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Image: ChupaBW.jpg   649x800 52163 bytes 2003.10.26

scan of my charactor Chupa (species name I know, but it's what he goes by)\r\n\r\nThanks to Caliban ( for the image (calchupacabra.jpg) that inspired my male anthro chupa char, and which helped me with the folds of loose skin on the neck (i tried not to copy, so i re-drew it by hand)

Image: DragonTempleColor2.jpg   657x600 96928 bytes 2002.10.08

A samaurai enters the temple of the flaming spirit and transforms into it's new guardian.

Image: Gunner2.jpg   446x600 43026 bytes 2002.10.08

Gunner is his name. He's an anthro dragon that has articulated armor tied into his skeletal structure and twin railguns mounted where his wings were surgically removed. Originally these modifications were involuntary, but since the time of his rescue he's learned to appreciate the incredible sniping capabilities he has with his implanted railguns and ballistics processor.

Image: JunonJones2.jpg   448x600 30136 bytes 2002.10.08

An anthro lizard adventurer looking for trouble in an overgrown jungle. Somewhat inspired by 'Pitfall Harry' in Pitfall 3D for playstation. This charactor is quite different though...

Image: Moni.jpg   413x600 19468 bytes 2002.10.08

An anthro monitor lizard skater with a real nasty way to win in the professional underground skating tournament. Check out that object in his left hand (our right side). it's a proximity mine!

Image: SuppleOutfit2.jpg   419x600 42424 bytes 2002.10.08

Supple wearing hir blue kimono and blocking the path to the deadly jungle in an extinct volcano on hir home continent of Nippadong (Pronunciation: Nip-A-Dong).

Image: Talon.jpg   504x800 65165 bytes 2002.10.12

This is Talon, a roleplaying charactor of mine. He commands a military unit based on the 'Black Talons' in Heavy Gear 2 (HG2 Copyright Activision). In the case of this 'Black Talon Leader' the title is more literal. This is a picture of him moving through one of the mail halls on The Aura, the Black Talons' Dropship. It looks like he's stopping someone to talk. (for reference he's the only one in the unit with black paws.)\r\n\r\nPS.: Sorry for the way the details turned out on his loincloth, it looked alot better when I was painting it(At 835x1325 resolution), but i wanted to keep the filesize down.

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