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Image: GrimmyIsABoi.JPG   294x683 70650 bytes 2002.03.22

I had someone in New York mistake me for a boy. From behind. o_o I guess it's from how I dress and my haircut and shit like that, but it was slightly... Odd? I went home and drew this. Boredom. This is old... Grimmy and art Paula Whitney 2002

Image: Lollirot.jpg   355x238 15315 bytes 2002.03.22

Idle boredom drawn in Biology. Based on... Lollirot, by Jack Off Jill. THE. Most underappreciated band. That I love. Grimmy and art Paula Whitney 2002

Image: JolynsJawPopped.jpg   436x654 109519 bytes 2002.03.13

Drawn while laying on Jolyn's bed eating cookies. I think it was the cookies. They give me special drawing powers. o_o Seriously. I'm in North Carolina with JOLYN FERGUSON (MY Jolyn. AKA SilverWing) sitting on the floor next to me. I'm so proud of this drawing. Sam's my new poodle char. XD He's not gay. Honest. Joseph is male SilverWing. He is QUITE gay. XD Joseph is (c) Jolyn Ferguson 2002 and art + Sam (c) Paula Whitney 2002. I actually uploaded something, be proud of me.

Image: AllIDoICanStillFeelYou.jpg   446x694 34794 bytes 2001.12.25

School doodle of me and Julia (Shi) as spirit-y things. Grimmy's spirit form, decidedly, is named Pain. Just a torso under the cape. Floaty torso, with.. Gaping wounds, exposed heart, peeled skin, just. Stuff like that. o_O; Which is the purpose of the coat. *Cough* Spirit-form shit's coo'. I dunno, not too fond of how Julia came out. Bleh.\r\nArt and Pain/Grimmy 2001 Paula Whitney, Shi 2001 Julia Bakes.

Image: NekkidJeckieBaxterBabies.jpg   269x336 18729 bytes 2001.12.25

Jeckal was a cute little brat. Hm, first time I've ever actually spent ANY amount of effort on his markings. x_x; Oh well. Baxter.... Yee.\r\nJeckal and art 2001 Paula Whitney, Baxter 2001 Allison Reed.

Image: GreenFerretboi.jpg   543x556 39685 bytes 2001.12.25

Mreh. Jeremiahhh. Green-ferret guy. MINE. Muahaha. Actually, Timatsi's, but that's another story. o_o;;;~ Had some help on his arms from a photo. I hate arms. And hands. >_<;\r\nJeremiah and art 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: SmellsLikeDustin.jpg   593x866 145539 bytes 2001.11.22

Drawn a while back, when I still had two people that meant the world to me. Dustin's the Cheshire cat, I'm the dorky little Cheetah-Arctic Fox. Yeah, I know, this really sucks. I was bored and did it in a hurry. Didn't feel like coloring the backgrounds, either. And yes, my handwriting DOES suck. Leave me alone.\r\nDustin kitty, Paula, and Art (c) 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: CAINE.jpg   220x253 8878 bytes 2001.11.22

Jolyn's rat-char, Silhouette's brother, Caine. Based off of someone I know. Hi, Craig. \r\nCaine and art (c) 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: Cast3.jpg   602x164 24443 bytes 2001.11.09

Last one for now. Zauriel, Phobia, Malice, Nihility, and art are 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: Cast2.jpg   602x164 22971 bytes 2001.11.09

More character headshots. Collin, Jeckal, Fera, Zauriel, and art are 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: Cast1.jpg   602x164 23290 bytes 2001.11.09

Rather than upload all these seperately, I just grouped them together. Heh. Peyote and Majoka are semi-new. Majoka's a lioness/panther hybrid, and Peyote's a Himalayan/Coyote hybrid. Err. Yeah. Corey, Wraith, Majoka, Peyote, and art 2001 Paula Whitney. Yes. I am copyright-happy. x_x;

Image: ShowOff.jpg   345x539 29685 bytes 2001.11.09

A picture kinda done while thinking of LeeLee. Corey, as a teenager, showing off his tummy. I fucked up on his head, though, which's kinda depressing seeing how much I like his body in this picture. Gah... Corey and art are 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: WyrmNyeh.jpg   346x542 24266 bytes 2001.11.09

A tribute-ish-y or nod-of-the head thingy to Lurid. I love her little Nyehs. I drew a Wyrm-ish-y thingy based off of them, though it's got no legs. Don't ask. It made.... Sense at the time. Wyrm and art are 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: TheDownwardSpiral.jpg   306x293 22911 bytes 2001.11.09

More depression-induced shit. Was listening to NIN at the time and drew this. Paula and art are 2001 Paula Whitney. Whatever.

