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Image: thankyou.jpg   670x876 96269 bytes 2003.08.15

On the way back from Anthrocon, I had a series of bad things happen. My plane was late in arriving, so I missed my connection in Cincinatti and had to stay there for the night. Due to Anthrocon, I could not afford the half-price hotel Delta gave me due to the weather delay. Then my guardian angel appeared, dressed as a stock broker, and gave me $40, asking only that I return the favor one day. I swear I will. Thank you angel...wherever you are. \r\n\r\nComic and Gravis (C) Gravis\r\n

Image: takencolor.jpg   650x819 119832 bytes 2003.08.13

Yay for color! I'm getting better at this digital coloring thing. Aww...don'cha just want to reach out and hug him? Heh, no hugs in store for him in his new future I'm afraid. I almost feel bad for him, but wait, I am him! AAAHH!!\r\n\r\n2 (C) 2\r\nComic and Gravis (C) Gravis

Image: taken.jpg   650x819 115341 bytes 2003.08.13

A strip about being taken as a slave. Short and to the point. Could there be follow-ups? This might turn into a series, if time permits. Oh, and for your information, I am a pet, not a slave. This panel is fictitious. The words at the bottom are just a collage of emotions that the character is now or will soon be feeling.\r\n\r\n2 (C) 2\r\nComic and Gravis (C) Gravis

Image: thankyoucolor.jpg   670x876 140009 bytes 2003.08.13

Color version. For my angel.\r\n\r\nComic and Gravis (C) Gravis

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