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Image: DivaFlight.jpg   839x500 78563 bytes 2014.01.01

Did this for Zero (Steph M) as part of a collab. Diva is (c) Steph M and the art is (c) Adrian Reece. I cant wait to see the colored version of this. =)

Image: DuKlawgift.jpg   500x592 68204 bytes 2014.01.01

Part of an AE with Zero. DuKlaw looks mighty beefy doesnt she. Not one I would want to get angry, count on that. DuKlaw is (c) Steph M whilst the art is (c) Adrian Reece.

Image: DuKlawS.jpg   500x623 173412 bytes 2014.01.01

This is quite possibly the worst anyone can do with PS. Im glad Zero liked it though. Also a big thanks goes to Angie (Heather Breckel) for fixing the small errors in it. DuKlaw is the intellectual property of Zero (Steph M). She's one disgruntled Thylacine when it comes to stealing ideas. Just a warning to those who plagerize. ^.^

Image: empleh.jpg   418x611 70284 bytes 2014.01.01

It's Disease boy! or.. rather, Empleh. Help me backwards. It sounds like a disease though, don't you agree? Empleh is virtually (C) to his real life basis, David.

Image: Gabriel.jpg   500x667 277448 bytes 2014.01.01

A character I made for my fiance's comic book. His element is wind and he's the youngest one of his race to master a specific element. He's also an Akita. Gabriel is the intellectual property of myself, but I gave him to Becky. ^.^

Image: GeenDanceNeo.jpg   500x607 78769 bytes 2014.01.01

Another pic done for NeoGeen. This was one of the two ideas I had. I decided to post both since I didnt know which I liked. Crappy cell coloring done in Photoshop. -_- why do I even try CG? Anyway, NeoGeen is (c) NeoGeen.

Image: GeenGift.jpg   500x640 153381 bytes 2014.01.01

Little bit of the raver side. I promise it wont happen again. ^.^'' My poor green and blue prismas have suffered enough. DAMN YOU NEOGEEN!! DAMN YOU AND YOUR GREEN SELF!! ::snigs:: NeoGeen is (c) NeoGeen. And remember, dont steal. ^.^

Image: GJ_Azraelle.jpg   600x849 440358 bytes 2014.01.01

Azraelle is a character that my wife made up around the time I made my chimera character, Kimmi. She's a cerberus girl that works as a receptionist on the edge of the river Styx. The only two people she regularly talks to are her sleezy boss, Hades, and her only friend, Kimmi.\r\nAzraelle is the intellectual property of Becky Reece.\r\nImage is the property of Adrian Reece.

Image: GJ_BroccoliMan.jpg   553x700 143923 bytes 2014.01.01

When my brother was in the 5th grade (some 7 or 8 years ago), he made up a character named Broccoli Man who had a sidekick named Tomato Boy. They fought villians like Fashion Accessory Girl (not pictured), Electron Cauliflower, and Phantom Celery (<-a character I made up). I was digging through my old drawings and found some of his drawings, so I decided to redraw them for fun.\r\n\r\nBroccoli Man, Electron Cauliflower, and Tomato Boy are the intellectual property of Aaron Reece.\r\nPhantom Celery is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece.

Image: GJ_ComeGetSome.jpg   900x600 162224 bytes 2014.01.01

Been a long time since I uploaded here. To kick things off, I have this picture I did for XTina on Deviantart of her characters Psycha, Gemini, and Grimm (left to right).\r\n\r\nAll characters in this picture are the intellectual property of X Tina (\r\nImage is the property of Adrian Reece.\r\n\r\nEnjoy.

Image: GJ_Fiona.jpg   500x774 44292 bytes 2014.01.01

Picture for my wife, Becky, of her character Fiona. Art by Adrian Reece - character by Becky Reece. Prismascolor pencils.

Image: GJ_Helena.jpg   500x716 45303 bytes 2014.01.01

Another picture of Becky's Helena. This time she's wearing an outfit I designed for her, and she has flame-colored hair instead of the dark red she usually sports. Background drawn with a tablet in PS.

Image: GJ_HolSal.jpg   600x800 144334 bytes 2014.01.01

A picture I drew for my wife when I was in the Philippines. Its of her two characters, Holli (a thylacine) and Saline (an Egyptian jackal). Believe it or not, the gradient background was intentional. I was trying to copy the same kind of anime blur theme that is often used by the Teen Titans cartoon (which I thought the poses resembled).\r\n\r\nHolli and Saline are the intellectual property of Rebecca Reece. Image is the property of Adrian Reece.

Image: GJ_IF.jpg   500x639 80165 bytes 2014.01.01

"If Wishes were Fishes."\r\n\r\nPicture drawn for my sister-in-law, Kelli Sparks. Bleach (blue spotted cheetah) is copyright Kelli Sparks, Becky is copyright Becky Reece, Katy (brown furry fox) is copyright Katy Sparks. Image is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece.

