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Image: itwasyou.jpg   660x837 138477 bytes 2002.10.23

I get blamed a lot for things I didn't do...but honestly I don't really mind, as long as it's master who's doing the blaming. *Gryn* If you couldn't tell, the two furs in the background broke the window just to get me in trouble.\r\n\r\n2 (C) 2\r\nFangwolf and Arty (C) their players\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: karisngravis.jpg   800x714 89896 bytes 2004.04.13

A quick pic I did for Karis. He's showing me the way to his website on the map, I really want to go? (\r\n\r\nKaris (C) Karis\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: magic.jpg   830x818 80858 bytes 2003.08.17

I realized that I don't have many pictures of Gravis doing what he was created to originally do...magic! He's actually very powerful (thanks to the presence that was forced into him) but he can't control the power very well and ends up hurting a lot of people. That's why he ended up in Katatraz (on Tapestries). So here's a pic of him doing what he thinks he knows best: magic!\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: makethemstop.jpg   850x849 135792 bytes 2002.11.10

Once again everyone makes the stupid mistake of picking on the new kid. When will people learn that angering the strange quiet ones always ends up in trouble? Maybe all these shootings will serve a good purpose one day: making everyone realize it's not only wrong to pick on someone for being different, but dangerous as well.\r\n\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: metalwings.jpg   660x837 85600 bytes 2002.10.24

I have metal wings. You can see your reflection in them. Really. No one ever remembers that I have metal wings... Oh well. Little note: they're metal, not robotic. I simply changed the molecular structure of the feathers using my Chaos magic. They're just as light, but much stronger, shinier and very very sharp.\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: mockingbird.jpg   638x613 80717 bytes 2003.05.09

A mid-teenage mockingbird type gryphon. I just LOVE mockingbirds! They're so cute! And they sing so beautifully! This is sortof an anthro version of Vivaldi, one of my bird pets on FurryMUCK. (To visit Vivaldi and my other pets, type 'tport fh' then find your way to my aviary!)\r\n\r\nVivaldi and Image (C) Gravis

Image: ozine.jpg   600x834 84464 bytes 2003.11.07

A Warhammer 40k space marine bird who I've named Ozine (pronounced OH-zyne). Expect to see more of him in the future. And yes, I play 40k.\r\n\r\nOzine and Image (C) Gravis\r\n

Image: phoenixsports1.jpg   992x784 91399 bytes 2002.11.05

My old high school mascot was the phoenix, and well, as you can see, I like drawing birdmorphs. So why not do a mascot for each sport they have? This is the first in a series of mascot pics.\r\n\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: phoenixsports2.jpg   846x762 87598 bytes 2002.11.10

Here's the second one of the series of four images depicting my high school's mascot (the phoenix) doing each of the sports that we had. I know, they don't look very female. Well, I can't say I've ever done females very well, so sue me.\r\n\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: probeink.jpg   850x759 133123 bytes 2002.11.05

This gryphon isn't me, though I wouldn't mind being in his position. This poor fellow was randomly chosen from a government computer by SSN. He was taken to this lab where they do all sorts of chemical tests on him, as well as experiments of ...other... types.\r\n\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: ravers.jpg   1125x804 94734 bytes 2003.08.13

Yay! Rave!! *Boomp boomp boomp boomp* Ahem. Me and Blair went to Club One the other night but we didn't have any shiny things to have fun with. So we just watched. It was fun going out with another fur though.\r\n\r\nBlair (C) His Player\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: riffraff.jpg   400x445 37382 bytes 2002.10.24

A little character study. These two hoodlums are Riff and Raff. I have not yet determined if they'll have a role in my story, but they're too fun to just leave alone. I imagine Riff to be this little Italian-type mafia dude with short-guy syndrome and Raff to be this ex-military type dude with sex and alcahol on his mind.\r\n\r\nRiff, Raff and Image (C) Gravis

Image: sacrifice.jpg   992x804 108259 bytes 2003.08.17

A ritual sacrifice to a monster on some remote island. Looks like Gravis picked a bad place to go on vacation.\r\n\r\nGravis: " time I'm going to Mexico or something."\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: sav-blair.jpg   850x885 84109 bytes 2003.08.17

I'm gonna be drawing each of the Savannah furs how I see them, and give them little nicknames based on what they do most or how we all see them. This is Blair, a German Shepherd. He has a gorgeous car (Lincoln LS, loaded) and drives all of us furs all over the place. He is the official driver of the group, since he is the only one with a car. It's fun to squeeze 7 furs in a Lincoln. Try it! \r\n\r\nBlair (C) his player \r\nLincoln LS (C) Lincoln Motor Co. \r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: sav-searcher.jpg   626x838 39196 bytes 2003.09.02

