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Image: sk-Where-U-Been.jpg   538x911 65970 bytes 2001.03.19

Another late night out with the boys, and it looks like the Mrs. is not pleased, better think of something quick! Gideon parsosn@enter.ent

Image: sk-Workout-Hoss.jpg   469x774 39802 bytes 2001.03.19

Big, muscle-bound and busted hoss working out, nuff said! Gideon

Image: sk-Workout-Wolf.jpg   600x943 74898 bytes 2001.03.19

This top heavy wolf seems to be having some trouble working out her upper body here. Hmmm, I can think of two things getting in her way! :^D Gideon

Image: Smoking-Section.jpg   500x788 54453 bytes 2001.05.04

New policy...No smoking EXCEPT for dragons 50 feet or taller, fair enough. Gideon PARSONS@ENTER.NET

Image: Spec-Ops-Wolf.jpg   561x900 60028 bytes 2001.04.26

Howdy. This is a drawing I'm doing for a friend of mine. He wanted a tough-ass wolf babe with a .45 and wearing fatigues. I threw in the extra set of guns, free of charge of course, heh, heh. Gideon

Image: stallion.jpg   563x889 107950 bytes 2000.08.27

Going somewhere? This big boy doesn't think so! Meet Gale, a quiet brooding soul, who likes nothing more than the solitude of the wide open plains. Just a quick pencil sketch on Strathmore Drawing paper. Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: Stocking_Stuffer.jpg   750x1099 68857 bytes 2002.12.27

Howdy ya'll! Long time no post. Been fairly busy with moving, work, and life in general. Hope to update my site soon too, ans get a lil General Store up and running, we'll see! Well, take care and good health and happiness to you! Oh, my e-mail is disconnected, you can update with Thanks!! Gideon

Image: StormMane.jpg   618x1154 141732 bytes 2000.11.22

If you were born with an image of a skull on your face and a bolt of lightning emblazoned in your mane, you'd be a brooder too! Meet StormMane (notice the mane motif in some names, funky), she is the strong, silent type who loves a good booming thunder and lightning storm. \r\n\r\nAnd on another note, I'll be taking a holiday hiatus on doing new commission work, need to get caught up with existing ones, then I'll be raring to go to tackle some new pieces! But, don't worry, I'll still be uploading some of my own twisted lil fantasies! Everybody take care! Gideon\n

Image: stunned.jpg   553x669 44298 bytes 2001.10.03

Drawn after the events of 9-11-01 when I could gwt back in the furry state of mind. Trust me, I have a few more patriotic and 'to the point' pics on the way. Gideon

Image: Suck-It.jpg   840x509 119522 bytes 2001.06.22

Howdy all. Here is a study of a rather big chested mare sucking on her breast. Due to the size of them, of course, that's as close as she's gonna get, but somehow don't think she minds. Gideon

Image: TalonTrade.jpg   1020x600 84616 bytes 2000.09.07

Here's the rough sketch of an art trade I'm doing with one of the best in the biz, Talon! I'd say this uber mare is getting a little more than she bargained for from these two boob hounds! I'll post the final when it's ready! Thanks Talon! Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: TalonTrade2.jpg   586x638 54175 bytes 2000.09.07

Howdy! Here's the second pic in my art trade with Talon! I'd say, this time, it's the Wolf who's getting a little more than he bargained for! Heh, Heh! Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: Tar-Shun.jpg   1196x665 103715 bytes 2000.10.05

OK, no snickering, this one is about two years old, coloring and all! I used to play an RPG called Mekton, kinda like Gundam meets Starblazers, based with a very heavy anime theme. One of the crew on our ship was Tar-Shun, a Draconian, a warrior race of dragon like creatures. She joined the crew and the rest is history! Here, I depicted what it would be like for two of the crew to catch a peak at Tar-shun sunning herself under some custom sun mimicing lights! One of my very first attempts at coloring in Photoshop, using layers and such, enjoy! Gideon\n

Image: Taurs69.jpg   904x518 117768 bytes 2000.08.13

Talk about a logistical and engineering nightmare! This Herm and Stallion Taur seem to be a little busy at the moment, let's not disturb them, shall we? This was a commission piece for my buddy Ed, Thanks! Commissions always welcome! Gideon\n

