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Image: DirtyItalian.JPG   583x547 163509 bytes 2002.03.22

Me and Chelsea, my best freind, are close. Just not *this* close. Eh heh heh? x_x; I love Jooooosh and Chelsea. Mineminemine. Chelsea and Paula copyright 2001 Paula Whitney. Mehh.\r\n(Re-upload)

Image: Emotional_Turmoil.jpg   432x648 95330 bytes 2003.12.04

Drawing done for Jolyn, it's... Very close to how I feel. I love her so much. I'd do anything to keep her with me.\r\nYes, Grimmorph has a redesign... Might combine her with Camilla and just keep the two the same character, as Grimmorph now has sheltie and bat-eared fox in her blood. o_o (She has stripes down her arms and legs, a black stripe down her spine, which blends into ocelot markings on either side, which fade into cheetah-like spots further down her sides.)\r\nGrimmorph & art Paula Whitney 2003, SilverWing Jolyn Ferguson 2003 (She was created way before 2003, but I don't know the year. x_X Grimmorph was created... 1999, I think.)

Image: ImGayyyyy.jpg   482x768 57756 bytes 2002.03.22

XD FOR JOLYN. CAUSE I LOVE HER. ROFL. Me and Jolyn as gay guys. Because. I'm just weird like that. Done in class with no anatomy reference. o_o SilverWing 2001 Jolyn Ferguson, Paula an art 2001 Paula Whitney. \r\n(Re-upload)

Image: PervertedBluesClues.JPG   500x647 196599 bytes 2002.05.03

Drawn for Jolyn and LeeLee. Couldn't decide wether or not to put it in the folder for sexual things, or in stuff for others. Just decided on sexual things, in case some little kid decides to look through my folders and skips the sexual one, but looks at stuff for others. O_o; Bleh.\r\nPaula and art 2002 Paula Whitney. Mike 2002 Leah Lennox. Aaand Silverwing 2002 Jolyn Ferguson.

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