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Image: marker-angelvixen.GIF   408x527 138605 bytes 2003.09.09

Another angel vixen! Yay!\r\n\r\nThis is the color marker version of a vixen I've drawn in pastel once in one of my art classes. I got a good grade (87% Yay!) and I liked the character too much just to draw her in one pic. So this is the second one! ^w^ One thing bothers me though: her left hand is a bit weird... ^w^;;;\r\nAnybody can suggest names for her too! I seem to create more and more nameless characters these days. ^w^;\r\n\r\nColorful angel-vixen is © 2002-2003 Ghislain "WildCat" Deslierres.

Image: megagwcX.JPG   493x629 131806 bytes 2000.04.11

This is the first of a goup of pic of my characters dressed as classic video games characters. It's me in some kinda X armor from the Mega Man X games. And I got my wings replaced by this jetpack for this pic. I really liked the background, so that's why I kept it as another file... anyway, MegaManX and the X armor are (c) Capcom. ^w^\n

Image: minimaldark.JPG   321x462 38239 bytes 2000.09.19

I dunno... I kinda ran out of inspiration when I did this one. So I did a chibi pic of one of my favorite character, Maldark. ... Why do we always do chibis when we're out of ideas??? Maldark is (c) ME!!! So don't steal!\n

Image: minouprtrait.JPG   258x342 25462 bytes 2000.04.11

This is my very first character, Minou! I'm sorry Minou if I don't draw you much these time. I kinda... forgot... you since I started working on Faery Warriors... Minou is (c) me since I was ten so if someone steal it, I will personnaly send this person in HELL!\n

Image: minstrife.JPG   338x456 99529 bytes 2000.05.01

Another drawing of one of my characters in cloths from a videogame classic. Now it's Minou in Cloud's Strife's clothes! Woo! (c) infos on the drawing.\n

Image: poseidon.JPG   263x349 44366 bytes 2001.04.10

This is one special character from Faery Warriors. He's an history teacher who believes in UFOs and extra-terrestrials. This is why I called him Duchovny(like the guy who plays Mulder in the X-files). And if you look closely, you'll maybe see that he kinda looks like him too. It's the first drawing of a dragon character I did good. But still, I'm not as good as Kaido Rakaen(a really good artist for dragons!). Poseidon is (c) me!

Image: saiyanhug.JPG   253x340 34079 bytes 2000.05.01

My best cyber-friend AnimeCanuck giving me a warm and HUGE hug. ^w^ Yup! There IS a hug stronger than the "polar bear hug"! Each character in this drawing are (c) themselves.\n

Image: tigrus2.JPG   336x466 46891 bytes 2000.02.24

Here's a new and improved version of Tigrus! He's stronger, Faster and bigtger too(am I singing the lyrics from DK64?) and much more peaceful. He's (c) me, so you better don't touch or you're gonna regret it!\n

Image: will1.JPG   631x817 45431 bytes 1999.12.30

That's one of my Dungeon and Dragon character. If you wonders what is the meaning of Final Fantasy 2000, it's the quest's name.\n

Image: ybetty.JPG   314x389 29403 bytes 2000.05.01

This is one of my favorite characters from my(not complete...) fantasy comic, Faery Warriors. Here's betty when she was a kid and little before she became... how to say it properly... a naughty girl.\n

Image: ybob.JPG   292x436 31237 bytes 2000.05.01

This is Big Bunny when he was a kid. Aaw c'mon Bob! You can't cry, you're a big boy... gosh! lookit all this blood!*BLUMP!* Oh great! He fainted! MEDIC!!!\n

Image: ycathy1.JPG   336x466 28221 bytes 2000.02.07

Jack's sister and also a queen-to-be princess. And like Gaia, I don't think she likes the laws that the church gives to her(no offence! I'm a believer y'know!).\n

Image: ychris.JPG   307x405 24087 bytes 2000.04.11

Here's Chris at 44(11 human years) on the time he first met Felina and was still called Christopher-Maldark... Weird name, uh?\n

Image: ycrystal1.JPG   340x460 28124 bytes 2000.02.07

She's Maldark's fiancee and she's the only one who can calm his nervousity! If everyone could do that, the world would have been a much more peaceful place! ^w^\n

Image: ydraco1.JPG   346x466 27358 bytes 2000.02.07

This is Draco, the main character of an RPG I'll lead soon on my new website.\r\nCheck what'll be in it at\n

Image: yfelina.JPG   323x402 27913 bytes 2000.04.11

Here's Felina at 42 years old(that's 10 1/2 for an human). On the time she won her first knight fighting tournament... but I won't tell too much story for now...\n

Image: ygaia1.JPG   340x454 28692 bytes 2000.05.20

Image: yivy1.JPG   375x448 32641 bytes 2000.02.07

She's Gaia'S bodyguard. You can see that I made some kinda pokémorph... hehe! ^w^\n

Image: yjack1.JPG   346x477 31822 bytes 2000.02.07

Another character for my RPG... It's hard to tell that he'll turn evil 64 years later!\n

Image: yleona1.JPG   369x482 39639 bytes 2000.02.07

That's a pretty cool looking 3987 years old fairy-elf-felinide breed. It's also hard to believe that she's a kings and queen teacher! ^w^\n

Image: ymaldark1.JPG   340x466 33799 bytes 2000.02.07

Please, don't piss Maldark off! Your life depends on this warning even if he's a good guy(well... maybe not always!)\n

Image: ynick.JPG   332x444 37517 bytes 2000.04.11

Nick is Maldark's brother and he got a pretty dark personnality for a prince. He's maybe jealous 'cuz he can't be the king?... Come to think of it... he looks pretty much like Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the night! Yike! I don't wanna get caught for something I didn't do in purpose! <:3\n

Image: ywill.JPG   669x834 310895 bytes 2000.11.27

Finaly, a descent pic of William Tigrus for the "Birth of Faery Warriors" RPG. I did another one before, but I just didn't like how it went out. So I did another one that really shows Will's cool attitude. William is (c) me. Steal him and I'll kill you to death!\n

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