It was hard trying to figure out what to make Searcher's title. Everything I wanted to do, like "the Queen" or "the Flamer" would have fit Blair better. But we finally decided on one that fit him correctly, even though he disagrees. Sorry Searcher. You're our little tramp!\r\n\r\nSearcher (C) his player\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: shootingsnuff.jpg   920x808 144840 bytes 2003.08.15

Ah, the dark side of furry. Yeah, I'm one of THOSE freaks. Yeah, that's me with the Repliqua pointed at my head. And if you didn't already, please note the sex. Poor me.\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: sinonsfirsttime.jpg   600x758 93792 bytes 2003.11.06

An art trade with Sinon, an excellent birdy artist! Go look at his stuff too! This pic is of Gravis trying to convince Sinon that M/M stuff is fuuuun....\r\n\r\nSinon (C) his player\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: sinonssecond.jpg   900x606 97743 bytes 2003.11.10

Sinon liked his first pic, so here's a follow-up he ordered. Another trade. This is the last situation only taken quite a bit further. A rare time that you'll see Gravis on top.\r\n\r\nSinon (C) his player\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: spujlab.jpg   1100x850 85533 bytes 2003.01.26

So what exactly IS going on in this picture? Well, there's the obvious bit: a "poor" young gryphon is getting the works treatment at some experimental lab. Details? Alright, I can do that.\r\n\r\nThe lab is the "Spujlab" (C) and there are several devices involved here. The injector on the lower right is pumping him full of ...well, Spuj. The pump on the left is pulling it out of him so there's a continuous flow. (Don't ask me why they're doing that, they just are.) The extractor / catheter in the middle is stimulating him by spinning quickly around his yiffybits, and pulsing up and down. The center part of it is extracting what results from this stimulation, and does not spin with the rest of the device.\r\n\r\nHope that's enough details for ya!\r\n\r\n"Spujlab" and Image (C) Gravis

Image: sunrise.jpg   867x756 110062 bytes 2002.10.24

Gravis waking up in the morning. Drawn from a suggestion by Arty. Though I'm afraid I'm not quite that graceful in the morning.\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: talen.jpg   637x717 53217 bytes 2003.08.17

This is another Savannah fur, though this is not his series pic. I told him I'd draw him, so I did, and here he is. Talen is a "subtropical" gargoyle, and ...he's hairy. He likes that for some strange reason. Personally I'd be more attracted to this one were he not so hairy, but whatever. Not my character. \r\n\r\nTalen (C) his player \r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: tentacles1.jpg   963x609 131007 bytes 2003.08.13

Horay for tentacle rape. Ought to teach me not to walk too close to the swamps down here. Ought to, but hey, it was kind of fun!\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: thenewme.jpg   802x876 75761 bytes 2003.08.15

Heh, doesn't look to new without color does it? I did a coloring experiment to find out which new colors I should be, since I really dislike coloring myself black. It's irritating because you lose the detail lines. So down with black and up with...?\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: topoftheworld.jpg   850x1014 159199 bytes 2003.01.15

This piece was named for a song by Mandy Moore off the Stuart Little 2 soundtrack. The movie made me cry. I know, I'm sappy. Anyways, when I sing this song now, I tend to get very emotional. This is me, singing my heart out and meaning every word. Thanks Arty, you brought me to the top of the world.\r\n\r\nTop of the World (C) Mandy Moore\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: unwantedgryphlon.jpg   572x517 42912 bytes 2002.10.24

The smudges are intentional. The streets are not a clean place, nor are they the place for a poor little Eyrie like Gryphlon, who I found abandoned in the Neopets pound. I adopted him and nursed the poor little gryph back to health.\r\n\r\nEyrie Concept (C) Neopets\r\nGryphlon and Image (C) Gravis

Image: verio.jpg   745x935 105206 bytes 2003.08.13

It's Verio the slaver! For those of you who don't know Verio, he is probably one of the most insatiable dominants on Tapestries. Here he is, fresh from a session, already looking for more. Looks like you're in trouble...\r\n\r\nVerio (C) his player\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: wetfox.jpg   429x800 49986 bytes 2003.11.16

A combination pic of two different ideas proposed by furiends of mine. The wetness is for...well, you know who you are, foxy. ;> And the rubber (briefs) are for...a Tapestries fur. Don't worry, it'll look better when I color it. :>\r\n\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: whatthehell1.jpg   955x808 99093 bytes 2003.08.15

The first in a series of "What the Hell" pics. I accidentally broke BlairK9's new desk light while over at his place. The cheap plastic thing that held it up was too weak to support the weight of the lamp + me trying to pull it down to adjust it. Anyways, Blair's response was "What the hell?" And so it became immortalized.\r\n\r\nBlair (C) his player\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

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