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Image: bigeyedcatra.jpg   323x300 29242 bytes 2004.06.18

This disgustingly cute thing I did for Catra.\r\nThe eyes were sparkly before the compression..

Image: lukasheadshot.jpg   319x329 49560 bytes 2004.05.27

I like this a lot eventho it's just a quick doodle because it's the only pic of Lucas that actually looks like him. It's not exactly like I picture him in my mind but it's close enough.

Image: ariheadshot.jpg   355x400 49466 bytes 2004.05.26

Small thing for Kora because she is the rox0rz and she drew me the prettiest Rapp ever.

Image: drieduptiedupdying.jpg   404x452 54854 bytes 2004.05.02

"Leave me lying dirty\r\nSomeone will find me soon"\r\n\r\nMore angsty drawings, yes.\r\nRapp + angst on paper (C) HLW 2004

Image: chibilynx.jpg   380x500 50539 bytes 2004.05.02

Disgustingly cute, yes.\r\nRapp is mine, don't steal.

Image: yuko.jpg   410x702 52138 bytes 2004.04.08

The compression took away all the SHINY but that's okay, it doesn't look too bad still. I'm actually quite pleased with this picture :)\r\nIt's Kristins new fursona Yuko, she's a sheep. Baaa. I love Kristin and her nifty chara designs like a bird loves the open sky. Which is A LOT <3

Image: secretsanta.jpg   402x386 73706 bytes 2004.01.01

Did this a while ago for a secret santa exchange. I haven't got my part yet *stabeyeout* Lazy asses -_-

Image: gimsebollen.jpg   405x372 59306 bytes 2003.12.24

THIS is Gimlet. Gimlet <strike>is</strike> was my horse. She was taken from me and I miss her.

Image: evenmoredoodles.jpg   600x665 154788 bytes 2003.12.22

I'm so stupid, putting all sorts of doodles on one paper. Now VCL gets to see my uglyass humans as well as my anthro chibis. Hope noone minds :)

Image: pageofdoodles.jpg   800x1111 210914 bytes 2003.12.21

My friend says the girl in the middle looks just like meeee. It's a self portrait.\r\n\r\nThis has furry in it. Most definitly. *nod nod*

Image: tradethingCOL.jpg   550x469 70052 bytes 2003.09.18

Okay so maybe real media is kinda cool... ^^\r\nThe colored version of my trade with Shennille of deviantart. Lookit teh piercings =P

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