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Image: 20021024cfw.GIF   533x864 111508 bytes 2002.10.24

The pic says it all.\r\nthe webcomic "chibi Faery Warriors" is shown on from October 10 2002.\r\n\r\nFelina and chibi Faery Warriors are copyright 2001-2002 Ghislain "WildCat" Deslierres.

Image: abaham1.JPG   369x495 52267 bytes 2000.01.23

Image: acsonic.gif   62x111 9067 bytes 2001.04.09

Hehe! I had this idea for this one when I was going to battle with Anime Canuck in Neopets. But since my internet connection is kinda low, it had to make her wait. So she sent a message on icq to me where it was saying:"*tapping her foot on the ground like Sonic the hedgehog*". Anime Canuck is (c) herself and Sonic the hedgehog is (c) SEGA!!!

Image: amy.gif   475x626 113572 bytes 2001.09.01

William's gilrfriend with the godess of fire and death hanging from her hammer. Nothing much to say... ^w^;

Image: angelfox.JPG   369x471 56750 bytes 2000.01.23

I think I'm starting to like angels a lot! When you do a search on them for school and then draw many after... Yeah! I like angels! ^w^ It's the first time I'm fully using photoshop on a pic(thanx to Charles, my Art and comm. teacher!).\r\nOh, and I want comments, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!\n

Image: animgwc.gif   128x170 14728 bytes 2000.02.29

I always liked those mini animated gifs I found on the web, and I wanted to do some. Here's my first animated gif now! It's me standing there, looking cool...or cute... anyway, you'll decide! I really liked how it came out! ^w^\r\nI'm (c) me, so don't even steal me unless you're a beautiful girl who loves me...*sigh*\n

Image: backtoschool2001.gif   426x303 57236 bytes 2001.09.01

Hehe! The pic says it all!\r\nSad isn't it? -_-

Image: bat.gif   315x415 47795 bytes 2001.09.01

Just a pic to test if I was able to draw bat characters to illustrate some main story events in a future Ironclaw game. Bat guy is (c) 2001 Ghislain Deslierres.

Image: bettycar.JPG   454x333 146829 bytes 2000.09.19

Nice car eh? I don't understand how I could draw such a good looking car so well when I hate cars so much... NEway, An anime inspired me to do this drawing 'cuz there was some kinda prince who was showing off with his nice, red car then he said he wouldn't use it 'cuz he lost his keys. This scene made me laugh so much that I wanted to do something almost as funny. Betty is (c) me and the anime scene is (c) the makers of Utena(I hope I wrote it right...)\n

Image: bmage.JPG   357x419 43617 bytes 2000.03.13

Here's a drawing only few hardcore Final Fantasy fans would still do. It's a black mage from the very first Final Fantasy that was out in 1989. I also did some kinda arrangement with photoshop so it looks like an old paper. Final Fantasy and black mage are (c)Squaresoft.\n

Image: bunnygirl.GIF   319x589 29870 bytes 2003.09.09

A cute little bunny girl I've drawn once. Still haven't found a name for her yet. If anyone as any suggestion, they're welcome! ^w^\r\n\r\nBunny girl is 2003 Ghislain "WildCat" Deslierres.

Image: cerberhuahua.JPG   255x340 26873 bytes 2000.05.01

C'mon! When ppl tells me that cereberus is a three headed dog, they didn't PRECISE wich kinda dog he is!........hehehe! NOT! I did it on purpose! Do you guys like it?\n

Image: chester.gif   364x626 67958 bytes 2001.09.01

An old character I've decided to draw all of a sudden. I'm pretty satisfied with it! ^w^ Chester is (c) 2001 Ghislain Deslierres.

Image: chibiFW.gif   314x556 71630 bytes 2001.09.01

All the main characters of my very first online comic! Yes! An online comic!(As if anyone would be stupid enough to say:"Uh??? Did he say online comic???)I don't have the adress yet and the comic isn't finished yet. But it's going to be online pretty soon! ^w^ chibi Faery Warriors and all it's character are all (c) 2001 Ghislain Deslierres.

