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Image: VarrixAwaken.jpg   500x589 110935 bytes 2014.01.01

With no one to contain his good side, Varrix slowly begins slipping into darkness. His mother trembles violently with every life he takes. He finds himself covered in blood when he regains himself and begins to cry. "Will someone please help me!?" Varrix is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece.

Image: VarrixHeartlessA.jpg   311x400 74664 bytes 2014.01.01

You guessed it...actually you didnt ::snickers:: Varrix as a Heartless from Kingdom Hearts. He traps one of your party members (can be Sora himself) and mimics their abilities. Knocking the cage open is the only real way to free your trapped friend, but you first have to render Varrix immobile. Too much free time, I know.. Varrix is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece and the Heartless are copyright SquareSoft and Disney.

Image: Venting.jpg   500x511 131211 bytes 2014.01.01

Picture done one day because I was upset about something. The smudges off to the right are supposed to be there. I did them with a quetip, as with all the shading. Im better now though. I am the property of myself and Becky so dont steal me unless you absolutely need to.

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