Image: GJ_IncubusGE.jpg   500x653 72084 bytes 2014.01.01

Note: The high resolution version can be found on Deviant Art.\r\n\r\nThis is the final product of my art trade with Amanda Payne (see GJ_Incubus.jpg in Artistic Masturbations/ Sketches). I went with hiding his so he doesnt appear more leaned to one side over the other, therefore making him lost between the two. Ayzewi controls him and makes him do evil deeds while Amanda tries to break that control and help him see the err of Ayzewi's ways...I think ^.^; Forgive me Amanda if this is wrong.\r\n\r\nAyzewi, Amanda, and Incubus are the intellectual property of Amanda Payne. Image is the property of Adrian Reece.

Image: GJ_Kaliente.jpg   1575x1890 277955 bytes 2014.01.01

I know. This is huge! I wanted to make a poster out of it though. Anyway, this is my wife's character, Kali, using a little flame writing and word play. I left her horns out because I simply forgot them. ^.^;\r\n\r\nIllustrator CS2 & Photoshop CS2.\r\nKali is the intellectual property of Rebecca Reece.\r\nImage is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece.

Image: GJ_Lily_DownBoyVCL.jpg   500x644 88857 bytes 2014.01.01

The compression man-handled the smoothness of this a little, but thats okay. Lily and Kyo are the intellectual property of Becky Reece. Image drawn and colored by Adrian Reece. The kanji on the wall scroll to the left says "Electric" and "Heaven". The one on the right says "Spirit" or ki. PS6.

Image: GJ_Loki.jpg   500x611 97329 bytes 2014.01.01

Here's a picture I did for my wife of her character, Loki. I made up the outfit myself. \r\n\r\nLoki is the intellectual property of Rebecca Reece (she's also here on VCL as LadyLoki).\r\nImage is the property of Adrian Reece.

Image: GJ_Nagisa.jpg   500x703 133864 bytes 2014.01.01

My half of an art trade with Erin Garcia. Tried some new coloring techniques with this. I know...I say that about every picture I do, but I really do try out new things. Anyway, Nagisa is the intellectual property of Erin Garcia and the image is the property of Adrian Reece.

Image: GJ_nosepoinks.jpg   700x303 157804 bytes 2014.01.01

Picture drawn for Becky when I was in Alabama for 2 months. Mailed it to her to cheer her up and colored it with my tablet after I moved into our apartment. Sparkles is the intellectual property of Becky Sparks while Adrian is the property of myself. ^.^

Image: GJ_NP.jpg   750x1000 263219 bytes 2014.01.01

Becky's and my furs dressed as a pirate and ninja respectively. Drawn quite a while ago, colored recently.\r\nEnjoy. ^.^\r\n\r\nIllustrator CS2 & Photoshop CS2.\r\nCharacters are copyright their respective owners.\r\nImage is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece.

Image: GJ_Reno.jpg   500x693 249827 bytes 2014.01.01

Picture for Reno Maxwell. I tried to email this to you Reno, but it came right back...Well anyway Reno is the intellectual property of Reno Maxwell and the image is the property of Adrian Reece. Hope you like it Reno ^.^

Image: GJ_Siryn.jpg   500x668 254616 bytes 2014.01.01

My half of an art trade with Wolverine, here on VCL. Go look at his art ^.^ sehr chic This picture kinda reminds me of a Watchtower flyer thing...Anyway, property information is on the picture, but Siryn is the intellectual property of Rafeal Wolverine and the image is the property of Adrian Reece.

Image: GJ_Tigerskitten.jpg   500x634 75430 bytes 2014.01.01

My half of a sketch trade with Tigers Kitten. Her characters TK and...boyfriend.

Image: GJ_Tsana.jpg   500x738 60830 bytes 2014.01.01

Picture of Tsana, a time goddess from my wife's comic/story idea. The outfit design is mine, though. Tsana is the intellectual property of Becky Reece, image by Adrian Reece. Crayola pencils

Image: GJ_Zada.jpg   500x620 52746 bytes 2014.01.01

Loki's rvial, Zada; a southern chick who runs an underground fighting syndicate. Another of my wife's characters. Zada is the ntellectual property of Becky Reece. Crayolas again

Image: HappyBDTala.jpg   500x657 106668 bytes 2014.01.01

Done for Talathia's birthday. Guess how old she is? Go on, guess? XP Talathia is the intellectual property of Kristi Nichols. Rafe is co-owned by the both of us. Happy Birthday 10-29

Image: Heart_Transplant.JPG   500x482 166265 bytes 2014.01.01

Picture for Becky. Drawn when I was in Alabama and I was missing her. Symbolizes how much we are for each other. ^.^; Adrian is the property of Becky Sparks and Becky is the property of Adrian Reece. You cant steal because we wont let you ^.^;

Image: HellenaWallpaperS.jpg   667x500 36301 bytes 2014.01.01

Wallpaper I made of my wife's fire-goddess character, Helena. This is an older picture. Mild nudity warning (just curves, nothing shows)

Image: Hooks_and_knives.jpg   500x688 89168 bytes 2001.07.19

Did this for Ip cause she did a pic like this for me. Sorry to all those who respect me for not doing stuff like this. I only do this for close friends, so dont look forward to me doing stuff like this all the time. Hooks and Knives is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece. I hope you like it Ippy!!

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