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Image: Ace.jpg   632x909 102485 bytes 2004.03.08

This is a picture of my boyfriend, Jon, AKA Ace of Spades. He's rather clumsy ^_^ And yes, he actually *does* say that occasionally when he falls! Art is Ruby Kilvert AKA Goagleon.

Image: Bladefire.jpg   651x889 91130 bytes 2004.03.08

A picture of my good friend Amanda, or Bladefire as everyone calls her. She has a thing for swords. We leave her be when she has sharp pointy objects. @.@\r\n\r\n Ruby Kilvert

Image: Draco.jpg   553x823 81740 bytes 2004.03.08

A picture of my Best friend Draco. She's a WereCoyote, and this was a drawing I did of her.

Image: Duspe.jpg   290x500 40646 bytes 2004.10.21

This is a little dragon character I created. He's a little dragon who used an illusion of a raven to keep him hidden from human eyes. He's about the size of a raven too. With his personality being more cat-like than bird-ish, he gets a lot of weird looks ^_^\r\n\r\nDuspe Ruby Kilvert

Image: Glomp.jpg   611x671 106954 bytes 2003.07.18

An online friend of mine did me a huge favour, and this was my reaction ^_^; At least, it would have been it if I'd known her IRL. nes is herself, and I'm myself. (That's my Wereform)\r\nI used a mechanical pencil and Paint shop

Image: Goagleon.jpg   326x500 59302 bytes 2004.10.21

Goagleon, my namesake and the very first completely original creation of mine. *heart*\r\n\r\nGoagleon Ruby Kilvert

Image: NuiDaret.jpg   385x580 81740 bytes 2003.07.18

This is an un-named character for a children's story I'm writing. His species and design is Me. I used Paint Shop Pro to colour this.

Image: ShadowCatDrawingCatOnly.jpg   599x665 36111 bytes 2004.10.21

This is a drawing I did for my logo - ShadowCat design. This was originally sketched of paper, then I re-drew it in CorelDRAW Ver 10. Took me about two hours to do. I was very pleased with the turnout ^_^

Image: Term2.jpg   425x600 140952 bytes 2003.07.18

Look! It's me again! weeee!\r\nA pencil crayong title page for art I did around January. The winged cat is meself, the Gryphon is Zaruna, a character from the same world as the Nui'Daret, and the blue creature is my namesake, a Goagleon. They're all me!

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