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Image: herm-spread-em.jpg   500x748 56423 bytes 2001.06.22

I'm happy with the way this one turned out. Nice pose, tilt to the head, exactly what was in my head, kinda rare it gets out just the way you picture it. Take care. Gideon

Image: Suck-It.jpg   840x509 119522 bytes 2001.06.22

Howdy all. Here is a study of a rather big chested mare sucking on her breast. Due to the size of them, of course, that's as close as she's gonna get, but somehow don't think she minds. Gideon

Image: Jedi-Knight.jpg   600x663 37712 bytes 2001.06.16

Howdy all. Was in a bit of an artistic slump the other week, watched the great duel scene from The Phantom Menace and was inspired to doodle this lil pic. I hope to color it someday, just like all the others...on the pile. He doesn't have a name at the moment, just want something that sounds 'Star Wars'-like, we'll see. Take care all, look forward to meeting everyfur at Anthrocon. Gideon

Image: macro--clyde.jpg   550x823 148311 bytes 2001.06.05

Howdy All. Well, here's an old hyper-macro piece, bout a year old, just thought it would be fun to color it up. The original premise, if I remember correctly, was a macro hoss who finds a stripper con and well, just gets a little tTOO excited, needless to say, the con was cancelled, heh heh. Gideon

Image: Anubistudette.jpg   480x814 33937 bytes 2001.05.30

And how could I not include a top heavy feminine version; we'll call her the Dutchess of the Underworld. Take care everybody. Gideon

Image: Anubistud.jpg   571x738 36566 bytes 2001.05.30

Howdy all. Well, band wagon, here I come. Haven't seen The Mummy 2 yet, but thought I'd take my hand at drawing the Lord of the Underworld. Take care all. Gideon

Image: Bulked-Tigress.jpg   601x800 78510 bytes 2001.05.25

Here's an example of showing muscle without showing all the harsh rippling effects that doesn't usually occuer when it is covered by thick fur. I'm quite pleased at how this one turned out, nice beefy frame, hefty weight, and that big, thick tail, yummm. Yes, I need help. Gideon

Image: Posing.jpg   511x700 32995 bytes 2001.05.25

Another pencil study of a yet another overly muscled draft mare. I attract em somehow...go figure. Gideon

Image: Recline-Mare.jpg   774x602 36435 bytes 2001.05.25

Howdy all. Just a pencil study of a sturdy draft mare's musculature. She was a joy to have model for me and will definitely use her in future works. Gideon

Image: Gideon-Hoss.jpg   740x616 41969 bytes 2001.05.24

Howdy all. Well, been getting lots of questions if I MUCK or not and unfortuantely the answer is no, just not enough time in the day. And anything that will take away from my doodle time, well, not gonna happen, maybe someday. But, if I did have a character, it would probably look something like this fella, a nice muscled draft. Gideon

Image: Bone-Boner.jpg   479x700 35850 bytes 2001.05.23

Kinda self explanatory, take care. Gideon

Image: No-No-No.jpg   416x758 38121 bytes 2001.05.23

This vixen was very adamant about no nudity, oh well. Gideon

Image: GiantZ.jpg   507x656 63786 bytes 2001.05.23

Howdy all, here is my homage to the giant robot shows. This mecha-zebra [still in the need of stripes] is named Giant Z, complete with mega-nipple missiles, look out. Gideon

Image: NurseGoodbody.jpg   699x1136 65170 bytes 2001.05.16

Howdy all. Meet Nurse Goodbody of the Saint Canyon of Cleavage Hospital. When she gives you bed side manner, there usually isn't room for much else, heh heh...yeah. Gideon

Image: DragonDamsel.jpg   514x849 73916 bytes 2001.05.12

Well, here it is, the final Dragon and Damsel pic. The dragon's name is Stormsilver with many Thanks to Leslie for helping brainstorm the name and concept. Named Stormsilver for hir love of that precios metal. This pic is just my take on the old fashioned maiden being sacrificed to the mean old dragon, but with a twist, and I'm not talkin' with a lemon. Hope ya'll enjoy, I know I did creating it, take care. Gideon

