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Image: Shire-Tiger.jpg   524x1017 67523 bytes 2001.04.16

Howdy all. Came up with this unique and mysterious breed mix and thought you would like to get a peak. A Shire-Tiger, this one is names Shakarri. Generally they have the physical build of a traditional shire, with a few exceptions. Their fur is orange with a white under-belly and has the sriping pattern of a tiger. They also have a tiger tail rather than an equine one and their ears are more cat-like. I will have more of this exotic species down the road hopefully in color as well. Gideon

Image: BeachBalls.jpg   770x610 56675 bytes 2001.04.13

This verry well endowed doggie wasn't this big when shi first got to the beach. After finishing off half a six pack of a new trial version hyper-power drink, she found hirself to be ten times the herm shi was before shi woke up that morning. Ashley now goes by the stage name, Ashley Ample, heh, heh. Gideon

Image: Cyber-Daisy.jpg   549x854 76009 bytes 2001.04.11

Howdy ya'll! Daisy here, is showing off her cyberpunk-styled mane with her back woods country attire, cut-offs and a ripped T. If this is how they grow em down home in the country, I gotta start using some vacation days! Gideon

Image: Reclining-Mare.jpg   649x1023 74254 bytes 2001.04.11

Meet Butterscotch, a verry friendly mare who has the most expressive eyes. She was one of my best models, holding and keeping poses for the longest times while I captured her on paper. Gideon

Image: Captive.jpg   630x805 98593 bytes 2001.04.11

This is a piece, I worked on a few weeks ago, was a very stressful day at work, lots of things weighing on my mind, and this rather oppresive piece was the result of all those factors. A Bruce Timm styled villian holding this powerful, mare captive, while doing things people like him do to captives like her. As you can see, he has also spent months injecting her with his Inflator-X formla [patent pending] in an effort to increase her once trim and fit bust line. It's about as dark as I've ever drawn, not usually one to draw that type of thing all the time, but, if in the right, or should I say, wrong mood, it comes out. And of course there is eventually a happy ending, but another story...Gideon

Image: Wants-a-Kiss.jpg   720x556 58130 bytes 2001.04.11

Now this was strange. I came back to the studio yesterday, and to this fine fellow was waiting outside the entrance. Well, he looked friendly, so I invited him in. During his visit he never spoke a word, so I didn't even get his name, he just wandered the studio, looking through my sketchbooks and eating the apples I had given him. Eventually he found one of the posing areas and struck a few for me, and this was one of them. He soon left, giving me a back crunching hug, and was off into the darkness. I hope he returns. Gideon

Image: Pumped-Wolf.jpg   795x724 55444 bytes 2001.04.11

Meet Bridgette, an overly muscled wolf body builder who was in the middle of her daily work-out routine as I sketched her. She is very serious about her regiment and daily schedule, so, big Thanks to her for giving me the time to capture this moment! She is definitely a sweetheart under all that hard, sinewy, solid...where was I? Well, take care everybody. Gideon\r\n

Image: Blitz-Knockers1943.jpg   595x966 75855 bytes 2001.04.05

Here is the final pencil version of 'Blitz-Knockers'. She is making her way up to the front to meet her Allied counterpart, 'Lady-Liberty, America's own macro equine! Talk about a battle of the titans, or titanic tits! I used a friend's scanner to scan this, once I'm up and running fully, will have more new material to post! I'm also taking a slight hiatus from new commission work, to gear up with prints and such for Anthrocon, hope to meet some of you furs there! Take care! Gideon

Image: Ka'Thaana.jpg   607x878 74735 bytes 2001.04.05

HOWDY ALL! Had my whole HD crash, and kinda lost...everything. My comp-whiz friend and I were installing a CD Burner to back it all up too, how ironic. Oh well, so if ya e-mailed me anytime last week, I may not have received it. Meet Ka'Thaana, a slave-mare, who trained in secret and killed her captors to gain her freedom, the freedom of being a swords-mare. Be careful what you wish for Ka'Thaana, your reputation is preceeding you! She only stopped by the studio briefly to pose for this pic, then she was off again! I got the inspiration for her from the armor of a horse from the anime series 'Berserk' I believe it is called. Enjoy! Gideon

Image: Horseback.jpg   486x980 79179 bytes 2001.03.20

Howdy all! Meet Calamity! This big bruiser is a bouncer at the "Ale & Tail" strip-saloon deep in the heart of Texas. You know everything is bigger in Texas! And if you think this equine behemoth has a soft side...ferget it! She's as tough as they cum! Tried a little different technique shading her, hope you like it! Gideon

Image: sk-Workout-Wolf.jpg   600x943 74898 bytes 2001.03.19

This top heavy wolf seems to be having some trouble working out her upper body here. Hmmm, I can think of two things getting in her way! :^D Gideon

