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Image: Abyssinian.jpg   695x654 122883 bytes 2002.01.24

'Finished' study of the abyssinian guinea pig (abyssinian means it has its wiry fur in rosettes), which didn't go too badly. Tried out my new watercolours for the first time in conjunction with the usual gouache, and coloured pencils. The dark brown coloured pencil unfortunately became terminally ill before I could make full use of it. Despite the new paints it has a stangely similar colour scheme to the hare I coloured for Christmas. Not quite detailled enough in some areas of the fur, and the colours were difficult as the reference photo had odd lighting. It's supposed to be roughly the same coloured fur, but it looks somewhat patchy. I like how the ear and eye came out for once, though. I hope to maybe do a few guinea pig pictures and sell the prints to a company specialising in guinea pig stuff. Needs a background.\r\n

Image: Alicia_sketch.jpg   303x730 22473 bytes 2001.07.21

This is a more recent example of the kind of stuff I`ve found meself drawing. It ties in with the twisted stories that go on inside my brain. There`s a lot of drugs, a lot of abuse, and a lot of misery in general. And sex. Anyway, this is Alicia, the sometime girlfriend of masochistic bisexual rent boy pothead junkie hybrid Zigma, alone, vunerable and naked, leaning against the wall, too upset and into herself to care. A very emotional pic this, and one very personal to myself. Alicia and this picture are definately (c) me.

Image: Alsation.jpg   616x561 40668 bytes 2001.07.22

It`s a German Shepherd dog! Ain`t it pretty? Er.. yeh.. Done along with the husky as practice for pet portraiture, and also to fill up space on me "investigation" sheets for art at school. I kind of like it, but not as much as the husky. It`s (c) me of course. You like? Want a picture of your dog done by me? Mail me and such..

Image: Fine.jpg   663x466 93919 bytes 2001.09.08

Yeh I'm fine. I didn't in anyway hate the college course of art I just started which I was told would be a 3 day week but which is 5 days of pointless hell which just makes me wanna curl up and die and stop already. There's no way that the hours of "team work and brain storming and drawing web diagrams" and attempts to motivate us which consisted us of being told we'd never get to art college unless we were "totally dedicated from the word go" on the first day had any kind of bad effect on my mental state.... Anyways.. I released my incredible happiness into this dark piece of gory emotional turmoil and posted it because I believe this is what art should be about. Expressing your emotion, putting your feelings into a visual format - its not something that should be planned and discussed with careful deliberation, cut down into words and structured diagrams and painfully dragged through so many processes and development stages that it loses all personal meaning... This is a stark picture that recorded my feelings and made me feel a hell of a lot better. Zigma, severely cut up and mutilated, and most likely severely fucked... Don't worry folks - he liked it... sort of. Not for the squeamish so don't say I didn't warn ya. Eeesh I'm starting to worry about me..

Image: fox_study.jpg   738x948 85524 bytes 2001.08.15

Pretty fox picture in watercolour, gouache and coloured pencils. I did this one as a commission fer Elyssa of yiffnet. I`m pleased with it and luckily so was she and her boyfriend *grins*. This is an editted version with a slightly cleaner background.

Image: Graid_sells.jpg   678x652 107202 bytes 2001.07.08

I hate this picture of me own character now.. its so out of date and icky... Not that I have any better ones of him. Anyway.. heh.. this is an older pic of Graid in his normal setting.. sellin` portraits on Victorian streets lookin` out for tasty gals and pick pocketing oppurtunities.. *grins*. He`s copyright (where`s the hell`s that little sign?) me. Oh yes and I do commissions.. desperate for commissions..!

Image: Hare.jpg   593x744 107790 bytes 2001.12.24

Bleh... a hastily drawn kind of 'Christmas' picture I'm going to give to my parents. My dad likes hares so I thought I'd draw one, but found it incredibly hard to find good reference pics. This slightly ugly hare type thing is a prime example of why I don't usually attempt backgrounds, why I should get myself some new watercolours as opposed to the ones I've had since I was 9, and why you should never paint on cheap paper. All in all though, it's a lot worse irl than it looks scanned, a gamma edit fixed some of the dreaded 'sappy watercolour' look that it has, and I feel a little better about it. I'm aware it appears to have a tiny head on a huge body but I _think_ it's just due to where I cropped it off. Merry Christmas to all, and especially to those who are spending it alone. Also, I give my sympathy to the millions of turkeys worldwide for whom the Christmas period is just the peak of an overfed life of misery. \r\n

Image: heart_b.jpg   592x622 415239 bytes 2002.02.15

Erm.. My take on the Valentine's day theme... I'm not quite sure what it means, but suffice to say, although my eternally mutilated character Zigma is smiling for once, this is not a happy picture. Feeling really ill today which didn't help my mood. I'm again showing my total guesswork form of anatomy here, but I was trying to be more expressive than accurate. For all the lonely people. Zigma cradles his own heart. Aww.. Not for the squeamish.

