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Image: devipatamon2.gif   1025x541 58670 bytes 2000.10.14

A boy in my class attacked me because I like DigiMon so I drew Devipatamon killing him. I hate boys. Devipataon is (C)ME!\n

Image: devipatamon1.gif   319x301 15782 bytes 2000.10.14

this is my DigiMon Devipatamon. He's an evil patamon. isn't he grusomely cute? He is (C)me steal and I will sick him on you!\n

Image: darkwolf.gif   644x710 77382 bytes 2000.10.14

This is my boyfirend he's so cool and 16! This is his character Dark Wolf. Dark Wolf likes killing bratty kids. he's (C)himself\n

Image: ibleed.gif   760x660 75359 bytes 2000.10.14

This is a poem I wrote about my ex-best friend.... rot in HELL!. (C)me Got it?!\n

Image: gina1.jpg   519x616 31709 bytes 2000.10.14

This is my first EVIL upload to VCL! I am Gina the Gothfox. (C)me Don't steal or I will kill you!\n

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