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Image: budds.jpg   851x1414 107554 bytes 2000.10.24

Well, here's yet another sketch (Gid, when are you ever gonna get to color something? Soon! Soon!) This one is from the Gideon Archives going two years back! I touched it up a bit, but you could see my equine leg designs were still evolving! These two big boys are old friends, Darkmane, the tall, dark and handsome equine on the right and Stack, the stout, built like a battleship lion on the left. Darkmane is a rather imposing fella, but very loving and gentle if you get to know him And Stack makes up for his height with a huge love for life and aeverything big in it, including Darkmane! Gideon\n

Image: BuffKitty.jpg   560x888 49341 bytes 2001.05.04

The name says it all. This kitty never misses a work-out, and it shows. Gideon PARSONS@ENTER.NET

Image: Bulked-Tigress.jpg   601x800 78510 bytes 2001.05.25

Here's an example of showing muscle without showing all the harsh rippling effects that doesn't usually occuer when it is covered by thick fur. I'm quite pleased at how this one turned out, nice beefy frame, hefty weight, and that big, thick tail, yummm. Yes, I need help. Gideon

Image: Bunker-Busters.jpg   627x816 78867 bytes 2001.10.20

Howdy all. Here's my message to the Al Queda and their cowardly lot. A bit on the humorous side, but I'm sure we can all use a laugh now and then. Gideon

Image: Captive.jpg   630x805 98593 bytes 2001.04.11

This is a piece, I worked on a few weeks ago, was a very stressful day at work, lots of things weighing on my mind, and this rather oppresive piece was the result of all those factors. A Bruce Timm styled villian holding this powerful, mare captive, while doing things people like him do to captives like her. As you can see, he has also spent months injecting her with his Inflator-X formla [patent pending] in an effort to increase her once trim and fit bust line. It's about as dark as I've ever drawn, not usually one to draw that type of thing all the time, but, if in the right, or should I say, wrong mood, it comes out. And of course there is eventually a happy ending, but another story...Gideon

Image: Chained_Draft.jpg   725x939 122504 bytes 2000.12.04

Simple chains are not gonna keep this big draft down! Better just hope shi doesn't get a hold of hir captors, then again...might just wanna stick around for the show! Just a quick pencil sketch that I thought ya might enjoy! Take care everybody! Gideon\n

Image: chesty.jpg   421x810 133851 bytes 2001.02.03

Here is a buff beach goer, enjoying the cool waters and warm company!

Image: Chub-Taur.jpg   757x955 89399 bytes 2001.05.12

Howdy all. Here is a Welsh ponytaur [pencil on bond] who looks as if she never misses a meal. Her name is Meadow, a gentle and thoughtful ponytaur, who loves to spend the days grazing among the tall reeds of the rolling fields near her home. I was lucky enough to get a call from her the other day. After seeing my work here on the VCL, she asked me to come out to her cottage and do some pencil studies of her, very sweet. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice picnic under a group of cool shady trees. Take care all. Gideon

Image: Comfort.jpg   686x747 169339 bytes 2001.02.03

Comfort, something everyone in their lives has either needed or given, nuff said. Gideon

Image: commission-sample.jpg   700x613 134040 bytes 2003.12.12

Well, for anyone who has wanted an adult commission from me, here's yer chance! Got a commission up for bids on Furbid. Here is the URL: Happy Hunting! Gideon

Image: Commission-Sample.jpg   550x825 128487 bytes 2004.03.17

Howdy Ya'll! Well, got another commission up on Furbid, posted it this evening, ends on Friday, March 29th. Is for one to two character commission, starting bid at $75, proxy bidding. Good luck to anyone who would like to bid and get a fun piece of custom art for yourself or a friend. Here is the link

Image: Cop-A-Feel.jpg   821x1063 136407 bytes 2000.11.15

Well, it looks like this frisky feline might be in over his head! Our flirtatious lil tiger Troy might be taking liberties with this milk laden maiden, Casey! We'll find out soon enough if he gets a solid kick with those powerful rear hooves, or a ride he'll never forget! Stay tuned! Gideon\n

Image: CorporateKitty.jpg   682x1109 103902 bytes 2000.08.10

Howdy everybody! Looks like it's time for a merger! This financially motivated feline always gets what she wants, and don't look now, but I think she's looking in your direction! Enjoy! Commissions always welcome! Gideon\n

Image: Couple.jpg   569x917 199027 bytes 2001.02.03

Aww, look at the cute couple, how sweet! Bet they even have matching collars! Sheesh! Gideon

Image: Crouching-Zebra-Sleeping-Lion.jpg   717x555 113324 bytes 2001.08.31

Anybody else catch this one on Animal Planet last, hmmm, must just be my local cable service. Gideon

