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Image: dragonsprite.gif   112x151 162212 bytes 2002.12.09

Created for a purpose it couldn't fulfill.\r\n\r\nhe's sposed to be breathing. This GIF is animated. :P\r\n\r\nSlinkoDragon (c) Greggy poo.

Image: profile1.jpg   740x492 148691 bytes 2002.10.09

One of many profiles for Slink. This is of his anthro-red-dragon form. The info comes from the comic that none of you have seen, so don't worry too much about it. He's (c) me, though his lack of l33t scalepatterns and features probably puts him far down on the "stolen art" list.

Image: gangsta.jpg   388x707 106221 bytes 2002.03.02

Psycho has the ability to turn into a compy, and there was a joke about the compy being a gangsta! behold, gangsta compy! (he spells it wrong tho ;P)

Image: SlinkodragL.jpg   836x767 144349 bytes 2002.02.26

Sorry about the size, but I did try to keep the filesize under limits.\r\nThis is the current limit of my drawing and coloring ability....

Image: Dragon33.jpg   680x550 161516 bytes 2001.12.18

My latest dragon. I've been drawing these nameless dragons since 1998. It's nice to sometimes go back, and see how much I've improved. Hell, go look at #32 on this site and you'll see how much better I've gotten in 1 dragon. :P\r\nNeedless to say, I'm pretty dang proud of this one...\r\nthey may be random, but they're still mine, so... you know... :P

Image: cosmos.gif   613x584 60864 bytes 2001.11.19

it's been a LOOOOOOONG time since I flat shaded. I used a lot of things for the first time on this pic. I mostly shaded like this because the creater of Cosmos doesn't like soft shading. :P\r\nDon't expect TOO many of this type of shading ^_^'\r\n\r\nCosmos (c) Tim dawson

Image: akissL.jpg   679x596 264736 bytes 2001.11.17

I <3 Courtney.

Image: stryke2.jpg   353x740 131253 bytes 2001.10.17

stryke said she modified her design, so I tried to guess what she looks like now. I'm probably WAY off.\r\nooo...photoshop is shiney.... makes what I said about one of my first pics sound hypocritical :P

Image: RynnL.jpg   1060x850 211633 bytes 2001.08.27

Requested pic done for my good friend. I usually draw people all happy and stuff, but that wouldn't fit her personality. with the life this charactor has lived, I don't blame her for being sad sometimes ;-; <br>\r\nmy photoshop is broken, so I have a limited choice of filters to choose from. I wonder how much longer I can use variations of ADD NOISE.....

Image: wertle.jpg   386x557 90475 bytes 2001.08.22

wertle requsted a pic of her charactor. being the cool guy I am ::wink:: I added more than what was requested. Both charactors are (c) Lisa 2001

Image: evion.jpg   702x506 194276 bytes 2001.08.17

Requested by Evion, I present to you........Evion! My art can't really compare with hers at all, but I gave it my best shot. It seems Evion used her RAY OF CUTENESS on all of us! Psyko doesn't seem to enjoy it too much. BTW, psyko changed his colors from red to black. Rynn (c) Rynnay, Eej (c) Chris, I'm (c) Greg J (duh), and psyko is (c) Brandon all in 2001! w00t!

Image: Krinebunny.jpg   306x378 82393 bytes 2001.08.15

Krine went for a long time without a charactor. one day, someone suggested he be a hare. this is the end result. krinehare! I was told he wasn't supposed to wear pants..... whoops!\r\n\r\npeople are like, (c) people and stuff

Image: spewit.gif   576x606 51315 bytes 2001.08.01

Spiritdragon/fox and all his favorite resting places! in order from left to right, top to bottom: Psykodragon, Lady kam, Slink(me), spirit. in the last one spirit went back to dragon form, much to someone's surprise ^_^'\r\n\r\nall charactors (c) them and stuff. colored with PSP

Image: dragon32L.jpg   681x612 201221 bytes 2001.07.19

The 32nd dragon of the mission to create l33t dragon art. I think I'm getting kinda close to being l33t :)\r\nthis is my 4th image colored with PHOTOSHOP, so I went feature-happy. I eventually plan on reserving massive PHS coloring for my high tech pics, and going back to my old method on good ol' psp. \r\n\r\nThis is the low quality version of the pic. I cranked the compression to make it under the filesize limit. I can't really see much difference in this and the 250k JPG, but I called it L anyway :P\r\n

Image: zergypr0n.gif   740x612 35391 bytes 2001.07.13

I've seen furry pr0n, I've seen human pr0n, I've even seen dragon pr0n. but never have I seen zergy pr0n! ;)\r\nit's not really pr0n, but something I made for a friend who likes to joke about pr0n. it ain't creep ;)\r\nslimey zerg tenticles...... :d\r\noh, the dragon isn't me, it's PSYCHO DRAGON. note the swirling eyes.

Image: dontgo.gif   313x393 29269 bytes 2001.06.27

"'I'm sorry for everything I've done to you. I don't deserve to live now. I will go...' As he turned to walk away, she reached out to him, tears in her eyes.'Don't go! I forgive you for what you've done! You showed that you cared about my feelings in the end! Please, I don't want to be alone...'"\r\nThis pic is based off that scene I read from a story. I like how it turned out. Especially the claws on her feet! ^_^\r\nColored with PSP7. booya to the photoshop users! :P\r\n\r\nI do draw furries! honest I do! I just draw dragons more often! I'll try to upload some furry drawings in the future! I promise! >_<\r\n

Image: sytharin.gif   206x302 19576 bytes 2001.06.07

Request drawn for sytharin. I made it a little small, but I think all in all it turned out ok. ^_^

Image: DMslink.gif   256x300 13980 bytes 2001.05.22

As my first official upload to VCL, I present my charactor, Slink! He has the ability to morph into other forms. he usually stays in either human, or dragon form, but recently he's been quite fond of the combination of the two. Since it's not cool to upload human pics here, and Drawing an all out dragon all the time isn't on my top 10 list of favorite things to do, this is gonna be the form that represents "me". ^_^

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