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Image: Russel.JPG   471x442 23627 bytes 2001.08.06

It's Jeckal's dad. Oh, joy. He hates Jeckal... but loves Corey... ::Shrugs:: I don't understand it myself, but oh well. I did a reeeally crappy coloring job on this, was in a hurry. Uhm... I like trades? *sad, sad little puppy-eyed look* ;.; Russel'n family'e copyright 2001 Paula Whitney. Mmph. He's supposed to be a Pharaoh Hound. . .

Image: PhobiaGriiins.jpg   524x554 57469 bytes 2001.07.27

Heh heh... Phobia needed a peircing or two. So I gave him a nipple ring. Guys with nipple rings... are... sexy... Hee. I love Phobia. He's probably one of my favorite characters, next to Jeckal and Fera. I tried doing his chest/stomach off the top of my head, and I failed rather miserably. You gotta give me credit for trying. -.-; Phobia's (C) me. So's the art, man.

Image: HeHasEyes.JPG   146x158 6634 bytes 2001.07.27

I'm slow at drawing stuff, which's why I don't upload too often. Meh. I did this with my mouse... Just wanted to doodle out how Jeckal's eyes look. I kinda like it, as far as cheap little piccies go, so... Jeckal's (C) me.

Image: WhySane.jpg   551x439 56309 bytes 2001.07.10

;_; ::Clings to LeeLee:: NOBODY EVER TALKS TO MEEEEE. *Snuffle* Want my Jolyyyyn. And my Allison. ;.; I'M SO LONELEEE. *Twitch-spazz* Mrrph... Josh... Wass talking about how he sees Pink Elephants... He wass high as a fucking kite... And... All I could think of wass "MIKE!" An' stuffs. Uhm. This be... Manny... He'ss... Phobia's older brother. Purple hair runs in the family. ^_^;; He'... Insane like Phobia, too. Yay? Kinda like... Phobia is to Patrick (From American Psycho) as Manny iss to Hannibal. I mean, not like they're exact copies in personality. Noooo, not at ALL. Their insanity... Just manifests differently. Manny's... ALWAYS insane, but he's like the quiet-ish-smart insane guy, who hides it well. More cold and calculating. Phobia just hass... Wild bursts of insanity? ... Not that he's ever sane. It just shows only half the time. And Manny's not a cannibal, either. -.- He's... a pilot... ^^;; Manie iss (C) me, so's Phobia.

Image: TranquilViolence.JPG   311x398 74088 bytes 2001.07.02

Pfffft, done to cheer up a freind. Had fun wif it, though. ;.; The Bryar wolves'n Vio're (C) me.

Image: Hatari-de.JPG   318x217 64786 bytes 2001.06.30

Schnee. It be a Bryar wuffie. o.o So. I need to go finish Beth'n Jolyn's piccies. ;_; I feel really bad about not working on 'em. ::Slinks away guiltily:: The Bryar Wolves're (C) me, so's Hatari, and the art.

Image: LifeSucks.JPG   415x735 238921 bytes 2001.06.30

Poor bay-be. He... iss depressed. An no, I CAN'T DO BUILDINGS. *Whine* Bad Religion wass the cause of his parents and girlfreind's death. He got in debt for borrowing money for drugs, to sell to get more money for him and his girlfreind, and he wanted to save up to actually be able to have a good life someday with Chrys, but then he got in debt too far when he lost a shipment of drugs. And they decided to "warn" him for being late in paying them back, so they killed his parents, and then they decided to kill Chrys too. So now he wants to kill them. And stuffs. He lives with Jeremiah's family, cause Jeremiah's his freind, even though the hyper, green ferret-boi annoys the shit outta him. But he doesn't really have the money to live on his own now, or any other freinds. So. Yeah. I'm a Bad Religion fan (The band. :D) So that's where the name came from. Older drawing, sorta. Not real old, but not new either. Coulda done better. Bleh. He's (C) me, though. Yeah, the art too.

Image: Zauriel.JPG   292x689 29287 bytes 2001.06.22

Old... But not TOO old... Zauriel, my Corn snake/Fennec Fox hybrid. x_x; Yeah, I know. He doesn't look much like a snake. I TRIED.. And... It IS kinda old, so, yeah. Yew know what I mean. He's (C) me. Zauriel be... Cannibalistic... x_X;

Image: JeckalBeWeird.JPG   325x355 20611 bytes 2001.06.22

Jeckal be MY weird little freak-doggie. Well, actually, he lubbs Dolly. *Cackle* But Dolly lubbs MIKE. Bad Jeckal. Jeckal be (C) meeee.

Image: ILubbYew.JPG   578x681 86628 bytes 2001.06.22

Dammit. ;_; LEELEE'S YEW IS CONTAGIOUS. *Sniffle-sob* I... thought... yew loved me...?! BUT YEW TOOK MY YOO. ;____; I'm all alooooone. *Sniff*\r\nUh. *Cough* Yeah. ^^; Sketch of Fera that I colored and uploaded. I lubb my Feraaaa. My... Cousin... Wrote all over it? And I thought it... Added to it... So I left it... the heart in the bottom with the P + J is for Paula and Josh... Who... FINALLY... asked me out.... ^_____________^ *HAPPY-ATTACK!* Fera be (C) ME. -.-;

Image: Nihilism.JPG   214x588 22381 bytes 2001.06.08

Yeah, I know. My Anatomy needs major work. *Cough* Nihility'n the pic're (C) me.