Image: Corrupted.jpg   827x570 58447 bytes 2001.11.09

Forgive my teen angst, please. Life has not been good to me lately. My girlfreind dumped me on my B-day with absolutely no warning, and it kinda... Crushed me. I dunno. This was the first thing I drew afterwards. Wyrm eating his own heart. They say eating a dragon's heart makes you immortal. Dunno. Wyrm and art are 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: ExpressionsOfAGrimster.jpg   480x556 39543 bytes 2001.10.17

Facial-study-ish-thingy. o_o I draw myself more than I draw any other character. I be pathetic. -.-;; I had the headache from HELL that day. Thus explaining the bottom pic, anyway. Woot. Paula and art 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: CollinIshAHighschoolDropout.jpg   510x458 29260 bytes 2001.10.17

Julia thought the filename should have been CollinIshASexyBitch.jpg. Little bit of useless information for the day. ^_^;; Am I improving any? I don't know. x_x Collin and art 2001 Paula Whitneyyyy.

Image: DopeHat.jpg   390x184 14920 bytes 2001.10.17

I don't know. See what school does to me? x_x Paula, Zauriel, and art 2001 Paula Whitney. Mreh.

Image: LoveYoo.jpg   540x337 34048 bytes 2001.10.13

Grimmy Luff for Lee Lee. ^_^ Lee Lee 2001 Leah Lenox, Paula and art 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: BeautysBeast.jpg   571x679 64129 bytes 2001.10.12

Me in wereform and SilverWing. o_o SilverWing 2001 Jolyn Ferguson, Paula an art 2001 Paula Whitney. Jolynnnnnn... o.o.o.o.o.o EEEE.

Image: Eye.jpg   135x322 9765 bytes 2001.10.07

It's Jeckal's tongue and face. Whut else can I say? Jeckal and art 2001 Paula Whitney

Image: Wyrm.jpg   365x450 36842 bytes 2001.10.07

Phobia's illegit son, Wyrm Delire. Mweeee. His mom was a dragon. Wyrm's technically a physical representation of hate/fear/corruption/ETC. Very evil. He has markings like Phobia, half of his face white the other black, and same with his wings, but he, unlike Phobia, has no good side. Wyrm and art 2001 Paula Whitney

Image: ItsDead.jpg   409x787 60704 bytes 2001.10.07

I love dead things. A skunk was killed near the school at school a week or two ago. I felt sorry for it. @_@ But. Uhm. I dunno. So I doodled this in school and colored wif crayons. Jeckal, Paula, and art 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: GreenFerritBoi.jpg   202x165 8072 bytes 2001.10.07

Jeremiah fur Jolyn, who, I might add, is MUH Jolyn. ^_____^ Jeremiah and art 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: APartOfMe.jpg   234x202 9105 bytes 2001.10.07

It's just Jeckal, I guess, with a hair trim and a new earring. Meh. Jeckal and art 2001 Paula Whitney. Mwee.

Image: EyeSeeYou.JPG   449x304 63674 bytes 2001.09.22

It's Zauriel's eye. How fun. Doodled in Media Lit class for a stupid project I had to do. Zauriel and art Copyright 2001 Paula Whitney. Shoot me.

Image: PurpleMushroomOfGayTrippiness.JPG   517x749 135987 bytes 2001.09.22

I like Mushrooms... A whole fucking lot. Hrm. This was drawn in a fit of depression a few days before Josh broke up with me. Ain't bouts of depression FUN? Ugh. I'm kinda proud of the anatomy, seeing as I used absolutely zero referance on it. Paula and the picture are Copyright 2001 Paula Whitney. Hi.

Image: SkoolDaze.JPG   442x688 127148 bytes 2001.08.25

A school doodle that I happen to really like. It's a crappy experiment in crosshatching and hatching shading'n shit, but I like the way Jeckal looks. I have that same exact outfit as I'm wearing in the pic, too. ^^ Paula, Jeckal, and the art Copyright 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: Matricide.JPG   317x334 109584 bytes 2001.08.25

Hee. Tis Zauri as a liiiittle-kid. The filename means the killing of one's own mother, or something like that. Like Suicide to kill one's self, Homicide, ETC. His mom was a Fennec Fox, and he was a fennec fox hybrid... Part snake, part fox. His mom was raped when she was a teenager and had him. But she kept him, and loved him'n stuffs. But one day... he bit her cause she was giving him a spanking for being a bad boy... But.. He didn't know he had poison... Afterwards he tried to bite himself several times. ;.; Cause he wanted to be with his mom, but snakes're imune to their own poison sometimes'n shit.. So... Whatever... I'm not wearing a bra. I think I'll go stalk Chelsea now. Zauriel and art Copyright 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: BadSeed.JPG   341x570 69155 bytes 2001.08.25

It's Collin, Cassie and Phobia's kid. He woulda had an older broher. But he was stillborn. He kills Phobia when Phobia kills Nihility... Cause.. He loved his mom, and always hated his dad, cause Phobia was so insane'n shit, and he beat on his mom'n him'n his little sis... But he never meant to... he was just too insane. Collin has a bad heroin problem as an adult, which happens pretty much after he realizes that he's turning out to be just like his dad. Collin, Art, Phobia, Cassie, and Alice Copyright 2001 Paula Whitney. x_X I hate that thing. But I'm a paranoid little freak... Uh. Yeah.

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