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Image: gorathbatconcept.jpg   555x839 76282 bytes 2009.01.19

Gorath as a bat

A new concept for Gorath as a bat. Everyone thinks of me as a bat anyway for some reason. Or a fraggle...\r\n\r\nAnd then the silly ones who just call me a dragon.\r\n\r\nGorath © Gorath/Evan

Tags: bat gorath concept sketch  
Image: FinishedHexa2.jpg   1275x1754 334352 bytes 2006.06.06

This is part one of a comission I'm doing. Watercolor and marker, purdy stuff.

Image: hayley.jpg   584x1024 92358 bytes 2005.08.28

Another gift art pic for a friend. Once again, I'm learning color techniques.

Image: ryancolor.jpg   660x1024 115834 bytes 2005.08.28

A simple gift art pic I did for a friend of mine. Learning how to color/paint these things.

Image: bat.jpg   1240x1719 254068 bytes 2005.08.20

I know I havent uploaded to my account in a while, so here it is.\r\n\r\nJust a BDSM looking bat babe. I hope you love it =3 I thought the face turned out great.

Image: scifi.jpg   779x1000 79635 bytes 2005.06.12

Some random sci-fi weaponry for my webcomic

Image: wolfexo1.jpg   625x1000 96138 bytes 2005.06.12

A wolfy with armored exoskeleton. Possibly the first of many...

Image: lancerdragon2.jpg   495x768 56504 bytes 2005.06.12

Image: kritha.jpg   981x1221 229736 bytes 2004.12.24

A little gift item a friend of mine requested for his mate. Its purdy =P\r\n\r\nGryphy BUTT!

Image: cuddlewhuff.jpg   588x768 68048 bytes 2004.12.24

Image: robokitty.jpg   768x892 90802 bytes 2004.11.10

A Lynx character I made up that I decided would make a nice colored pic. He's currently unnamed... Poor guy! I'll probably think of one soon enough ;P\r\n\r\nPH33R TEH ELECTRO ARM!\r\n\r\nKitty © Gorath

Image: arf.jpg   535x1024 112784 bytes 2004.10.19

Mkay, I've been doing a little soul searching lately, and I've discovered/decided, that I'm part dragon. This is my new look, and I love everything about it =)\r\n\r\n(C)Gorath

Image: inkedstudlywolf.jpg   580x1481 112568 bytes 2004.09.30

I inked mah wolfy! Hope y'all likes him.\r\n\r\nBall point pen on lined notebook paper. Cant even tell? Oh yeah,I'm good.\r\n\r\nI drew some little celtic nottery looking page borders for a 2 Gryphon fanart pic recently. I think I might do that with all my pics from now on.\r\n\r\n©Gorath

Image: cai.jpg   560x487 44581 bytes 2004.09.16

This is Cai, the wolf, who looks exactly like me\r\n\r\nMy ex made the character up after a pic of me, so I decided to draw it. So yayz for half naked wolf bois!

Image: wulf2.jpg   700x764 69293 bytes 2004.09.16

WULF! I made this for a friend of mine cause I was bored. It's basically a depiction of her =3 yes, she's mean...

Image: wolfbabe2.jpg   600x798 96690 bytes 2004.09.16

An NPC I'm going to use in a game of mine. I decided to do a little scribble of her.\r\n\r\n"The Seer"

Image: lonossword3.jpg   548x821 60474 bytes 2004.09.16

My wolfy character, Lonos. Oooo, those abs.\r\n\r\n(C) Gor!

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