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Image: Jedi-Knight.jpg   600x663 37712 bytes 2001.06.16

Howdy all. Was in a bit of an artistic slump the other week, watched the great duel scene from The Phantom Menace and was inspired to doodle this lil pic. I hope to color it someday, just like all the others...on the pile. He doesn't have a name at the moment, just want something that sounds 'Star Wars'-like, we'll see. Take care all, look forward to meeting everyfur at Anthrocon. Gideon

Image: Jingle-Jangle.jpg   540x703 86932 bytes 2001.10.03

Macro Body Piercing and Construction Company, need I say more... Gideon

Image: K9Jogger.jpg   600x1095 125662 bytes 2000.08.02

Meet Kyra, fitness model and trainer. She loves jogging on the beach early in the morning. Think you guys (and gals) can keep up? Commissions accepted! Gideon\n

Image: Ka'Thaana.jpg   607x878 74735 bytes 2001.04.05

HOWDY ALL! Had my whole HD crash, and kinda lost...everything. My comp-whiz friend and I were installing a CD Burner to back it all up too, how ironic. Oh well, so if ya e-mailed me anytime last week, I may not have received it. Meet Ka'Thaana, a slave-mare, who trained in secret and killed her captors to gain her freedom, the freedom of being a swords-mare. Be careful what you wish for Ka'Thaana, your reputation is preceeding you! She only stopped by the studio briefly to pose for this pic, then she was off again! I got the inspiration for her from the armor of a horse from the anime series 'Berserk' I believe it is called. Enjoy! Gideon

Image: Kyaama-Montana-CD-Sample.jpg   500x646 142157 bytes 2004.03.01

Howdy ya'll! Well, the Montana & Kyaama CD is up and ready to go in my General Store. Here is a sample image from it. The link to the store is on my homepage. Shameless plug over. :)

Image: LastStand.jpg   941x600 134107 bytes 2000.08.15

This noble Stallion is making his last stand before the prostrate form of his Mare warrior lover. \r\n\r\nThis one didn't take long to put together, it just seemed to fall into place. I decided to do the final in just pencil, it seems to carry the fast and furious drama better than color would. This piece is quite a departure from most of my other more "happy" work, but it's something I felt I had to put to paper. As always, commissons accepted. Gideon\n

Image: LeopardDress-Zebra.jpg   519x802 86184 bytes 2001.10.03

This one was done out and about in my lil sketchbook. Gideon

Image: Lightning.jpg   750x641 103375 bytes 2000.07.30

It looks like Lightning and her compadre are taking a much needed break from the hard trail! Lightning is as loyal and as trusting as they come! With steed like Lightning, the west would have takena litle longer to win! Gideon\n

Image: lionessXX.jpg   588x927 71546 bytes 2000.07.30

Here's an older pic I just threw some color into. This Lioness soialite is on the prowl, look out!\r\n\r\nGideon\r\\n

Image: Lounging-Draft.jpg   909x454 47741 bytes 2001.04.24

Another pic to go on Furbid. This draft mare is getting into a very serious staring contest with you...don't blink. Gideon

Image: macro--clyde.jpg   550x823 148311 bytes 2001.06.05

Howdy All. Well, here's an old hyper-macro piece, bout a year old, just thought it would be fun to color it up. The original premise, if I remember correctly, was a macro hoss who finds a stripper con and well, just gets a little tTOO excited, needless to say, the con was cancelled, heh heh. Gideon

Image: Macro-Hoss.jpg   510x799 76026 bytes 2001.05.08

Howdy all. Looks like this macro hoss is making a real scene downtown. Heck, can't a macro just go out for a stroll without causing a ruckuss, sheesh. Audra's leather outfit provided by Macro-Wear, Inc. Gideon

Image: Macro-Lense.jpg   589x1094 336233 bytes 2001.02.15

Yes folks, pun fully intended! Hope you Macro fans out there get as big a kick outta this one as I did creating it! Meet Aria, a resident of southern California. She just got out of college and is taking little modelling gigs to help pay the rent! And you'll have to excuse our photographer, it's his first macro shoot, so, be gentle! Take care everybody! Gideon Aria is copyright Mark Parsons

