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Image: mockingbird.jpg   638x613 80717 bytes 2003.05.09

A mid-teenage mockingbird type gryphon. I just LOVE mockingbirds! They're so cute! And they sing so beautifully! This is sortof an anthro version of Vivaldi, one of my bird pets on FurryMUCK. (To visit Vivaldi and my other pets, type 'tport fh' then find your way to my aviary!)\r\n\r\nVivaldi and Image (C) Gravis

Image: 2usesgravis.jpg   1029x648 116394 bytes 2003.02.05

Here is a pic of master using me for one of the many things we pets are good for. He has been known to be a little rough with me at times and forget that I can feel pain, but when it's all done with I'm glad he did it that way. A little blood never hurt anyone. Well...maybe it did...ah, whatever.\r\n\r\n2 (C) 2\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: spujlab.jpg   1100x850 85533 bytes 2003.01.26

So what exactly IS going on in this picture? Well, there's the obvious bit: a "poor" young gryphon is getting the works treatment at some experimental lab. Details? Alright, I can do that.\r\n\r\nThe lab is the "Spujlab" (C) and there are several devices involved here. The injector on the lower right is pumping him full of ...well, Spuj. The pump on the left is pulling it out of him so there's a continuous flow. (Don't ask me why they're doing that, they just are.) The extractor / catheter in the middle is stimulating him by spinning quickly around his yiffybits, and pulsing up and down. The center part of it is extracting what results from this stimulation, and does not spin with the rest of the device.\r\n\r\nHope that's enough details for ya!\r\n\r\n"Spujlab" and Image (C) Gravis

Image: dolphfucksgravis.jpg   850x702 56087 bytes 2003.01.25

An encounter I had recently on FurryMUCK with a yummy gryphon named Dolph. He's a raven-gryph with a wolf body. *Gives Dolph a cookie* Don't steal Dolph...stealing my friends makes me mad, m'kay?\r\n\r\nDolph (C) Dolph\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: gravisdiaper.jpg   850x936 69349 bytes 2003.01.24

A pic of Gravis in the underwear he most often has on. Note: he doesn't use 'em, just wears 'em.\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: boxersorbriefs.jpg   822x1008 196005 bytes 2003.01.22

A more lengthy explaination is along side the color version of this pic. These are the Trinity crime lords caught with their pants down. From left to right, they answered this question: "Do you prefer boxers or briefs?" \r\n\r\nDraven Necros - "Briefs." \r\nArchaius Rex - "Boxers." \r\nSVoid - "Depends." \r\n\r\nDraven Necros, Archaius Rex, SVoid and Image (C) Gravis \r\n

Image: topoftheworld.jpg   850x1014 159199 bytes 2003.01.15

This piece was named for a song by Mandy Moore off the Stuart Little 2 soundtrack. The movie made me cry. I know, I'm sappy. Anyways, when I sing this song now, I tend to get very emotional. This is me, singing my heart out and meaning every word. Thanks Arty, you brought me to the top of the world.\r\n\r\nTop of the World (C) Mandy Moore\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: artyandgravisportrait.jpg   507x603 88800 bytes 2003.01.15

This is actually a pic I started last year when Arty and me first became mates. It sat uninked for almost a year until just now when I finished it. I tried my best to not correct my old mistakes, instead just inking over all of the existing lines to produce a more lasting version of the same image. It came out surprisingly well, in my opinion. There Arty, I finished it!\r\n\r\nArty (C) Arty\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: gravisposing.jpg   828x984 68063 bytes 2003.01.12

Here's a pic of Gravis modelling one of his swimsuits. I'm gonna color this one, I think. Yup, needs color.\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: gravisonthebeach.jpg   1064x730 99035 bytes 2003.01.10

A pic of me relaxing on some remote island. I love going to the beach...but not going in the water. I hates water. Icky and wet is what water is. Warm and dry...that's the sand. I'll stay on the sand thanks.\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: makethemstop.jpg   850x849 135792 bytes 2002.11.10

Once again everyone makes the stupid mistake of picking on the new kid. When will people learn that angering the strange quiet ones always ends up in trouble? Maybe all these shootings will serve a good purpose one day: making everyone realize it's not only wrong to pick on someone for being different, but dangerous as well.\r\n\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: phoenixsports2.jpg   846x762 87598 bytes 2002.11.10

Here's the second one of the series of four images depicting my high school's mascot (the phoenix) doing each of the sports that we had. I know, they don't look very female. Well, I can't say I've ever done females very well, so sue me.\r\n\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: phoenixsports1.jpg   992x784 91399 bytes 2002.11.05

My old high school mascot was the phoenix, and well, as you can see, I like drawing birdmorphs. So why not do a mascot for each sport they have? This is the first in a series of mascot pics.\r\n\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: probeink.jpg   850x759 133123 bytes 2002.11.05

