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Image: joltie_kathryn_robyn.jpg   1024x768 260796 bytes 2012.02.02

Gone Swimming

Joltie with Kathryn, and Robyn. ^^

Tags: Joltie, jolteon, Kathryn, umbreon, Robyn, arcanine  
Image: kathryn_p20.jpg   1024x768 304752 bytes 2012.02.02

Kathryn Part 20

More sex from these 3!

Tags: umbreon pikachu fox Terry Persephone Kathryn  
Image: Kathryn_p19.jpg   1024x768 260882 bytes 2011.02.04

Kathryn 19

I assure you, they are not finished. ;)

Tags: threesome umbreon pikachu fox  
Image: tennis_Brandi.jpg   1024x768 201315 bytes 2010.11.20

Tennis Brandi

Brandi often goes commmando, usually for purposes of public sex. Well aware of her pantilessness, she doesn't stay in the light for long. Today, however, is different.\r\n\r\nOn her way to one of her sex searches she ran into a friend who's tennis partner never showed up. As it happens, tennis is another one of Brandi's loves. So what's a mouse to do? Play tennis of course!

Tags: female mouse bottomless tennis  
Image: caramel_come_hither.jpg   1024x768 203770 bytes 2010.10.24

Caramel Come Hither

Caramel. The roo that wants to fuck your face! Is her pussy anticipating a meal of cock or muzzle? Approach her to find out. ;)

Image: soccer_muff_Quinn.jpg   1024x768 152325 bytes 2010.09.11

Soccer Muff

A career minded woman, Quinn has immersed herself in everything from world football stardom and rollerblading to business. Her victories are numerous, and her influence, global. She also has a healthy appetite for sex. Woe be to the would-be male partner, however. In spite of her carnal disposition, she secretly desires kids! Like so many tacit commands in the genetic code, this wanting of the pitter-patter of little quolls is hidden even from herself - probably explains why she seldom asks her partners to use condoms.

Tags: quoll marsupial ass Quinn  
Image: Joltie_and_female_jolteon.jpg   1024x768 233636 bytes 2010.09.09

Two Jolteons

Two jolteons playing. ^^ Commission for Joltie.

Tags: jolteon Joltie titfuck  
Image: joltie_persephone_anal_desk.jpg   1024x768 227216 bytes 2010.09.03

In The Sphincter

A commission for Joltie. More fun with Persephone. ^^

Tags: jolteon pikachu Persephone Joltie anal  
Image: Kathryn_part18_ink.jpg   1024x768 246542 bytes 2010.06.17

Kathryn Part 18

Everybody orgasms this time!

Tags: Persephone Kathryn Terry pikachu umbreon fox  
Image: Sonic_Molley_Kathryn_Caramel_colour.jpg   1024x768 265461 bytes 2010.04.27


This is commissioned by Sonic Fox: being buried inside a ball of sex involving Molley, Caramel, Kathryn, and himself.

Tags: Sonic Fox umbreon vixen kangaroo  
Image: wuffess_for_Vall.jpg   1024x768 127105 bytes 2009.12.24

Wolf Girl for Vall Hund

I did an art trade the awesome Vall Hund!\r\n\r\nShe drew Quinn for me and helped me build my tail, and I drew her this wolf girl. I don't know if she is a teacher, or student, or somebody else, but she's definitely horny. Enjoy!

Tags: wolf girl  
Image: Fun_In_A_Half-ton_colour.jpg   1024x768 235821 bytes 2009.12.12

Fun In A Half-Ton

Robyn is showing Joltie her new truck. ^^\r\n\r\nCommissioned for the awesome Joltie. ^^

Tags: arcanine Robyn jolteon Joltie truck  
Image: Robyn_by_Furgeta_2009.jpg   1024x768 159963 bytes 2009.12.07

Robyn In a Field

Robyn relaxes in the field. Could she be looking for someone to join her?

Tags: Robyn arcanine  
Image: willis_dbz_ink.jpg   1024x768 242722 bytes 2009.11.15

Two Saiyans

This is a commission done for Willis Foxcoon. It is him and Whitewolf preparing to attack something they don't like! Willis wanted to be more akin to young Gohan, and Whitewolf more like adult Trunks. Enjoy!\r\n\r\nI love Saiyans. ^^

Tags: DBZ saiyan Willis Foxcoon  
Image: Kathryn_part17_ink.jpg   1024x768 304681 bytes 2009.10.13

Kathryn Part 17

Furry art is like making a bowl of punch. You can vary the taste by adding various kinds of fruits, spices, and soft drinks among many other things. But some punches have that special something that is not for everybody, but those that do like it, like it a lot - vodka! And so here I am, presenting my new artwork to you - WITH vodka. ;)

Tags: fox umbreon pikachu threesome terry peresphone kathryn  
Image: Tamati_and_kathryn_desk_Furgeta09.jpg   1024x768 165001 bytes 2009.05.08

Tamati and Kathryn

A commission for Tamati. I guess it's easy to understand how a dude could gush his entire load after his dick's been in Kathryn's ass for a bit. ;)

Tags: kitsune umbreon Tamati Kathryn anal  
Image: Kathryn_part16_furgeta.jpg   1024x768 251306 bytes 2009.04.25

Kathryn Part 16

The sex continues with Kathryn's cooch receiving the combined thrusts of both Terry and Persephone!

