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Image: Palomino-for-Steed.jpg   815x597 70837 bytes 2000.09.04

Almost forgot, this commision was for Steed! Looks the big fella just can't get to the next level! But, when he does, LOOK OUT! Thanks for the opportunity of working with you Steed, Thanks! As always commissions welcome. Gideon\n

Image: Plow-Girl.jpg   560x737 90367 bytes 2001.10.03

These special and rare breeds of plow drafts are bred specifically for their enourmous chests. By leaning forward on the harness, they can let the weight of their teats pull themselves forward and and plow hundreds of acres a day. All the preceeding was just an excuse for me to draw huge breasts, simple as that, hee hee, enjoy. Gideon

Image: Posing.jpg   511x700 32995 bytes 2001.05.25

Another pencil study of a yet another overly muscled draft mare. I attract em somehow...go figure. Gideon

Image: Pumped-Wolf.jpg   795x724 55444 bytes 2001.04.11

Meet Bridgette, an overly muscled wolf body builder who was in the middle of her daily work-out routine as I sketched her. She is very serious about her regiment and daily schedule, so, big Thanks to her for giving me the time to capture this moment! She is definitely a sweetheart under all that hard, sinewy, solid...where was I? Well, take care everybody. Gideon\r\n

Image: Rattler-Sample.jpg   600x388 62676 bytes 2004.04.01

Howdy Ya'll! Starting to put up some original art on Furbid, so, check it out. :)

Image: RealOrNot.jpg   995x847 115335 bytes 2000.09.27

A taste of things to come! Just a quick pencil sketch of a piece you'll see in color soon! Any takers to her challenge? Gideon\n

Image: Recline-Mare.jpg   774x602 36435 bytes 2001.05.25

Howdy all. Just a pencil study of a sturdy draft mare's musculature. She was a joy to have model for me and will definitely use her in future works. Gideon

Image: Reclining-Mare.jpg   649x1023 74254 bytes 2001.04.11

Meet Butterscotch, a verry friendly mare who has the most expressive eyes. She was one of my best models, holding and keeping poses for the longest times while I captured her on paper. Gideon

Image: RedWolfTrade.jpg   600x865 67562 bytes 2000.09.11

Well, here's my version of RedWolf for our trade! Shi was a great model and was very patient with me as I sketched hir! I should have the final inked color pic ready by the weekend! Enjoy! Gideon\n

Image: Rough-Rider.jpg   523x667 51978 bytes 2001.07.04

Happy 4th everybody. Here is a hard ridin' cowgirl fresh from the trail.Her name is Laredo, not sure if that's too masculine a name or not, but she doesn't seem to mind...neither does anyone else. YeeHawww, take care ya'll. Gideon

Image: RT--Wuff.jpg   936x645 60711 bytes 2001.07.13

Howdy all. This one's fer RT Wolf and Roxikat, both of ya were on my mind when this one poured out onto the page. Wanted a round, firm, and fully packed wuff, and actually turned out the way I wanted her too, go figure. Gideon

Image: RT-HermWuff.jpg   900x660 112567 bytes 2001.07.13

OK, sketched this herm puppy up while chatting with RT Wolf on ICQ. Bout a 10 minute sketch total, including clean up, spur of the moment. Hope ya enjoy. Gideon

Image: SAMPLE-Dragoness.jpg   960x701 105865 bytes 2003.03.20

Howdy Ya'll! Long time no post. Well, been a tad busy as usual inmy life. BUT, finally got the online store up and running!! Here's a sample image of one of the prints available there. Got some prints and CDs up, and will be rotating new merchandise through there as well. THe addy is: Just also wanna thank everyfur who e-mailed, concerned for me, really do appreciate it, am fine and good to go! Take care all, be well. OH, my e-mail is dead, you can contact me through Thanks! Later.

Image: SAMPLE-Panthress.jpg   720x1105 103372 bytes 2003.03.20

Howdy! Another sample I wanted to post from one of the prints on sale at my site Take care everybody!

