660 43303 bytes 2000.12.02

I was watching the Alexander guy on channel 8, and was inspired by a cool sunset he painted. So this was the result...but with an added Dragon on top of a mountain. =P\n

Image: kittyplyops.jpg   533x400 28729 bytes 2000.12.02

A drawing of a kitty I did for my god-mother. Um...haven't given it to her yet. =P\n

Image: sc_hrse1.jpg   615x792 73686 bytes 2000.12.02

A very magical drawing I did for my good friend, Eden. It was her B-day, so I drew a unicorn for her. She liked it so much, so drew one back. ^_^\n

Image: teaparty.jpg   923x708 104235 bytes 2000.12.02

Teaparty! A request by a nice little girl somewhere on the net. A raccoon and a lion cub play Tea Party outside in the backyard. Donned in their mothers' clothing and plastic jewery, these two enjoy a relaxing tea time with their good friends, Mr. Cottontails an Mrs. Whiskerson. ^^,\n

Image: tmmix1.jpg   778x923 83873 bytes 2000.12.02

A sketch....I was getting tired of drawing cute little big eyed furries, so I made a more serious/mature one. And I was experimenting with different coat patterns. Hey...maybe I just might make this girl into a real character. =)\n

Image: tanyask4.jpg   1044x790 99186 bytes 2000.12.02

This is Tanya and Cat, as requested by Tanya the Tigress. She is a real-life boxer that KICKS BUTT, loves cars, loves cats, and loves life. She and Cat are good buddies now, but in this picture it shows them about to whale the stuffing outta each other. =P\n

Image: ndrmsna.jpg   636x827 94874 bytes 2000.12.02

Dreamsnake! My first species that I really like. This one is brushing her hair, as you can see. =P\n

Image: aquapup.jpg   636x823 83458 bytes 2000.12.02

An aqua puppeta I drew for my good friend Eden. ^_^\n

Image: wolfbrek.JPG   680x510 102331 bytes 2000.12.02

A wandering Bunnygirl gets lost in a dark series of caverns. Hearing strange, eerie moans and voices, she runs....faster and faster....until she encounters a monstrous werewolf! The werewolf snarls and snaps at the only fresh meat he's seen in years, but the chains prevents him from doing so. As he strains with all his might, a few links in the rusty chains begin to loosen.....\n

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