Image: sk-Workout-Hoss.jpg   469x774 39802 bytes 2001.03.19

Big, muscle-bound and busted hoss working out, nuff said! Gideon

Image: sk-Where-U-Been.jpg   538x911 65970 bytes 2001.03.19

Another late night out with the boys, and it looks like the Mrs. is not pleased, better think of something quick! Gideon parsosn@enter.ent

Image: sk-Were-Wolf.jpg   630x930 100269 bytes 2001.03.19

This is the first in a proposed 3 piece print set. Trust me, it actually has a happy ending...for both of them! Gideon

Image: sk-Stirling-Stud.jpg   510x848 52030 bytes 2001.03.19

Stirling here, is a British shire, who loves the English countryside and taking long walks by the Thames. Gideon

Image: sk-Oni'Yamashi-2.jpg   420x706 50573 bytes 2001.03.19

Here we see Oni'Yamashi back in hir glory days doing what shi still does best, break stuff and look good doing it! Actually, shi's taking a break from the mayhem here, just taking in the beautiful carnage! Gideon

Image: sk-Oni'Yamashi-1.jpg   504x847 72066 bytes 2001.03.19

My attempt at a macro dragon herm, named Oni'Yamashi. Shi was conjured up by an evil Japanese mage back in the feudal days of Japan. shi hybernates for 50 years at a time, then wakes up with a raging hard-on and a need to break things, nuff said! Gideon parsosn@enter.ent

Image: sk-Maggie.jpg   413x692 38242 bytes 2001.03.19

This Irish Drafter, named Maggie, is in non-competition shape here, bulky but with out the definition of a daily work-out routine. Gidoen

Image: sk-Intertwined.jpg   512x840 84604 bytes 2001.03.19

This is a study I did from a photo of a male and female body builder. Now, I did leave off the manes and tails, more to show off the musculature. Perhaps equine body builders shave their manes and remove the tails to better show off at competitions. Gideon

Image: sk-Hoss-Thumpin.jpg   489x758 48329 bytes 2001.03.19

This furry fan got a bit more than he bargained for when he took this hefty hootered muscle mare home. Hope he has insurance! Gideon

Image: sk-Field-Mare.jpg   829x382 31565 bytes 2001.03.19

A shapely mare enjoying herself in a bright sun-drenched field. Gideon parsosn@enter.ent

Image: sk-Coy.jpg   417x776 33121 bytes 2001.03.19

This frisky feline is named Coy, and he is every bit as coy as his name implies! Gideon

Image: sk-Blitz-Knockers.jpg   460x741 39973 bytes 2001.03.19

Spring 1944: The Axis have unleashed their newest super weapon upon the Allied forces, Code named: Blitz-Knockers. This equine-macro behemoth appears to be unstoppable to every known weapon in use. But, the Allies have a macro in training back in the states, Code named: Lady-Liberty. Get ready for a battle of the titans! This photo was taken by a French Resistance freedom fighter before he was quickly smooshed. Gideon

Image: sk-Big-Cock.jpg   508x820 67866 bytes 2001.03.19

Izuko, Kooritsu's twin sister, is enjoying a not so quiet evening out on the town here with hir friend Sirling. Gideon

Image: sk-Bahama-Mama.jpg   593x344 23242 bytes 2001.03.19

Here's a lush island lovely you just might run into on your trip to the islands! Gideon

Image: Macro-Lense.jpg   589x1094 336233 bytes 2001.02.15

Yes folks, pun fully intended! Hope you Macro fans out there get as big a kick outta this one as I did creating it! Meet Aria, a resident of southern California. She just got out of college and is taking little modelling gigs to help pay the rent! And you'll have to excuse our photographer, it's his first macro shoot, so, be gentle! Take care everybody! Gideon Aria is copyright Mark Parsons

Image: Envy.jpg   640x786 79400 bytes 2001.02.07

Well, old habits die hard! Hope ya didn't think with the new style experimetations, that I'd stop drawing big and beautiful herms as well! Here's Kooritsu, a wonderful Arctic Fox/Equine mix. Can you tell where the equine influence is? Hir two friends look like they think they found it! Had to use a shop vac in the studio to clean up afterwards! Well, also still plugging away at commissions slowly but surely, take care everybody! Gideon

Image: Vix-taur.jpg   618x808 132043 bytes 2001.02.03

Yet another Taur? Well, tell her that! Another subject who just happened to stroll into the studio, damn am I lucky! Gideon

Image: OverFlow.jpg   629x996 142556 bytes 2001.02.03

Now we seem to have a problem, any takers to give her a helping hand? Gideon

Image: Next.jpg   624x958 126204 bytes 2001.02.03

Don't let this wolf's good looks and charm fool ya, he's a lil gigelo, but you don't have to take my word for it! Gideon

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