Image: Husky.jpg   531x731 46369 bytes 2001.07.22

Currently "dead chuffed" with this one. I call it a "soulful" portrait of a female Husky - and I`m really pleased with the way it turned out. Especially since the picture is so small (though obviously you can`t see that). I`d like to take another desperate moment to plug me commissions business which is going dead slow right now. You want a portrait like this? mail me! Cos I`m hungry ... and cold.. *glazed look*. Husky (c) me.

Image: in_bed.jpg   606x672 105877 bytes 2002.01.20

One of these little biro sketches I've been scribbling at recently for hours on end, particularly on\nSundays or when I'm supposed to be doing something else. I usually like some of 'em enough to scan\nthem in the day I draw them and then realise later they're actually crap.\nZigma, sitting in bed violating the first fire safety rule of healthy sitting-in-a-bed, and looking\neven\nmore bored and teenage than usual (he's supposed to be older than that!). Smoking, but\nit is a bit hard to see for all the scribbling. Fit in with how I was feeling. I'm surprised I actually managed to draw something like a bed.\nThere are lots of things written on the dark patches around the bed that cannot be read. BTW Don't try this at home kids..\n

Image: liberty_city_s.jpg   841x1114 515148 bytes 2001.12.21

I finally went back to the hellhole known as my old high school to collect the stuff I'd done for art Higher, so I thought I'd scan in the final piece for the 'Expressive' unit. This is the painting the rook picture I have in my archive was for. It's very dark and confused, with a lot of cryptic symbolism that I don't really understand all of. The skull is full of cocaine or heroin or something, and that rusty thing behind is part of a slogan on a gate from Auschwitz - 'arbeit macht frei' (work makes you free). It just kind of inspired me. I think it has something to do with drugs, death, lost innocence etc... happy things like that. It's called 'Liberty city', and is big enough rl that I had to scan it in two parts and tack them together. I spent days meticulously painting it - only finished a day before it was due to be sent the exam board. However, I got an A for higher art, so it was worth it :) \r\n\r\n

Image: linkin_park.jpg   640x512 88484 bytes 2001.07.22

This is my toonified possible t-shirt design of everyone's favourite nu-metal band, the very talented Linkin Park! Linkin park are, from left to right - Joe, Chester (who should be in the middle as the vocalist), Mike, Rob, and Brad, and they're (c) Warner Bros records, as are the background graphics. Unfortunately t shirt shops can`t print on black material, and it wouldn`t work on another colour, so I`ll probably not ever get this thing on a shirt.

Image: longhair.jpg   757x645 81977 bytes 2002.02.10

Second piece of guinea pig art, finally finished and painted. I'm not even sure if the guinea pig\nmerchandise sellers I intend to offer these pics to want them, as I haven't contacted them yet. I\ndiscovered during the course of this that taking on colouring an animal with so much white fur wasn't\nsmart, and it gave me a lot of problems trying to shade it and make it look right and solid. I'm not\nparticularly happy with the result, and the entire picture was something of a disappointment. It just\nseems to me dull coloured and dirty and the nose went wrong. That said, I'm still going to attempt to\nsend it off to that company along with the Abyssinian. The person who gave me the reference photo\nhasn't seen it yet, so I hope they like it, at least. White fur.. bleh.. not fun. \n\n\n\n \n

Image: Lord_Eledral_full.jpg   700x796 136647 bytes 2001.07.21

This wos me first gouache picture ever and is tied in with the "Scarlet Rivers" story which I plan on some day writing. The Regal Lord Eledral, Hare Lord of the East stands on the banks of the river by the abandonned warrens of his lost rabbit cousins the Sohill. The only living ancestor of the Sohill line, he is the sole link to their ancient past and carries the secret of their lore, their history and their destruction.(c) me.. as is all this art.

Image: maned_wolf.jpg   573x619 41050 bytes 2001.07.21

This happy looking portrait of a Maned Wolf is in fact sketched from real life - sort of.. the wolf is a stuffed animal in the Royal Museum in Edinburgh. Looks quite pleased anyways :) I'd like to sell this one, mail me if you're interested.. because I'm short of income *whimpers*. Happy Maned wolf (c) me.

