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Image: Nihilism.JPG   214x588 22381 bytes 2001.06.08

Yeah, I know. My Anatomy needs major work. *Cough* Nihility'n the pic're (C) me.

Image: Phobia.jpg   310x348 23384 bytes 2001.04.06

Veiwer, this is Phobia. Phobia, this is the veiwer. *Cough* Hopefully he's recognizably male. I like this, though. A lot. >D Phobia's (C) ME. -.- Touch and die. Gah.

Image: PhobiaGriiins.jpg   524x554 57469 bytes 2001.07.27

Heh heh... Phobia needed a peircing or two. So I gave him a nipple ring. Guys with nipple rings... are... sexy... Hee. I love Phobia. He's probably one of my favorite characters, next to Jeckal and Fera. I tried doing his chest/stomach off the top of my head, and I failed rather miserably. You gotta give me credit for trying. -.-; Phobia's (C) me. So's the art, man.

Image: PhobiaInLeather.JPG   485x638 133971 bytes 2002.07.18

Something I spent forever on and still didn't manage to succeed in finishing properly. It's finished, I guess. I'm just dissapointed in it. I think his legs're too small compared to his torso/arms... Something like that. I don't draw him near often enough.\r\nPhobia and art Paula Whitney 2002

Image: PurpleMushroomOfGayTrippiness.JPG   517x749 135987 bytes 2001.09.22

I like Mushrooms... A whole fucking lot. Hrm. This was drawn in a fit of depression a few days before Josh broke up with me. Ain't bouts of depression FUN? Ugh. I'm kinda proud of the anatomy, seeing as I used absolutely zero referance on it. Paula and the picture are Copyright 2001 Paula Whitney. Hi.

Image: Russel.JPG   471x442 23627 bytes 2001.08.06

It's Jeckal's dad. Oh, joy. He hates Jeckal... but loves Corey... ::Shrugs:: I don't understand it myself, but oh well. I did a reeeally crappy coloring job on this, was in a hurry. Uhm... I like trades? *sad, sad little puppy-eyed look* ;.; Russel'n family'e copyright 2001 Paula Whitney. Mmph. He's supposed to be a Pharaoh Hound. . .

Image: SakaBeNondo.JPG   586x700 185200 bytes 2002.08.07

I know a lot of my drawings have... White backgrounds. n.n; I suck. Uhm... A lot of the reason is I'm more into character's appearance and developement than actual -ART- works, due to the fact I plan to eventually become an animator. (Hoping, anyway. Still unsure if I'm going to pass High school, at this rate.)\r\nx_x\r\nSaka'Be'Nondo, Bryar wolves, and artwork Paula Whitney 1999-2002

Image: ShowOff.jpg   345x539 29685 bytes 2001.11.09

A picture kinda done while thinking of LeeLee. Corey, as a teenager, showing off his tummy. I fucked up on his head, though, which's kinda depressing seeing how much I like his body in this picture. Gah... Corey and art are 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: SkoolDaze.JPG   442x688 127148 bytes 2001.08.25

A school doodle that I happen to really like. It's a crappy experiment in crosshatching and hatching shading'n shit, but I like the way Jeckal looks. I have that same exact outfit as I'm wearing in the pic, too. ^^ Paula, Jeckal, and the art Copyright 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: SmellsLikeDustin.jpg   593x866 145539 bytes 2001.11.22

Drawn a while back, when I still had two people that meant the world to me. Dustin's the Cheshire cat, I'm the dorky little Cheetah-Arctic Fox. Yeah, I know, this really sucks. I was bored and did it in a hurry. Didn't feel like coloring the backgrounds, either. And yes, my handwriting DOES suck. Leave me alone.\r\nDustin kitty, Paula, and Art (c) 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: SomewhatDamaged.jpg   480x429 24230 bytes 2001.05.18

Nihility and Phobia. Phobia's hair is fun to draw. o.o;; Sorry if some people can't see this, it looks good on my comp, but I have a bright moniter... Heh, Nihility knows Phobia'll kill her one day in one of his multiple personality episodes. Unfortunately for her, she won't leave him, probably because of low self esteem. She doesn't think she can get better. The guy is sweet sometimes, though... When he's not having an attack of MPD. ^^; Pic, Phobia, and Nihility are (C) me... Lyrics are (C) Nine Inch Nails.

