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Image: HappyCouple.jpg   842x706 77971 bytes 2000.09.14

This commission piece is for Wolfpaxx and his girl Alexae! Thanks guys! C'mon guys, get a room! did, well, have fun! Just don't trash the joint! Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: RedWolfTrade.jpg   600x865 67562 bytes 2000.09.11

Well, here's my version of RedWolf for our trade! Shi was a great model and was very patient with me as I sketched hir! I should have the final inked color pic ready by the weekend! Enjoy! Gideon\n

Image: MacroDiving.jpg   708x807 101522 bytes 2000.09.09

This quick sketch is based off a scenario Trojan and I discused in chat mode. The mare involved, Trinity, looks ready and waiting! If this were an Olympic sport, thr ratings would be through the roof! Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: MalcolmSketch.jpg   559x921 66016 bytes 2000.09.08

Here's a commission for Malcom the Malamute! He looks to be in a very playful mood! This is the preliminary sketch, I'll have the color finished soon! Posted with permission of the player! Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: TalonTrade2.jpg   586x638 54175 bytes 2000.09.07

Howdy! Here's the second pic in my art trade with Talon! I'd say, this time, it's the Wolf who's getting a little more than he bargained for! Heh, Heh! Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: TalonTrade.jpg   1020x600 84616 bytes 2000.09.07

Here's the rough sketch of an art trade I'm doing with one of the best in the biz, Talon! I'd say this uber mare is getting a little more than she bargained for from these two boob hounds! I'll post the final when it's ready! Thanks Talon! Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: TheGang.jpg   673x872 87006 bytes 2000.09.05

Here's a rough pencil sketch of a fun looking group of friends! Meet Courtney, Bridgitt, and Krysten! Courtney's the brains and brawn of this group of friends. She is a consumate "body shaper" as she prefers to call it, and loves old classic movies! Next to her is her mischievous best friend Bridgitt, always getting the two of them into trouble! She is a first class fencing student and goes nuts for top 40 tunes! And, then there's Krysten, the ham of the trio, a real practical joker! You can usually find her elbow deep in a carton of double fudge ice cream!\r\n\r\nCommissions welcome. Gideon\n

Image: Palomino-for-Steed.jpg   815x597 70837 bytes 2000.09.04

Almost forgot, this commision was for Steed! Looks the big fella just can't get to the next level! But, when he does, LOOK OUT! Thanks for the opportunity of working with you Steed, Thanks! As always commissions welcome. Gideon\n

Image: bigcat.jpg   900x775 98629 bytes 2000.08.31

Meet Callie. This big grrrl loves to spend time in the gym and getting long sensuous massages! Pencil on white bond. Commissions welcome. Gideon\n

Image: stallion.jpg   563x889 107950 bytes 2000.08.27

Going somewhere? This big boy doesn't think so! Meet Gale, a quiet brooding soul, who likes nothing more than the solitude of the wide open plains. Just a quick pencil sketch on Strathmore Drawing paper. Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: wolfherm2.jpg   597x699 106328 bytes 2000.08.26

It looks like this Wolf Herm is getting a little more than shi bargained for! Pencil on Strathmore Drawing paper. Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: wolfherm.jpg   579x765 98198 bytes 2000.08.26

Here's a frisky Wolf who just loves to play! Hir name is Caitlin and shi enjoys the outdoors and camping! Shi is done in pencil on Strathhmore Drawing paper. Commissions welcome as always! Gideon\n

Image: MilkingTime.jpg   702x613 100014 bytes 2000.08.26

This lil' darlin' looks like she better read the instructions very carefully before she takes on this project! This was a commission piece on 11x14 Medium Strathmore Drawing paper using General's Layout/Ebony pencils and other various weight pencils. Commissions welcome. Gideon\n

Image: B-DayPresent.jpg   749x589 66070 bytes 2000.08.24

A Birthday present for someone who needed a little cheering up! Used pencils on regular bond. As always commissions welcome! Take care! Gideon\n

Image: ZebraTaurX.jpg   1038x900 116570 bytes 2000.08.22

What do you get when you cross a ShireTaur with a ZebraTaur? This exotic creature of course! An older piece I updated with color. She does appear to be a little preoccupied at the moment though, let's give her some privacy, shall we?\n

