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Image: wolfherm2.jpg   597x699 106328 bytes 2000.08.26

It looks like this Wolf Herm is getting a little more than shi bargained for! Pencil on Strathmore Drawing paper. Commissions welcome! Gideon\n

Image: XL-Zebra-Herm.jpg   670x932 144147 bytes 2001.10.05

This herm zebra has the hardest time finding panties that fit, can't imagine why. Gideon

Image: Zebra-Booty.jpg   720x817 117238 bytes 2001.08.31

Here's a buff, smokin' zebra babe, nuff said.

Image: ZebraPrint-Sample.jpg   450x750 41318 bytes 2001.07.09

Another rough sample version of a print that will be at Anthrocon. Gideon

Image: ZebraTaurX.jpg   1038x900 116570 bytes 2000.08.22

What do you get when you cross a ShireTaur with a ZebraTaur? This exotic creature of course! An older piece I updated with color. She does appear to be a little preoccupied at the moment though, let's give her some privacy, shall we?\n

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