Image: Sea-Horse.jpg   542x515 48653 bytes 2001.10.03

Nothing like the fresh catch of the day. Gideon

Image: Shere-Early-02.jpg   775x969 98374 bytes 2002.03.26

Howdy all! Here's a piece I am currently working on for Shere Tehroar, I better get it right, I do not want that striped behemoth after me! Been a while, but I am still alive, been busy with life in general, yeesh! :^O Also finally got a lil piece of the web to call my own, It's primarily all the VCL content and a few new pieces in the 2002 directory, some furry and non-furry pics there, the usual funky stuff. Though I think it is the first time some of you will see my human muscle and herm babes, hope ya like em! Got a new e-mail too, will have it updated here soon, Well, gotta scram, take care everybody and look for (hopefully) regular updates on my page and will see some of you in the dealer's room at Anthrocon 2002 this July! Later! Gideon

Image: Shire-Tiger.jpg   524x1017 67523 bytes 2001.04.16

Howdy all. Came up with this unique and mysterious breed mix and thought you would like to get a peak. A Shire-Tiger, this one is names Shakarri. Generally they have the physical build of a traditional shire, with a few exceptions. Their fur is orange with a white under-belly and has the sriping pattern of a tiger. They also have a tiger tail rather than an equine one and their ears are more cat-like. I will have more of this exotic species down the road hopefully in color as well. Gideon

Image: Sitting-Mare.jpg   627x809 56606 bytes 2001.07.04

AHHHHHH, he colored one, he colored one...No need for alarm people, move along, nothing to see here. Hope ya enjoy, take care. Gideon

Image: sk-Bahama-Mama.jpg   593x344 23242 bytes 2001.03.19

Here's a lush island lovely you just might run into on your trip to the islands! Gideon

Image: sk-Big-Cock.jpg   508x820 67866 bytes 2001.03.19

Izuko, Kooritsu's twin sister, is enjoying a not so quiet evening out on the town here with hir friend Sirling. Gideon

Image: sk-Blitz-Knockers.jpg   460x741 39973 bytes 2001.03.19

Spring 1944: The Axis have unleashed their newest super weapon upon the Allied forces, Code named: Blitz-Knockers. This equine-macro behemoth appears to be unstoppable to every known weapon in use. But, the Allies have a macro in training back in the states, Code named: Lady-Liberty. Get ready for a battle of the titans! This photo was taken by a French Resistance freedom fighter before he was quickly smooshed. Gideon

Image: sk-Coy.jpg   417x776 33121 bytes 2001.03.19

This frisky feline is named Coy, and he is every bit as coy as his name implies! Gideon

Image: sk-Field-Mare.jpg   829x382 31565 bytes 2001.03.19

A shapely mare enjoying herself in a bright sun-drenched field. Gideon parsosn@enter.ent

Image: sk-Hoss-Thumpin.jpg   489x758 48329 bytes 2001.03.19

This furry fan got a bit more than he bargained for when he took this hefty hootered muscle mare home. Hope he has insurance! Gideon

Image: sk-Intertwined.jpg   512x840 84604 bytes 2001.03.19

This is a study I did from a photo of a male and female body builder. Now, I did leave off the manes and tails, more to show off the musculature. Perhaps equine body builders shave their manes and remove the tails to better show off at competitions. Gideon

Image: sk-Maggie.jpg   413x692 38242 bytes 2001.03.19

This Irish Drafter, named Maggie, is in non-competition shape here, bulky but with out the definition of a daily work-out routine. Gidoen

Image: sk-Oni'Yamashi-1.jpg   504x847 72066 bytes 2001.03.19

My attempt at a macro dragon herm, named Oni'Yamashi. Shi was conjured up by an evil Japanese mage back in the feudal days of Japan. shi hybernates for 50 years at a time, then wakes up with a raging hard-on and a need to break things, nuff said! Gideon parsosn@enter.ent

Image: sk-Oni'Yamashi-2.jpg   420x706 50573 bytes 2001.03.19

Here we see Oni'Yamashi back in hir glory days doing what shi still does best, break stuff and look good doing it! Actually, shi's taking a break from the mayhem here, just taking in the beautiful carnage! Gideon

Image: sk-Stirling-Stud.jpg   510x848 52030 bytes 2001.03.19

Stirling here, is a British shire, who loves the English countryside and taking long walks by the Thames. Gideon

Image: sk-Were-Wolf.jpg   630x930 100269 bytes 2001.03.19

This is the first in a proposed 3 piece print set. Trust me, it actually has a happy ending...for both of them! Gideon

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