Image: BigMare.jpg   598x951 99329 bytes 2000.08.17

A pencil study of a very intimidating looking mare, at least until you get to know her! Her name is Jasmine and she loves moonlit walks and she also has a love for 13th century poetry. As always, commissions are welcome. Gideon\n

Image: WarriorMare.jpg   611x846 92992 bytes 2000.08.15

Don't mess." is the attitude this buff Warrior Mare is exuding. I'm not sure which is deadlier, her sword or her stare! As always, commissions are accepted! Gideon\n

Image: LastStand.jpg   941x600 134107 bytes 2000.08.15

This noble Stallion is making his last stand before the prostrate form of his Mare warrior lover. \r\n\r\nThis one didn't take long to put together, it just seemed to fall into place. I decided to do the final in just pencil, it seems to carry the fast and furious drama better than color would. This piece is quite a departure from most of my other more "happy" work, but it's something I felt I had to put to paper. As always, commissons accepted. Gideon\n

Image: Taurs69.jpg   904x518 117768 bytes 2000.08.13

Talk about a logistical and engineering nightmare! This Herm and Stallion Taur seem to be a little busy at the moment, let's not disturb them, shall we? This was a commission piece for my buddy Ed, Thanks! Commissions always welcome! Gideon\n

Image: HermHunter.jpg   597x744 112034 bytes 2000.08.12

I'd say this Dragon Herm is hunting big game! Look out! This piece is a commission for my pal Ian! As always, commissions are welcome. Take it easy! Gideon\n

Image: Ice_Wolf.jpg   620x894 93532 bytes 2000.08.11

This guy loves to work out, can't ya tell! This is one I did fer my pal IceWolf, had a lot of fun creating it! Glsd ya liked him! Commissions always welcome! Gideon\n

Image: CorporateKitty.jpg   682x1109 103902 bytes 2000.08.10

Howdy everybody! Looks like it's time for a merger! This financially motivated feline always gets what she wants, and don't look now, but I think she's looking in your direction! Enjoy! Commissions always welcome! Gideon\n

Image: BigStudX.jpg   867x514 84067 bytes 2000.08.09

"Work hard and Play hard" is definitely the motto of these two young studs. How any work gets done on thifarm is beyond me! Commissions accepted. Gideon\n

Image: DragonBalls.jpg   1424x800 116500 bytes 2000.08.04

It looks like this particular species of Dragon lost their wings a long time ago. The weight must have been too much to bear... Feedback and commission requests are welcome! Gideon\n

Image: K9Jogger.jpg   600x1095 125662 bytes 2000.08.02

Meet Kyra, fitness model and trainer. She loves jogging on the beach early in the morning. Think you guys (and gals) can keep up? Commissions accepted! Gideon\n

Image: HorseTaur.jpg   747x700 177216 bytes 2000.07.31

Reposted Image. This well hung Taur loves to pose for the camera Here she poses for a France's top furry photographer! Love the camera babe! Commissions accepted!\r\n\r\nGideon\r\\n

Image: FarmGalX.jpg   600x949 164713 bytes 2000.07.31

Reposted Image. This hard working draft looks eager to please! There's nothing she likes more than a long, of work! Dirty minds!\r\n\r\nGideon\r\\n

Image: CuriousTaur.jpg   788x816 90838 bytes 2000.07.31

Reposted Image. This young Taur is just enjoying a warm, sun-shine filled spring day. She just wishes shecould see what's tickling her! Commissions accepted!\r\n\r\nGideon\r\\n

Image: Iron_HorseX.jpg   1219x839 217874 bytes 2000.07.31

Reposted Image. An Iron Horse atop an Iron Horse! This big, bad, biker babe ain't happy unless she has half a ton of steel strapped between her thighs!\r\n\r\nGideon\r\\n

Image: Grrreat.jpg   700x956 162962 bytes 2000.07.31

Reposted image. This big, cuddly, kitty loves attantiom=n and having her chest rubbed. Any volunteers?\r\n\r\nGideon\r\\n

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