Image: CuriousTaur.jpg   788x816 90838 bytes 2000.07.31

Reposted Image. This young Taur is just enjoying a warm, sun-shine filled spring day. She just wishes shecould see what's tickling her! Commissions accepted!\r\n\r\nGideon\r\\n

Image: Cyan-Skye.jpg   585x974 139502 bytes 2001.02.03

Meet Cyan Skye, an innocent looking equine beauty, who just wandered into my studio one day and asked to have a portrait made of her. Hope you like the style, having fun with it myself. Gideon

Image: Cyber-Daisy.jpg   549x854 76009 bytes 2001.04.11

Howdy ya'll! Daisy here, is showing off her cyberpunk-styled mane with her back woods country attire, cut-offs and a ripped T. If this is how they grow em down home in the country, I gotta start using some vacation days! Gideon

Image: DamnCat.jpg   868x528 57775 bytes 2000.11.07

Looks like Farmer Brown is finally discovering the real reason why his prize stud just hasn't been producing lately! Oh well, at least Prince is enjoying himself with the his new city friend RazorPaw. Yet another in a long line of sketches, stick around, you'll see color soon enough! Gideon\n

Image: Deco-Draft.jpg   549x776 48383 bytes 2001.10.03

Another full figured art deco-inspired draft hoss, go figure. I alsi want to apologize to all those who have made commission inquiries over the past few months and have yet to hear back from me. I have been fairly busy with freelance, and other things going on in my life. I am getting to the list now [if some of you are still interested after all this time of course, if not, no sweat] and will try to answer each one. And anyone whom I have a trade with currently, I have not forgotten you, and sorry fer the long delay, hope you all understand, I wish to get to these as well, ASAP. That's all, just wanted to address this and I will try to answer all the comm requests I have and thank you for your understanding and patience, take care. Gideon

Image: Drafts-Embrace.jpg   547x929 70441 bytes 2001.06.28

Howdy all. Here is a wonderful looking couple. Caught a glimpse of these two out in AZ. Soon after I sketched this down, they were off. And don't forget to check the Animations folder. Gideon

Image: drag-babe.jpg   625x859 80423 bytes 2001.08.30

Something I doodled at dinner Saturday night at AC. Very Ferris-inspired, he liked it luckily, a latex wearing dragoness, Mmmm. Gideon

Image: Dragon's-Fire.jpg   802x617 343707 bytes 2001.08.31

There's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight with this fire 'beathing' dragon in town. Only fire dragons need apply for this big boy, otherwise ya might get burned. Gideon

Image: Dragon-and-the-Unicorn.jpg   812x702 106483 bytes 2001.08.30

These two seem to make a verrry good couple. With the unicorn's size, I doubt she was very hard to catch. And a note to anyone who e-mailed me in the past few weeks,I will get back to you, just moved and had lots going on RL past feww weks, hope you'd understand. Ixis [da unicorn] and Sahara [da dwagon] are copyright Mark Parsons. Gideon

Image: Dragon-Love.jpg   781x486 152856 bytes 2001.09.06

Tell me these two wouldn't make a cute couple, c'mon. Was definitely inspired rom the relationship in Shrek for this one. Gideon

Image: Dragon-n-Damsel.jpg   467x771 64791 bytes 2001.05.06

This damsel in distress never pictured this purple [at least that's the color I picture] beauty showing up. Will definitely be posting the final color piece soon...really. Gideon

Image: DragonBalls.jpg   1424x800 116500 bytes 2000.08.04

It looks like this particular species of Dragon lost their wings a long time ago. The weight must have been too much to bear... Feedback and commission requests are welcome! Gideon\n

Image: DragonDamsel.jpg   514x849 73916 bytes 2001.05.12

Well, here it is, the final Dragon and Damsel pic. The dragon's name is Stormsilver with many Thanks to Leslie for helping brainstorm the name and concept. Named Stormsilver for hir love of that precios metal. This pic is just my take on the old fashioned maiden being sacrificed to the mean old dragon, but with a twist, and I'm not talkin' with a lemon. Hope ya'll enjoy, I know I did creating it, take care. Gideon

Image: Eastern-Front.jpg   811x624 118679 bytes 2001.10.03

These German soldiers have found shelter and warmth in the arms of this big beefy Russian work draft. Inspired from a story by Leslie Rashanna. Gideon

Image: EmmaMalamute.jpg   810x1399 144658 bytes 2001.01.16

Meet Emma! She's about as playful and loyal as Malamutes get. She especially loves playing PS2 games, but, the controller usually slips out of her paws and she resorts to batting it around. She also loves to snuggle and cuddle, and with all that soft, fluffy fur, it's not a problem! I gotta tell ya, think this is one of my fave works to date. I really like how her purple hair and cheerful eyes came out. It was a blast having her in the studio to model for me! Take care everybody! Gideon

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