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Image: karenina+holden.jpg   610x579 81788 bytes 2004.06.28

Holden is such a true gentleman.

Image: kareninabutterfly.jpg   610x761 114819 bytes 2004.06.27

Meeh, have it your way. No character information for the VCL >: |\r\n\r\nKarenina + image (C) HLW 2004

Image: kareninagrin.jpg   341x516 48352 bytes 2004.06.27

I love her face and hair in this one, it's just RIGHT somehow. Bad scan, tho.

Image: lollipopporn.jpg   600x644 89095 bytes 2004.07.29

I really really REALLY want a frenger shirt.. ;__;

Image: lucky.jpg   354x613 75123 bytes 2004.11.27

Mistë with a new design. I like this one a lot better, but I still don't think the ears are very horselike... any help on that would be greatly appriciated :\\

Image: lukasheadshot.jpg   319x329 49560 bytes 2004.05.27

I like this a lot eventho it's just a quick doodle because it's the only pic of Lucas that actually looks like him. It's not exactly like I picture him in my mind but it's close enough.

Image: majoko.jpg   407x652 76477 bytes 2004.07.28

A giftart for Majoko :3\r\nYuko head (C) KRISSYYYY

Image: markerdoodles.jpg   660x508 85741 bytes 2004.07.19

A bunch of doodles. \r\nYou know I seriously have no idea how this can be so big in file size, considering it's not even in color :\\

Image: michael.jpg   380x414 31507 bytes 2005.02.26

Doodle for Kris. She said she liked it, so I'm happy. <3\r\n\r\nI forgot to put copyrights on this, but that doesn't mean I'll be okay with it showing up on yahoo profiles or something lame like that. >: |

Image: mistë.jpg   610x380 52920 bytes 2004.06.30

Little doodle of Mistë, colored super quickly in photoshop. I don't have the patience for computer coloring anymore. :(

Image: narcie.jpg   441x767 99038 bytes 2004.08.09

My part of a trade with Narcie of deviantart. She drew me such a gorgeous picture of Bliss, it's awesome :3

Image: nikkidoodle.jpg   392x447 47866 bytes 2005.04.24

Quick OC doodle. My little Nikki :3

Image: notliving=death.jpg   434x303 42114 bytes 2004.09.04

Oooh, I revived photoshop somehow :0\r\nWell, hush about that, cuz I wouldn't mind dissapearing off of the face of the earth for a while anyhow m'kaaay.\r\n\r\nQuote is by MY BROTHER who is insane, but I think he got it from somewhere else too.\r\nAlso, CELL SHADING OMG, and lineart drawn entirely on the computer. Am learning new things :0

Image: opheliacolor.jpg   426x529 41531 bytes 2004.12.22

Well this will have to be recompressed... *sigh*\r\nAnyhow; Ophelia, Tristans little sister. A mix between rabbit and hare.\r\n\r\nMaybe I should really upload this to 'sketches', but... it's as finished as it's gonna get, and there you go.\r\n\r\nCharacter + art © HLW 2004

Image: opheliarefsheet.jpg   954x838 141473 bytes 2005.05.31

A sketchy sorta ref sheet for my rabbit/hare character Ophelia.\r\nI plan on doing one of these for all my characters... eventually.

Image: opheliasmoke.jpg   434x506 46345 bytes 2005.08.11

Quick Ophelia doodle.

Image: outofreach.jpg   504x589 116106 bytes 2004.07.14

Old angsty thing ew.

Image: pageofdoodles.jpg   800x1111 210914 bytes 2003.12.21

My friend says the girl in the middle looks just like meeee. It's a self portrait.\r\n\r\nThis has furry in it. Most definitly. *nod nod*

Image: pinkdress.jpg   350x691 76354 bytes 2004.07.07

Sort of Princess Peach inspired I suppose..

Image: rappgodkänd.jpg   378x656 70293 bytes 2004.10.24

Uuh... ok, so one day long ago I was bored and doodled my fursona wearing the outfit I was wearing at the moment, the end.

Image: rappheadshotthing.jpg   304x354 25687 bytes 2004.07.17

Archiving. It's old but I still like it.

Image: rapprefsheet.jpg   748x762 133630 bytes 2004.07.05

The compression detector hates me. :(\r\n\r\nThis would be a ref sheet for Rapp. A quick one. I'm making sheets for all of my characters but they all look the same only with different characters sooo nothing interesting harhar.

Image: rappsinmyhair.jpg   410x600 82700 bytes 2004.08.27

Did this little doodle for Kris a while ago. \r\nYukosheep (C) Kristin <33

Image: risha.jpg   586x584 88131 bytes 2004.07.25

For a trade with risha of devART. Her and her boyfriends characters Damon and Estrella. OK CRAVING POTATOE CHIPS NOW >; |\r\n\r\nCompression made it a bit grainy but I still think it's kinda cute, yesss.

Image: sakano.jpg   400x550 83395 bytes 2004.08.15

Lol, my fursona Rapp cosplaying as Sakano.\r\nSort of an inside joke... Kristin will understand :p

Image: secretsanta.jpg   402x386 73706 bytes 2004.01.01

Did this a while ago for a secret santa exchange. I haven't got my part yet *stabeyeout* Lazy asses -_-

Image: sexplease.jpg   570x500 113076 bytes 2004.06.28

Nadine (C) Kora Burnham\r\nKarenina + image (C) HLW

Image: silence.jpg   383x395 43060 bytes 2004.08.12

Another one of Silence for Kohta-Inova, cuz I gave her the wrong haircolor in that other one.. um. I like the eye, but that's all.

Image: skinnyrapp.jpg   401x658 69096 bytes 2004.09.22

It had pretty colors but then there was compression. Sorry. :(

Image: sol-lexCOL.jpg   466x585 67356 bytes 2004.11.01

An old character I decided to bring back and give a makeover... Her name used to be Sol-Lex, after the blind dog in Call of the Wild, but it doesn't fit anymore and I might give her a new one.

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