Image: Moulin_Marmalade_skt.jpg   343x484 26049 bytes 2001.08.02

Hehe.. this is a sketch of another of my characters - girly gay prostitute "Lady Marmalade" dressed up like one of the girls in the sexy and inspiring music video for the Christina Aguilera/Mya/Pink/Li'l Kim cover of the song that gives him his name. I'm hopefully going to draw 4 of my characters kitted out in "moulin rouge" type gear - including Alicia and a less-than-chuffed Zigma. Yes this is a bizarre idea, but I was in Amsterdam when I thought of it. Comments would be greatly i spent a long time trying to get his face and pose right, and I've yet to colour it... I wrote that bit for a site where comments can be posted.

Image: pill_rat_red.jpg   637x517 61397 bytes 2001.12.01

Been suffering from a bad bout of depression and artist's block recently.. this picture made me feel\na little better. Had pills on the brain from the herbal anti-depressant thingies I've been taking..\nhence the subject matter. Pity that pills don't always work.. Original was a bit small on page so\nsome of the detail was lost from being enlarged. Yeh I know I did the red effect before.. \n Druggs.. Just kidding folks.. honest.. *twitch*.\n

Image: rat_overlord.jpg   984x774 323538 bytes 2001.07.22

This is the rat overlord hell god of the rat religion of Graid`s world, Doroth- demon taskmaster, murderer, chaos lord, fire tongued denizen of the underworld - the god whose accession marks doomsday in rat mythology. Legend tells that he fought to the death with the human warrior god Brama, and that their blood sapped from the tree branches as they duelled, leaving the earth splattered with gore and rusted autumn red, until finally Doroth tore the skull from his opponent and held it aloft in the sky. It is this that appears in the sky at night, in the form of the moon.

Image: Rook256.jpg   692x527 29708 bytes 2001.07.21

It`s a rook! Yeh, as if that wosn`t obvious. Is a study for a bizarre painting I did for my final "expressive" picture in art at school. The full thing featured this rook perched on top of a skull packed full of cocaine where it had pecked a hole in the bone, and had lots of weird symbolism that didn`t really mean anything. Background included mice, a city scape, a giant rusty sign with a slogan from Auschwitz (which I can`t spell), and various other pointless stuff. I wonder if I`ll get good marks for being cryptic... (c) me

Image: Rymeer_draft.jpg   567x627 66000 bytes 2001.09.27

Draft for the said very generously priced commission I'm doing from Rymeer of yiffnet. He hasn't seen it yet and I'm itching to get on with the next part. I tried for a more realistic face on the lion, and ended up over-shading the thing when I'm going to end up colouring it anyway. Don't like the legs or the military aspect but when the commission was done the world situation was a lot different. War is bad.

Image: Snow_leopard.jpg   571x810 101494 bytes 2001.10.05

This picture took DAYS. Snow leopard picture I'd like to sell as a Christmas pic once I've given it some sort of background. Gouache and coloured pencil, with watercolour for the eyes. I kind of like it, kind of resent it for the amount of pain it put me through.

Image: Snow_leopard_edit.jpg   571x810 187768 bytes 2001.11.16

Slightly cleaner version of the snow leopard picture. Prints of this are now for sale - if you are interested, please mail me ( or check out - It's supposed to be a Christmas picture, but I have to start selling before it gets too late to recieve and send to the US.

Image: snow_leopard_S.jpg   495x648 60677 bytes 2001.10.02

The preliminary line drawing of a picture I'm doing of a Snow leopard. I'd like to sell the colour version as a Christmas pic. With some editting to make it all smooth and vaguely oriental.

Image: Sonne.jpg   692x953 424848 bytes 2002.03.31

The result of madly splashing acrylic paint around whilst listening to Rammstein. A strange sun picture inspired by the gothic power of their song 'Sonne'. I spent longer trying to paste the misaligned scans of the two halves of it together (it's A3 irl)than actually painting it. Scan doesn't really look right as it is much lighter and more vibrant in reality. A new thing for me to try a painting without sketching anything beforehand, and a new style for me too. It's a kind of seasonal picture I suppose. Hail to the sun (although I never much liked it it's too damned bright). And happy Pagan-festival-renamed-by-Christians to all. \r\n\r\n'Hier comme die sonne\r\nSie is der helste sterne von allen\r\nund wird nie vom Himmel fallen'\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

