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Image: Fara-NewYears02.jpg   364x669 96003 bytes 2002.01.02

Well... Its been a long time since I uploaded a new image... But thats what you get when your flatting pages, and attending college... \r\nAnyways... \r\nHAPPY NEW YEARS 2002 \r\nto everyone... \r\nI hope to upload a LOT more this year...\r\n(If anyone noticed, this is a lot different colouring style then what I usially do. Hope it looks okay.)

Image: farasdress.jpg   501x525 55924 bytes 2000.09.12

I just came up with this dress design in my head, and thought Fara would look great in it. Fara by Me...\n

Image: farafloat.jpg   334x891 55529 bytes 2000.09.12

This picture was inspired by a staute of an angle I saw when on vacation last March... I thought the position was quit unique... Fara by me...\n

Image: gibbsstaff.jpg   677x324 28578 bytes 2000.09.12

This is just PART of a NEW image I am working on.\r\nI still have to add a big ass robot to it... \r\nBut I thought I would show what I have done so far...\r\n\n

Image: Gibbwolf-IX-Fin.jpg   628x863 114943 bytes 2000.09.12

The final version to GibbousWolf and AphroditeIX...\n

Image: GibbWolf-IX.jpg   608x826 100108 bytes 2000.07.29

Wow... My very first picture to be posted here at the VIXEN. \r\nIts been awhile since I've done a really good picture. \r\nSo I decided to do one of my Werewolf 'Gibbous' and Top Cow Comics newest character Aphrodite IX. I hope you all enjoy it. 'Gibbous Wolf' is by me, and 'Aprodit IX' is by Top Cow Comics.\n

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