Image: Chub-Taur.jpg   757x955 89399 bytes 2001.05.12

Howdy all. Here is a Welsh ponytaur [pencil on bond] who looks as if she never misses a meal. Her name is Meadow, a gentle and thoughtful ponytaur, who loves to spend the days grazing among the tall reeds of the rolling fields near her home. I was lucky enough to get a call from her the other day. After seeing my work here on the VCL, she asked me to come out to her cottage and do some pencil studies of her, very sweet. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice picnic under a group of cool shady trees. Take care all. Gideon

Image: Macro-Hoss.jpg   510x799 76026 bytes 2001.05.08

Howdy all. Looks like this macro hoss is making a real scene downtown. Heck, can't a macro just go out for a stroll without causing a ruckuss, sheesh. Audra's leather outfit provided by Macro-Wear, Inc. Gideon

Image: Dragon-n-Damsel.jpg   467x771 64791 bytes 2001.05.06

This damsel in distress never pictured this purple [at least that's the color I picture] beauty showing up. Will definitely be posting the final color piece soon...really. Gideon

Image: Whyte-Mane.jpg   700x1180 107433 bytes 2001.05.06

Well, been getting several kind requests for a male dragon. So, meet WhyteMane, a very regal and friendly dragon. He just loves riding thermals and slip streams. Gideon

Image: Bra-Werks.jpg   585x911 55292 bytes 2001.05.06

Howdy all. Well, poor Bonnie here looks like she will keep this custom bra shop busy for weeks with her order alone. Gideon

Image: Smoking-Section.jpg   500x788 54453 bytes 2001.05.04

New policy...No smoking EXCEPT for dragons 50 feet or taller, fair enough. Gideon PARSONS@ENTER.NET

Image: Fore-Herm.jpg   564x1020 72986 bytes 2001.05.04

Now that is one tough boss, sheesh. Gideon PARSONS@ENTER.NET

Image: BuffKitty.jpg   560x888 49341 bytes 2001.05.04

The name says it all. This kitty never misses a work-out, and it shows. Gideon PARSONS@ENTER.NET

Image: Spec-Ops-Wolf.jpg   561x900 60028 bytes 2001.04.26

Howdy. This is a drawing I'm doing for a friend of mine. He wanted a tough-ass wolf babe with a .45 and wearing fatigues. I threw in the extra set of guns, free of charge of course, heh, heh. Gideon

Image: Tigress-Taur.jpg   494x815 54301 bytes 2001.04.26

Howdy all. Here is Charice, a wonderful Taur that stops by the studio on occassion, she's also quite the artist. Why, the other day she dropped by and all day we...sketched...yeah, Gotta go. Take care. Gideon

Image: Hung-Herm.jpg   515x808 65810 bytes 2001.04.24

This well-hung herm always has trouble matching hir bottoms to hir tops. Can't imagine why. Shi definitely was a handful in the studio, but I'm not complaining. Another piece that I may put the original on Furbid, any interest in that, let me know. Gideon

Image: Lounging-Draft.jpg   909x454 47741 bytes 2001.04.24

Another pic to go on Furbid. This draft mare is getting into a very serious staring contest with you...don't blink. Gideon

Image: Wind-Draft.jpg   490x816 52587 bytes 2001.04.24

Howdy all. Another pic that will be available on Furbid. This well built mare just loves to soak up the first rays of the sun while the wind flows through her mane. Gideon

Image: furbid-Clydesdale-Mare.jpg   346x505 22382 bytes 2001.04.21

The second pic to go on Furbid. A nice stalwart, very curious about you, Clydesdale muscle mare, the original pencil work of course. Take care everybody. Gideon

Image: furbid-BlackMare.jpg   400x685 40492 bytes 2001.04.21

Howdy all! Well, here is my first of two pics to go up on furbid, gonna give it a shot and see what happens. I will be auctioning off the original pencil pieces, should be fun! Will hopefully have others to put there in the near future, everything from males, macros, hyper, and who knows what else! Gideon

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