Image: Tabby.jpg   500x507 44882 bytes 2001.08.24

 Study of a young cat's face I sketched a few months ago and decided to colour today. Did the hairs with a minimum of coloured pencil, this time concentrating on using the brush to create the lines of the fur and markings. This pic made me realise you really need more than 7 garish tubes of gouache for a decent palette - I had to make use of my ancient cheap watercolours a lot to make up for the deficiency. I really hate doing ears. I find it really difficult to draw the inner ear fur over the light pink of the inside ear, and I'm not particularly happy with 'em. Yeh some ear is missing I didn't have space to fit it in. Not quite sure what to do with this disembodied cat head - I could give it anthro shoulders or I could give it some suggestion of cats shoulders.. or I could let it rot in my sketchbook for all time.. I'm reasonably pleased with this pic apart from the ears.

Image: Tarah_Fae.jpg   640x702 33530 bytes 2001.07.14

Quite an old picture this one, done for Tarah_Fae of yiffnet. It`s a lioness posing in a bikini.. and .. erm.. that`s it really. Gouache.

Image: Vitaliax_bg.jpg   520x669 72889 bytes 2001.07.08

Ah.. now this wos the first commission I ever did, for a certain kitty of yiffnet. This is one of his characters - Vitalia the Gladiator Tigress poised regally ready to impale folks on her mighty spear! I wos dead chuffed with this picture when I first coloured it (gouache again by the way) .. and I still like it. Hmm we`ll see how long that lasts.. *grin* (I don`t like it any more.. heh). Vitalia (c) James "Tevildo" Allen.. Image (c) ME! This is me favourite kind of commission.. beautiful femmes without much fiddly clothes to draw.. Don`t ask about the background though..

Image: wolves.jpg   659x559 88915 bytes 2001.07.06

romantic scene painted a few months ago as a commission for Telbert of yiffnet. Two wolves enjoy a moment together in a twilit clearing of the forest, sipping wine and simply enjoying each others company (with the help of a bongo drum.. hehe). Found this one quite difficult to do, especially the background .. trees = bad. However I`m reasonably pleased with the result, and so were its recipients. Goauche, watercolours, and a bit of coloured pencil and pen. (c) me.. and can I just say hi to all you artists out there, since is my first upload *cheesey cliched smile*..

Image: Zigma_.jpg   411x946 42888 bytes 2001.08.15

This is the only colour picture so far of the main character in my twisted stories - Alicia's some time boyfriend Zigma, the fucked up junkie masochistic self harming pothead bisexual rent boy hybrid. He's also a "latino", was raised by foster parents who abused him, and lives on the bad side of an unspecified American city, in a large building he shares with the rest of his drug taking friends (including Alicia). That's the character background - this is the ill-fated picture. I spent a considerable part of my life working on this and it was trouble every step of the way. Colouring the trenchcoat proved very difficult and it didn't really turn out the way it was supposed to, even before I found out that when viewed on a pc all the detail of it is lost. I debated over the colour of the trousers for a long time and eventually had to call in another medium - I used acrylics instead of the gouache of the rest of his clothes. Thus this picture uses three mediums - coloured pencil for his fur, and gouache and acrylics for his attire. As I already said this picture looks a _lot_ better irl and on my non-windows machine than it will on a pc. The original edit of this picture (I spent hours removing the dirty smudges and such from the pic) was so dark when viewed on pc that the detail of his fur and coat were lost completely. This is a gamma corrected version a little closer to what its supposed to be like. (Re-uploaded)

Image: Zigma_graffiti.jpg   476x944 361637 bytes 2001.08.19

Well I decided to try and do something about the boring plain white background of the picture I did of my masochistic pain and weed junkie rent boy bisexual freaky fucked up hybrid character Zigma (I'm getting tired of listing that stuff every time I mention him).. I love graffiti art and it's very in keeping with Zigma's poverty steeped "ghetto" type life and the area that he lives in, so I scanned in this funky bit of spraycan art and merged him over the top of it (with the help of.. *ashamed whimper*.. a windows machine). Zigma himself dabbles in drawing amateurish tag graffiti when he's not too stoned to aim a spraycan straight :) And no he isn't levitating above the ground, he's not meant to be actually standing in front of the piece of art, it's just a sort of floating background to replace the white space. I'll probably start filling every picture with graffiti art now.. its nice and easy:) Indicently the art is "futura" by an unknown artist, and was painted on a wall in Manhattan. I'm mildly pleased with the effect.

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