This gryphon isn't me, though I wouldn't mind being in his position. This poor fellow was randomly chosen from a government computer by SSN. He was taken to this lab where they do all sorts of chemical tests on him, as well as experiments of ...other... types.\r\n\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: getyouready.jpg   837x765 79011 bytes 2002.11.05

Here's a pic I did of my mate Arty and my master 2 getting me ready for a little playtime. They both need some special attention sometimes, whether I'm in the mood or not.\r\n\r\n2 (C) 2\r\nArty (C) Arty\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: cellarfloodink.jpg   1100x850 122881 bytes 2002.11.05

Here's the inked version of the Cellar Flood pic I have in the sketch folder. I think it turned out pretty well! In case you haven't seen it before, this is a pic of a couple random furs having a little fun with me. The other hose is gonna go in my beak soon, I imagine. Mmm...full gryphon.\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: cheernow.jpg   812x736 75688 bytes 2002.10.24

Another suggestion by Arty. I don't like being told to act a certain cheerful. I'm bad at faking that. Arty on the other hand seems to get along just fine acting all oblivious and happy. :>\r\n\r\nArty (C) his player\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: sunrise.jpg   867x756 110062 bytes 2002.10.24

Gravis waking up in the morning. Drawn from a suggestion by Arty. Though I'm afraid I'm not quite that graceful in the morning.\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: artywall.jpg   850x838 74747 bytes 2002.10.24

This is my mate Arty. He's a pretty normal fox, save for his insatiable drive for yiff. Such a cutie. :> This is a quickie sorta inked pic I did when I was really wishing for his company.\r\n\r\nArty (C) his player\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: unwantedgryphlon.jpg   572x517 42912 bytes 2002.10.24

The smudges are intentional. The streets are not a clean place, nor are they the place for a poor little Eyrie like Gryphlon, who I found abandoned in the Neopets pound. I adopted him and nursed the poor little gryph back to health.\r\n\r\nEyrie Concept (C) Neopets\r\nGryphlon and Image (C) Gravis

Image: riffraff.jpg   400x445 37382 bytes 2002.10.24

A little character study. These two hoodlums are Riff and Raff. I have not yet determined if they'll have a role in my story, but they're too fun to just leave alone. I imagine Riff to be this little Italian-type mafia dude with short-guy syndrome and Raff to be this ex-military type dude with sex and alcahol on his mind.\r\n\r\nRiff, Raff and Image (C) Gravis

Image: metalwings.jpg   660x837 85600 bytes 2002.10.24

I have metal wings. You can see your reflection in them. Really. No one ever remembers that I have metal wings... Oh well. Little note: they're metal, not robotic. I simply changed the molecular structure of the feathers using my Chaos magic. They're just as light, but much stronger, shinier and very very sharp.\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: archaiusrex.jpg   850x866 92253 bytes 2002.10.24

Archaius Rex is one of the high Trinity, the crime lords of Naote Kent. He is in charge of all the illegal research and technology, as well as some of the slave trade underground. Of all three Trinity he is the most powerful and the most feared. Colored also available.\r\n\r\nArchaius Rex and Image (C) Gravis

Image: 10,000miles.jpg   587x812 77378 bytes 2002.10.23

An old pic done around the time my soulmate Jessye died. The lyrics are derived from a Mary Chapin Carpenter song called 10,000 Miles. It's from the Fly Away Home soundtrack.\r\n\r\nJessye (C) his player\r\n10,000 Miles (C) Mary Chapin Carpenter\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: hatchday.jpg   655x390 59339 bytes 2002.10.23

A hatchday present for 2. I really like how this one came out, especially how fuzzy my face looks.\r\n\r\n2 (C) 2\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: chance.jpg   850x1070 141311 bytes 2002.10.23

Here's the non-colored version of Chance. I think maybe he should be blue instead of orange-red...I might do that later. Feel free to color him yourself and send me a copy!\r\n\r\nChance and Image (C) Gravis

Image: artythecarmodel.jpg   577x787 105367 bytes 2002.10.23

I have long disliked how they stick female models in front of gorgeous vehicles for magazine photos and car shows. Why can't they have male ones too? This is a slightly older pic of my mate Arty modelling my Gravite One, based off the Audi TT. I'm harassing him a little. :>\r\n\r\nArty (C) his player\r\nGravis, Gravite Motion and Image (C) Gravis

Image: itwasyou.jpg   660x837 138477 bytes 2002.10.23

I get blamed a lot for things I didn't do...but honestly I don't really mind, as long as it's master who's doing the blaming. *Gryn* If you couldn't tell, the two furs in the background broke the window just to get me in trouble.\r\n\r\n2 (C) 2\r\nFangwolf and Arty (C) their players\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

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