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Image: Venting.jpg   500x511 131211 bytes 2014.01.01

Picture done one day because I was upset about something. The smudges off to the right are supposed to be there. I did them with a quetip, as with all the shading. Im better now though. I am the property of myself and Becky so dont steal me unless you absolutely need to.

Image: watercolor.jpg   500x711 237576 bytes 2014.01.01

Tested out some watercolors awhile back. Threw it in my Artistic Masturbation because its incomplete. I may try to use water colors again once I get some decent brushes. Alinna is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece.

Image: XombieGift.jpg   500x861 122139 bytes 2014.01.01

Just a sketch done for Osiris here on VCL. I hope to get this one finished soon. Im going to shade it, so it should turn out well. At least I hope so. Xombie is the intellectual property of Johnny Perkins. The image is the property of Adrian Reece. Uploaded with J. Perkins' permission.

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