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Image: Jack1-KB.jpg   606x768 209400 bytes 2000.07.27

This is an entry to a competition run by a UK Furry, who wanted people to draw anthro pictures based on a Cabaret show called "Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens".\r\nThe show's lots of fun, but don't ask why a bunny wants to be a Space Vixen!\r\nMedium: Ink/Brush, Prismacolor, Pastel and Coloured Pencils \n

Image: julit-kb.jpg   559x768 78220 bytes 1998.03.06

Drawn as a present for Tet and Trixi. Characters their respective Players

Image: KareKittyKB.JPG   561x768 227159 bytes 2000.06.04

Marcony, a friend of mine ran a competition to draw a "Kitten for the Year 2000", based on a letter sent into the Sunday Times by a young girl from Ireland. - "Dear 2000+, Hopefully cats in the new millennium will wear belly tops and mini skirts and miaow the latest songs. They will also wear Lion King knickers and pink furry hair ribbons and really cool sunglasses with little hearts on them. Cats will love chocolate cake and ice cream. I hope this happens!". This picture won the competition! Further details can be found at

Image: Kashy2000-KB.jpg   1024x675 169851 bytes 2001.09.07

A "2000 hits" picture for Kashy Fox's web site. Kashy @ his player

Image: kb-sumr1.jpg   534x768 89714 bytes 1996.11.25

1 of 2 pictures published in the UK Furry Zine, "Fur Scene"

Image: kb-sumr2.jpg   543x768 66667 bytes 1996.12.31

2 of 2 pictures from an Issue of the UK Furry Zine "Fur Scene". Ink & Brush throughout.

Image: kb_angel.gif   486x768 76616 bytes 2002.02.07

This was one of the few pictures I got a chance to do at Further Confusion, which was in Jim "Tevildo" Allen's Sketchbook. The subject of the Sketchbook is "Demons and Angels". It also gave me an opportunity to try out drawing with technical pens, which was a nice bonus. I want to draw more with them now.

Image: kb_essay.gif   1389x1950 133199 bytes 1996.12.11

Another comic strip published in Seren, Bangor University's Student Magazine

Image: kb_fnd-2.gif   1427x1999 154809 bytes 1996.12.11

Page 2 of 3 of a comic strip I drew for Seren, my University Magazine

Image: kb_fnd-3.gif   1443x2000 163719 bytes 1996.12.11

Page 3 of 3 of a comic strip I drew for my University Magazine, Seren

Image: kb_wias.gif   1224x1727 120739 bytes 1996.12.11

Comic strip drawn for my University Magazine, Seren

Image: lily-kb.jpg   548x768 68360 bytes 1998.11.30

This was included in a letter sent to a friend of mine in the USA. I personally think the outfit looks good on both of them.

Image: Lunchtime-KB.jpg   539x768 81536 bytes 2003.06.28

Just something to amuse myself more than anything, and a chance to play with the liquid watercolours I bought a while back!

Image: MadBird-KB.jpg   540x600 74959 bytes 2002.03.14

No, I don't even know what prompted me to draw this....

Image: mirrorkb.jpg   1024x750 153111 bytes 1999.06.24

I wanted to practise drawing something with a reflection. This is the result.\r\nAnother chewed by scanner Bottled Ink picture. I'd re-scan this if I hadn't given the original to a friend in America!

Image: mousiekb.gif   563x768 38006 bytes 1996.11.25

Dating is fun. And a potential minefield

Image: Neko-KB.jpg   591x768 67972 bytes 2001.09.12

It's a Catgirl. Oho. (Brush & Ink, Prismacolours)

Image: Orona_and_Foxberance-KB.jpg   1024x698 264921 bytes 2003.01.07

Another XMas present picture for Orona and Foxberance.

Image: PowerPuff-KB.jpg   493x600 41377 bytes 2001.09.12

I think this falls under use of creative parody ^.^ (Brush & Ink, Prismacolor)

Image: Prayer-KB.jpg   1024x720 38115 bytes 2001.09.12

Seems everyone does one of these. Initially, I did do this picture in Ink, but it just didn't look right (wrong tools and wrong paper for the job), so I re-did the picture just in pencil.

Image: PurpleSkunk-KB.jpg   893x768 74338 bytes 2001.10.10

Uh, so what if she's not Purple? (Gouache)

Image: RandomBunny-KB.jpg   282x768 52855 bytes 2002.03.14

I wonder if she fancies any business... (Technical pens & Prisma Markers)

Image: Red-KB.jpg   425x768 59537 bytes 2001.09.12

A cute, albeit androgynous bunny. I need to locate another blending marker for my Karisma pencils, as this one is almost dead now. :/ (Brush & Ink, Prismacolor, Karisma Coloured Pencils)

Image: RhiaOtKB.JPG   563x768 125413 bytes 2000.06.04

This was a picture for a Canadian friend of mine, of one of her morphs.\r\nThe picture is hand-drawn as far as pencils, and then coloured on computer with Painter Classic and a Wacom Pad.

Image: Ruin-Anthro01-KB.jpg   460x768 91442 bytes 2001.09.07

A picture of my player's better half in her Anthro Form. (Brush, Ink & Prismacolour, with a little coloured pencil around the edges). Ruin Katie Funnell

Image: Shy-KB.jpg   800x476 81022 bytes 2002.09.20

My girlfriend got me a commission at a Londonfur meet. The person in question just asked for "A female furry" in colours. This is what I ended up with.

Image: Space_Rats-KB.jpg   1024x724 121884 bytes 1997.07.29

For the record, I'm not very fond of Science Fiction. But for some reason I have a soft spot for Cheesy 1950s US Sci-Fi, hence this picture. It was painted using Gouache, applied thickly for that pastel dayglo effect.

Image: SpaceVixen1-KB.jpg   568x768 113457 bytes 2000.07.24

I got Prisma Markers when I visited America. Can you tell? :)\r\nThis is supposed to be for a competition, but it's not really in fitting with what they want - I just found it fun to draw, and needed\r\nto get it out of my system!\r\n(Medium: Brush & Ink, Prisma Markers) \n

Image: StripeCat-KB.gif   507x768 115740 bytes 2002.03.14

More playing with the Technical Pens. I don't think I want to know what put her in that mood though.

Image: suki-kb.jpg   471x768 64658 bytes 1996.11.25

A picture of my 2nd character. Suki Glis

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