Image: Jeckal.jpg   310x258 14029 bytes 2001.06.08

Pfffft, Jeckal. Pharaoh Hound/Ocelot. He... Uhh, tries to act like a badass, but he's actually more of a loner than anything. He's (C) me, and the 'art' is also mine. Heh. I like art trades? o.o; Please? ... ^^; ::Goes off to color Silver's pic::

Image: Cat.jpg   158x494 19251 bytes 2001.05.18

Another re-upload, cleaned this one up some too.. Hopefully he don' look too faded. x.x; Unnamed kitty's (C) me.

Image: Drool.jpg   686x606 42459 bytes 2001.05.18

I edited this one some, so hopefully it's clean enough to stay out of the sketches section, which I'd preffer to keep the *real* sketches in, at least. Nihility's (C) me, Josh'n Krizzy are (C) themselves. Hey, guys. ^^

Image: WuvOoChelly.jpg   240x600 28006 bytes 2001.05.18

NARRR! I LOVE YOU CHELSEA!!! ^_______^;; Heh. O.o; No, don't look at me like that. My best bud's (C) herself, I'm (C) me. ^^ I wuv 'oo too Krizzyyyyyyy~~ ;.;

Image: CrappyPencilSkills.jpg   399x409 32605 bytes 2001.05.18

A little practice with colored pencils. Unfortunately, all I had was some shitty Crayolas. Bleh, I think I'll just stick with computer coloring. -.- Nihility's (C) Me.

Image: SomewhatDamaged.jpg   480x429 24230 bytes 2001.05.18

Nihility and Phobia. Phobia's hair is fun to draw. o.o;; Sorry if some people can't see this, it looks good on my comp, but I have a bright moniter... Heh, Nihility knows Phobia'll kill her one day in one of his multiple personality episodes. Unfortunately for her, she won't leave him, probably because of low self esteem. She doesn't think she can get better. The guy is sweet sometimes, though... When he's not having an attack of MPD. ^^; Pic, Phobia, and Nihility are (C) me... Lyrics are (C) Nine Inch Nails.

Image: Blitzkitty.JPG   294x410 102022 bytes 2001.04.23

Wheee. Depression-induced stuffed-animal mutilation. Hee. Uhm. Blitz, is a stuffed cheetah I got for Christmas the year before last, from my ex... Jeremy... Heh. In a fit of depression I smeared blood trails under his eyes... Yeah, I know this pic has a lot of problems. Oh well. Blitz's (C) me. \r\n

Image: Arsonphobia.JPG   328x543 28464 bytes 2001.04.18

Uhm, Arsonphobia... Fun... Yeah.. I like his earring/nosering, dammit. Hee. o_O EyeCandy + badly done art = Fun... Arsonphobia's (C) me, so's tha' art, y'know.

Image: Phobia.jpg   310x348 23384 bytes 2001.04.06

Veiwer, this is Phobia. Phobia, this is the veiwer. *Cough* Hopefully he's recognizably male. I like this, though. A lot. >D Phobia's (C) ME. -.- Touch and die. Gah.

Image: StrangeDenial2.gif   608x488 96435 bytes 2001.03.30

Another pic of Denial... ^^;; I got bored, man. This is OLD... Blehh. I kinna still like it, sorta, though... O.o;

Image: StrangeDenial3.jpeg   730x649 86938 bytes 2001.03.30

Another Bryar pic-- My favorite character, pretty much out of all the chars I've made. Strange Denial... Named after one of my favorite bands' songs. ^^; Strange Denial and the whole Bryar-y concept (C) me.

Image: Golem.gif   438x276 38582 bytes 2001.03.30

I dunno. He's cute. And... I don't know. I should color shit more often. I'm just lazy. Golem's (C) me...

Image: Fairn.jpg   293x217 10962 bytes 2001.03.30

Uhm. I dunno. I'm bored. And sleep-deprived... Uhm. I do art trades. Sorta. ;.; Yes, this is the product of a lack of inspiration. Laugh at me. Now. Little doggy-thing (C) me. -.-;

Image: LightInDarkness.JPG   578x698 35782 bytes 2001.01.16

Heh... You just gotta *Love* depression-induced artwork, huh? -.- Ehh... Everyone betrays. I'm begining to wonder if it's worth even trying anymore. I dunno, it's been one of those days... Pic and the girl're (C) me.

Image: TrazSwimColor2.gif   548x324 121323 bytes 2001.01.06

Alcatraz, my little grimmorph 'mascot'. x.x Prismacolors FUUUUN! Traz's (C) me.\n

Image: Wraith.jpg   552x597 37350 bytes 2001.01.06

Wraith, a Garou of an undecided tribe. x.x I have a hard time deciding stuff on my characters, y'know? ^_^;; Wraith's (C) me.\n

Image: Jeremiah.JPG   350x706 33577 bytes 2001.01.06

Ferret-boi. ^.^ .... Green ferret, yeah. But a ferret nonetheless. x.x Experiment in fur textures and coloring styles, anyway, but Jeremiah's (C) me.\n

Image: BadReligionClouded.jpg   548x465 41465 bytes 2001.01.06

Woot. Bad Religion again in his catty greatness. x.x Though he's not a cat. He's a lion-something hybrid. Though I have no idea what the something is yet. o.o; Leather is hard to color.... Bad Religion's (C) me. ^^\n

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