Tags: fox pikachu umbreon Terry Persephone Kathryn  
Image: brandi_water_furgeta_2009.jpg   1024x768 214080 bytes 2009.02.12

Brandi At The Pond

\r\nBrandi wants to go for a swim and tests the water. Looks like it's a go!\r\n\r\nI haven't posted a pin up of any of my characters for a long time. This was fun to do. ^^

Tags: Brandi mouse pond water  
Image: joltie_foursome_2009_by_furgeta_ink_desk.jpg   1024x768 274786 bytes 2009.01.22

Forest Nymphs

Joltie went for a walk in the woods when he got bowled over by Molley, Quinn and Caramel. Muzzle sex and marsupialization! That's right. Marsupialization. The act of 2 or more marsupials doing "hawt things" to your nethers. ;)\r\n\r\nJoltie is contorted a bit from Molley's heels planted in his upper back for support. He doesn't mind though. ^^

Tags: jolteon kangaroo quoll fox  
Image: Kathryn_p15.jpg   1024x768 276179 bytes 2008.12.21

Kathryn Part 15

Terry gets made into a fox sandwich.\r\n\r\n

Tags: umbreon pikachu fox Terry Kathryn Persephone  
Image: quoll_milk_ink.jpg   1024x768 252646 bytes 2008.11.13

Quoll Milk

Quinn and Vex get it on.

Tags: Quinn Vex quoll tiger  
Image: Irate_Fox_catsuit_desk2.jpg   1024x768 154756 bytes 2008.10.25

Fox in a catsuit

Irate Fox commissioned me to draw his fursona in a catsuit. Enjoy!

Tags: catsuit fox  
Image: furgeta2008_didymus_commission_desk.jpg   1024x768 248943 bytes 2008.09.30

Carpet of Tits

Didymus commissioned me to draw a "Carpet of Tits" for him. And thus Didymus, the badger in the middle, is surrounded by Quinn, Kathryn, Molley, Brandi, Persephone, Caramel, and Heather, all topless. You may recognize Heather from Foxiestyle.avi. ^^

Tags: carpet tits didymus  
Image: Kathryn_p14.jpg   1024x768 309192 bytes 2008.08.22

Kathryn Part 14

Terry licks yet more pussy, while Persephone tries out the insatiable dong for the first time.

Tags: fox pokemon Kathryn Terry Persephone  
Image: Keiry_horny_by_Furgeta_2008.jpg   1024x768 164566 bytes 2008.07.02


This is my part of a collaboration with Rei Vegan. He later added Terry yiffing Keiry from behind and drew a futuristic background. Very cool! \r\n\r\nKeiry is the property of Jia, wife of Rei Vegan. :)

Image: Kathryn_p13.jpg   1024x768 223905 bytes 2008.06.05

Kathryn Part 13

A full blown threesome with Kathryn, Terry, and Persehone!

Tags: Persephone Kathryn Terry pikachu umbreon fox  
Image: kathryn_p12.jpg   1024x768 269823 bytes 2008.05.01

Kathryn Part 12

Persephone interrupts Kathryn and Terry's sex romp and then join in!

Tags: pokemon fox  
Image: Kathryn_p11.jpg   1024x768 212678 bytes 2008.04.06

Kathryn Part 11

Terry takes a pounding from Kathryn. ^^

Tags: umbreon fox Kathryn Terry insatiable dong  
Image: Joltie_commish_pregnant_Kathryn_shower_ink.jpg   1024x768 178155 bytes 2008.03.22

Eevolution Shower

Kathryn is pregant, and Joltie is showering with her. Stand alone pic. ^^

Tags: Joltie Kathryn umbreon jolteon  
Image: Nick_Fox_Tigress_Commish_Ink.jpg   1024x768 232162 bytes 2008.02.24

Catch a Tiger By the Tail

A new piece commissioned by 'Fox'. He enjoys some muzzle sex with his mate, 'Dreams'. Enjoy. ^^

Tags: Fox Dreams fox tigress muzzle sex  

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