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Image: spottedgryphon.jpg   1290x1175 113972 bytes 2002.10.25

This sketch was actually quite large on paper too. It was done for a life-drawing class from a random bird-of-prey photo reference. I added the ears to make him a gryphon, cause hey, they USED to be valid life drawing subjects, right?\r\n\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: tavosketch.jpg   480x640 97008 bytes 2002.10.25

This is Tavo. He's a prodigy at Mind magic even though he's only 12. I really like this sketch, though he looks more like a wild gryphon than the morphic one he really is. Tavo lives with Arenoch as an NPC in my Tec 512 RPG.\r\n\r\nTavo and Image (C) Gravis

Image: fly.jpg   480x640 32301 bytes 2002.10.25

This is a pic I drew pretty much right after Jessye died. It's my favorite piece to date, and I think it will take quite a bit to top it. Cleanup and inking would have totally ruined the emotion of this piece, so I left it just as it was the day I made it. Please note the clipped wing and the fact that my hand is on the monitor displaying the internet, the catalyst that forged my relationship with Jessye.\r\n\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: cellarflood.jpg   640x480 57632 bytes 2002.10.24

This absolutely hideous scan fits perfectly in the sketch section. Yes, it was done in red pencil. That's yours truly getting used by a couple mean-ol' randomfurs. That other tube is goin' in my beak pretty soon, I take it.\r\n\r\nGravis, Image and "Randomfurs" (C) Gravis

Image: arenoch.jpg   480x640 57770 bytes 2002.10.24

This is Arenoch, a friend's character for an RPG I ran. She's got quite the contrast in personality...on one hand she's sweet, innocent and oblivious, and on the other hand, she loves explosives. (She's lighting one now.) The butterfly is her familiar, Death Axe. ...don't blame me, I didn't create her. :>\r\n\r\nArenoch (C) Crow / Maverynthia / Edikon\r\nImage (C) Gravis

Image: us.jpg   610x810 82237 bytes 2002.10.24

I couldn't ink this one or even clean it up for fear of losing the subtle little lines. I think this is one of the most heartfelt and beautiful pieces I have ever done. Arty even looks like his human in a way. :> I love you Arty!\r\n\r\nArty (C) his player\r\nGravis and Image (C) Gravis

Image: caralyn.jpg   670x1138 180696 bytes 2002.10.24

This is a little doodle I did in class. Yeah, I take notes on graph paper. Try won't go back! Graph paper is like a catalyst for creativity! Anyways, I don't really know much about this guy, except that his name is Caralyn.\r\n\r\nCaralyn and Image (C) Gravis

Image: innocentlook.jpg   846x1197 204266 bytes 2002.10.23

A little doodle of a cute little gryphon who was caught doing something naughty. Can ya tell? :> \r\n\r\nImage (C) Gravis

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