Image: TheGang.jpg   673x872 87006 bytes 2000.09.05

Here's a rough pencil sketch of a fun looking group of friends! Meet Courtney, Bridgitt, and Krysten! Courtney's the brains and brawn of this group of friends. She is a consumate "body shaper" as she prefers to call it, and loves old classic movies! Next to her is her mischievous best friend Bridgitt, always getting the two of them into trouble! She is a first class fencing student and goes nuts for top 40 tunes! And, then there's Krysten, the ham of the trio, a real practical joker! You can usually find her elbow deep in a carton of double fudge ice cream!\r\n\r\nCommissions welcome. Gideon\n

Image: Tiger-Print.jpg   407x634 27972 bytes 2001.07.09

Howdy everybody. Here is a rough sample version of a print that will be with me at Anthrocon. Gideon

Image: Tigress-Taur.jpg   494x815 54301 bytes 2001.04.26

Howdy all. Here is Charice, a wonderful Taur that stops by the studio on occassion, she's also quite the artist. Why, the other day she dropped by and all day we...sketched...yeah, Gotta go. Take care. Gideon

Image: TLC.jpg   584x730 41929 bytes 2001.07.13

What more need be said. Gideon

Image: TooBig.jpg   1112x685 112545 bytes 2000.11.18

These two detectives really got their work cut out for them! Open and shut case! Just a lil bit o' dark humored fun for ya! Watched Three Kings as I worked on this one, a highly recommended movie! Gideon\n

Image: VCL-TigressII.jpg   450x920 126032 bytes 2003.11.15

Here's a sample of one of the new prints on my site. Had fun drawing this one, pose taken from a Chun Li action figure for reference. Take care everybody! Gideon

Image: Viagro-1.jpg   708x1022 82448 bytes 2000.12.24

Howdy! Here's one that's a couple months old that I thought ya might like to see! Poor, poor Shannon, hir feline friend looks so disappointed. They had planned the perfect romantic evening, til... Just goes to show, even the best of em can have performance problems! Gideon\n

Image: Viggen-getting-Blown.jpg   663x870 206959 bytes 2001.10.03

Drawn with one thought in mind...tweak Viggen. Shi was and gave me permission to post this pic here. Viggen copyright hir player. Gideon

Image: Vintage.jpg   833x546 87095 bytes 2001.01.13

Image: Vix-taur.jpg   618x808 132043 bytes 2001.02.03

Yet another Taur? Well, tell her that! Another subject who just happened to stroll into the studio, damn am I lucky! Gideon

Image: Wants-a-Kiss.jpg   720x556 58130 bytes 2001.04.11

Now this was strange. I came back to the studio yesterday, and to this fine fellow was waiting outside the entrance. Well, he looked friendly, so I invited him in. During his visit he never spoke a word, so I didn't even get his name, he just wandered the studio, looking through my sketchbooks and eating the apples I had given him. Eventually he found one of the posing areas and struck a few for me, and this was one of them. He soon left, giving me a back crunching hug, and was off into the darkness. I hope he returns. Gideon

Image: WarriorMare.jpg   611x846 92992 bytes 2000.08.15

Don't mess." is the attitude this buff Warrior Mare is exuding. I'm not sure which is deadlier, her sword or her stare! As always, commissions are accepted! Gideon\n

Image: Whyte-Mane.jpg   700x1180 107433 bytes 2001.05.06

Well, been getting several kind requests for a male dragon. So, meet WhyteMane, a very regal and friendly dragon. He just loves riding thermals and slip streams. Gideon

Image: Wind-Draft.jpg   490x816 52587 bytes 2001.04.24

Howdy all. Another pic that will be available on Furbid. This well built mare just loves to soak up the first rays of the sun while the wind flows through her mane. Gideon

Image: wolf-n-sheep.jpg   800x1105 167067 bytes 2001.10.05

Another half finished color piece, have yet to add all the shading, background, etc. Poor lil sheep, maybe her woof friend likes to play with his food, heh...heh. Gideon

Image: wolfherm.jpg   579x765 98198 bytes 2000.08.26

Here's a frisky Wolf who just loves to play! Hir name is Caitlin and shi enjoys the outdoors and camping! Shi is done in pencil on Strathhmore Drawing paper. Commissions welcome as always! Gideon\n

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