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Image: Kami_handtaur.jpg   500x576 193466 bytes 2014.01.01

Picture drawn from a conversation with Kami. I like the way the shading came out. The scanner Im currently using isnt the best though so I may rescan and reupload this among other pictures later. Anyway, Kami is the property of Aja Williams. Image is the property of Adrian Reece. ^.^

Image: Neo_Squid.jpg   500x617 92233 bytes 2014.01.01

Something I did for Neo Geen. ^.^ Started out as a oekaki that I did, but I drew it and colored it. NEO SQUID!! XD

Image: OneCanDream.jpg   600x545 136688 bytes 2014.01.01

So I made a cute pic? XD Another one done for Becky. Sparkles is the intellectual property of Becky Sparks. Adrian is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece.

Image: roborat.jpg   358x650 74503 bytes 2014.01.01

It's Roborat! Or.. Ippy. Ippy is part of the comic with Empleh (Disease boy!) and Case (Adrian-hyena) who all are fighting against Jaogoda.. Ippy is virtually (C) to Immortal Pain (who doesn't usually wear that sort of clothing, fun!)

Image: SoulAssassins.jpg   500x667 109150 bytes 2014.01.01

Duex kills and Brion collects. Sometimes youre just inspired to do something, this is one of those things. I wanted to go for something oriental looking, if thats the politically correct term anyway. Kanji is "Assassin" as always. I also drew the two images in the bg with my tablet. Duex is the intellectual property of Kim Koskamp. Brion is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece.

Image: ZeroThylaReploid.jpg   525x693 195086 bytes 2014.01.01

Zero challenged me to draw her thylacine character as a reploid from Mega Man X. I hope I met the challenge. ^.^ Zero Thyla is the intellectual property of Steph M. Sorry it took so long, Steph. ^.^;;

Image: CyCho_.jpg   500x644 147137 bytes 2014.01.01

My half of an Art Exchange. This is her character Cyrek slaughtering a group of Flex. Other than a few mistakes, which she knows about, I hope this is to her liking. All characters seen here are (c) her owner. Art (c) Adrian Reece\n

Image: Blood_and_Lust.jpg   669x500 138290 bytes 2001.11.16

My half of an art exchange with Sickel Eye. A "tasteful" pic of Sickel Eye and Bryce....Who are people kidding when they use the word "tasteful" to describe a Penthouse centerfold? XP Sickel Eye is the intellectual property of Jessica Johnson while Bryce is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece. Dont ask...I DONT NORMALLY DO PICS LIKE THIS...

Image: SwidowskiBarAd.jpg   500x726 182985 bytes 2001.08.21


Do you think you're ready for the sophisticated taste of a Swido-Bar? The answer is yes you are. With fresh roasted peanuts encasing pixi-stix candy, no one can resist the palatable taste of a Swido-Bar. Get yours today!! Iris Ookami (c) Ashley S. ::flees:: XD

Image: Hooks_and_knives.jpg   500x688 89168 bytes 2001.07.19

Did this for Ip cause she did a pic like this for me. Sorry to all those who respect me for not doing stuff like this. I only do this for close friends, so dont look forward to me doing stuff like this all the time. Hooks and Knives is the intellectual property of Adrian Reece. I hope you like it Ippy!!

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