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Image: firewater.gif   450x486 85508 bytes 2003.07.07

A play in the anime style. I plan on making another picture with two more kitty girls like this. This one has representatives of "Water" and "Fire" elements, the next piece will have "Earth" and "Air".

Image: ganymede-02.jpg   500x322 50503 bytes 2003.07.11

Ganymede again. More play with styles. I like how this one came out, even though it is kind of boring.

Image: ganymede.jpg   400x552 26189 bytes 2003.07.07

Ganymede. I based the picture off the idea of an angel and light and did a lot of weird airbrush shading to give it an un-earthly quality.

Image: gothykitty.jpg   380x749 54736 bytes 2003.07.07

Strange gothy kitty. Playing with different styles is very fun.

Image: rouge.jpg   400x400 68574 bytes 2003.08.01

I may try coloring this again later, I have another idea but I also liked how this version came out. A random wolf chick I named "Rouge".

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