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Image: Mesmerized_by_Kay_lynn_t_Hedgehog.jpg   300x518 63782 bytes 2007.05.05


Mesmerized by fire-\r\nyeah so I'm a pyro, we all have our problems *shot*\r\nThis is more or less my fursona RolePlaying character ( if anyone is wodering I am a RP addict). Her names Kay and shes a mutt anthro ( dosnt sho to well here unfortunatly) anywho species is Lychan/Feline\r\nApart from that- \r\nDrawn in a simple drawing book with a mechanicle pencil. Colored with various brands of clored pencil and inked with a standard ball point pen. \r\nCharacter is Copywright Fushigi- steal her and be strangled with your own intestines ^_^

Tags: lychan Anthro female fire feline Fushigi  

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