Image: chris1.JPG   376x598 84965 bytes 1999.12.30

The second main character of my future comic/manga Faery Warriors. I like how Chris went out with the charcoal drawing! I think I should do this more often.\n

Image: chris16bday.JPG   850x1165 835042 bytes 2000.11.26

This is a birthday comic I did For my great friend Christine "the AnimeCanuck" Laskowski. I finished it 13 days too late(EEP!!!), but she really liked it like all the drawing I did for her. I was so happy to see she wasn't mad! ^w^ Trunks is (c) Akira Toriyama.\n

Image: deadstick.gif   156x200 152454 bytes 2001.04.09

Eh! I know it's crappy! My brother twisted my arm 'cuz he wanted me to make a GIF animation the day I had my GIF animator program(the other one I had was just a demo... -_-). So this is a stupid little animation that is not really funny unless you like morbid humor and it's (c) the GWC studios(we're poor! Give us money! ^w^)

Image: easter2001.JPG   323x404 72261 bytes 2001.04.14

Who ever said you couldn't mix Easter with horror? Muhahahahahahaha!!! ^w^

Image: fatb90.JPG   437x328 41027 bytes 2000.05.01

It's Fat bastard from the movie Austin Powers 2. he's (c) um... the guys who did the movie...*sweatdrop* heheheh...\n

Image: felibelmont.JPG   340x447 42068 bytes 2000.04.11

The second of a serie of pic I made(the first one was megagwcX.JPG). This serie features some characters of mine dressed as classic video games characters. Here it's Felina dressed as Trevor Belmont from "Castlevania III: Dracula's curse", my favorite NES game! ^w^ Trevor Belmont and Castlevania are (c) Konami and Felina is (c) MEEH!\n

Image: felina1.JPG   402x629 79853 bytes 1999.12.30

The main character of Faery Warriors. The coloring was made BEFORE I had photoshop. So it's a little crappy! But the rest is okay!\n

Image: felinadress.JPG   458x665 58581 bytes 2000.07.05

Felina in her dress for her graduation dance. This is for one of the first important part of the "Faery Warriors" story. She's pretty isn't it?\n

Image: felinaprtrait.JPG   242x345 32246 bytes 2000.04.11

Here's a close-up portrait of Felina... I kinda messed up with photoshop on this one... I think the burn tool would be better than painting over the lines... UwU"\n

Image: ffjackbran.JPG   673x928 317394 bytes 2000.11.26

I've been writing a FF7 fanfic about Cloud finfing the promised land, so I created a character for the second act of that fic(if you wanna know the story, you'll have to read it!)For those interested to see the first act, just ask me on my e-mail and I'll post it on vcl if I receive enough requests.\n

Image: ffVII1-1.JPG   627x817 241849 bytes 1999.12.30

WARNING: You have to know some french for this one too!\r\nThis is a fan comic I made of Final Fantasy VII, the greatest game on earth! This little comic explains how Cloud got his *ahem* special hair do. Final Fantasy VII is (c) Squaresoft.\n

Image: ffVII1-2.JPG   627x812 192018 bytes 2000.03.13

The english version of the FF VII Comic I made. Hope y'all like it! ^w^\r\nFF VII and all it's characters are (c)Squaresoft.\n

Image: fgwc-censored.JPG   281x447 71362 bytes 2000.05.20

Censored version of fgwc.JPG . Wolfies finger is now hidden...\n

Image: fgwc.JPG   281x447 47338 bytes 2000.05.20

It's me from the future(One of my characters in AnimeCanuck's RPG). In the story, he became evil during a training with Sephiroth. Then I had to hit him to protect Wolfie from being hurt in the tournament. That's why he looks like this... And since he's evil, I don't think ppl like him anymore! ^w^ \r\nAnimeCanuck(thumb down) is (c) Christine Lakowski, Wolfie(finger) is (c) Julie Fairfield, Abyssal Bahamut(?) is (c) Martin Deslierres and both GWCs are (c) Ghislain MEEH! ^w^

Image: ghisfurre.JPG   98x98 25020 bytes 2001.04.09

This is my furre as seen on my Furcadia portrait patch. The fur looks funny 'cuz it was the first portrait I did and I didn't know how to color it so it could look good. But the coloring job got a lot better for the rest(yay! ^w^). Ghislain "furre" WildCat is (c) ME!

Image: greystone.JPG   338x462 44853 bytes 2000.04.11

BWAHAHA!!! The bad guy I created for my online RPG looks really evil! I really like how I made the shadowing on his face! With this guy, I think ppl would say "don't underestimate sorcelry!)... hehehe! >:3\n

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