Image: Macro-Werewolf.jpg   722x558 240841 bytes 2001.08.30

not just yer garden variety werewolf, no, a macro werewolf. The national guard is gonna need a lot more than just silver tipped bullets...eep. Gideon

Image: macro-with-a-view.jpg   400x657 40018 bytes 2001.06.22

A macro piece that needs lots of detail work and some tweaking, but hopefully will give the feeling of vertigo-inducing height when finished, later. Gideon

Image: MacroDiving.jpg   708x807 101522 bytes 2000.09.09

This quick sketch is based off a scenario Trojan and I discused in chat mode. The mare involved, Trinity, looks ready and waiting! If this were an Olympic sport, thr ratings would be through the roof! Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: MacroMalcolm.jpg   800x1242 160738 bytes 2000.09.21

Well, here's the final color commission for Kody of his character Malcolm! Just look at that face! He looks like he just loves to play, maybe with you perhaps! It was great working with ya Kody! As always commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: MacroMare.jpg   901x1227 80962 bytes 2000.10.24

Here is Macroboro's international spokesmare Ginger, stopping by the headquarters to pick up her smokes. Now, I don't smoke and do not promote it in anyway, but it makes for one helluva pic don't it! Add this to my growing list of sketches that will one day get the coloring and inking treatment! Enjoy! Gideon\n

Image: MalcolmSketch.jpg   559x921 66016 bytes 2000.09.08

Here's a commission for Malcom the Malamute! He looks to be in a very playful mood! This is the preliminary sketch, I'll have the color finished soon! Posted with permission of the player! Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: MiaTrade.jpg   979x742 140077 bytes 2000.10.14

This is a preliminary sketch approved by MiaFillinneof her character for our art trade! Here, MiaFillinne, has met Kahla, an equine herm from a proud warlike tribe from the North Lands. Sent as a scout, Kahla seems to have gotten slightlty sidetracked! It appears as if war is the last thing on Kahla's mind as shi comes to climax in MiaFillinne's vastly expanding tummy! Made a huge mess in my studio capturing this one on paper! Anybody know where I can get a spooge proof sketch pad? Gideon\n

Image: MidnightSnow.jpg   657x737 62034 bytes 2000.11.13

Well, here she is! Meet Midnight Snow and her wolven friend SilverFang! This color version of my art trade with Talon has been a long time coming, just hope I did it justice! Looks like they might need a sump pump in there in just a minute! Gideon\n

Image: MilkingTime.jpg   702x613 100014 bytes 2000.08.26

This lil' darlin' looks like she better read the instructions very carefully before she takes on this project! This was a commission piece on 11x14 Medium Strathmore Drawing paper using General's Layout/Ebony pencils and other various weight pencils. Commissions welcome. Gideon\n

Image: morning.jpg   604x666 125710 bytes 2001.02.03

This guy does not do mornings well. C'mon fella, hang in there, it only gets better! Gideon

Image: Mrs-Robinson.jpg   753x984 189874 bytes 2001.10.05

If you haven't seen 'The Graduate' this pic might not be as funny, but then again, who cares, heh heh. Gideon

Image: Na'Zyia.jpg   419x848 70921 bytes 2001.02.03

This proud African warrior has just picked up a scent from off the perhaps? A new style I'm trying out, whadda ya think? Gideon

Image: Next.jpg   624x958 126204 bytes 2001.02.03

Don't let this wolf's good looks and charm fool ya, he's a lil gigelo, but you don't have to take my word for it! Gideon

Image: No-No-No.jpg   416x758 38121 bytes 2001.05.23

This vixen was very adamant about no nudity, oh well. Gideon

Image: NurseGoodbody.jpg   699x1136 65170 bytes 2001.05.16

Howdy all. Meet Nurse Goodbody of the Saint Canyon of Cleavage Hospital. When she gives you bed side manner, there usually isn't room for much else, heh heh...yeah. Gideon

Image: OverFlow.jpg   629x996 142556 bytes 2001.02.03

Now we seem to have a problem, any takers to give her a helping hand? Gideon

Image: PaintedDessert.jpg   875x741 99483 bytes 2000.07.30

Here's another western themed Furry couple just enjoying each other in a warm sunset embrace. This is also an older pic I threw some color into, I think it turned out pretty decent.\r\n\r\nGideon\r\\n

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