Image: SpottedTummy.JPG   409x611 102995 bytes 2002.08.07

Markered version of an earlier drawing of an older Corey.\r\nCorey and art Paula Whitney 2002

Image: StandInsideYourLove.jpg   382x590 38853 bytes 2002.05.04

For once, I've managed to make an anthro look a good deal like the person it's supposed to represent; I'm proud of this. Yeehee. o_o; Jack's an anthropomorphic Brown Hyena. \r\nPaula and art 2002 Paula Whitney. Jack 2002 Jack Palmer. Edited version specifically for the VCL.

Image: StrangeDenial2.gif   608x488 96435 bytes 2001.03.30

Another pic of Denial... ^^;; I got bored, man. This is OLD... Blehh. I kinna still like it, sorta, though... O.o;

Image: StrangeDenial3.jpeg   730x649 86938 bytes 2001.03.30

Another Bryar pic-- My favorite character, pretty much out of all the chars I've made. Strange Denial... Named after one of my favorite bands' songs. ^^; Strange Denial and the whole Bryar-y concept (C) me.

Image: Strangeness_of_the_GrimmyVCL.jpg   572x437 43720 bytes 2003.12.04

Sometimes... It's just best not to ask.\r\n\r\nGrimmorph and art Paula Whitney 1999-2003\r\nSilverWing Jolyn Ferguson 2003

Image: TheDownwardSpiral.jpg   306x293 22911 bytes 2001.11.09

More depression-induced shit. Was listening to NIN at the time and drew this. Paula and art are 2001 Paula Whitney. Whatever.

Image: TranquilViolence.JPG   311x398 74088 bytes 2001.07.02

Pfffft, done to cheer up a freind. Had fun wif it, though. ;.; The Bryar wolves'n Vio're (C) me.

Image: TrazSwimColor2.gif   548x324 121323 bytes 2001.01.06

Alcatraz, my little grimmorph 'mascot'. x.x Prismacolors FUUUUN! Traz's (C) me.\n

Image: UnrequitedLove.jpg   597x608 40262 bytes 2002.03.22

I love how Nihility came out, but Phobia looks horrible. Lyrics're from Jack Off Jill's 'Vivica'. I don't know. I miss Nihility. She used to be one of my favorite characters. Nihility, Phobia, and art Paula Whitney 2002

Image: WeupeTiadade.JPG   855x558 200928 bytes 2002.08.07

Practicing canine-ish-y (Bryar) anatomy. It's more feline than canine, though. Uhm. No excuses from me. n_n;\r\nWeupe'Tiada-de, Bryar wolves, and art Paula Whitney 2002

Image: WhatToWear.JPG   355x729 120408 bytes 2002.03.22

Jane tries to decide what to wear on a date with Dani. Whoo. Dani and art Paula Whitney 2002

Image: WhySane.jpg   551x439 56309 bytes 2001.07.10

;_; ::Clings to LeeLee:: NOBODY EVER TALKS TO MEEEEE. *Snuffle* Want my Jolyyyyn. And my Allison. ;.; I'M SO LONELEEE. *Twitch-spazz* Mrrph... Josh... Wass talking about how he sees Pink Elephants... He wass high as a fucking kite... And... All I could think of wass "MIKE!" An' stuffs. Uhm. This be... Manny... He'ss... Phobia's older brother. Purple hair runs in the family. ^_^;; He'... Insane like Phobia, too. Yay? Kinda like... Phobia is to Patrick (From American Psycho) as Manny iss to Hannibal. I mean, not like they're exact copies in personality. Noooo, not at ALL. Their insanity... Just manifests differently. Manny's... ALWAYS insane, but he's like the quiet-ish-smart insane guy, who hides it well. More cold and calculating. Phobia just hass... Wild bursts of insanity? ... Not that he's ever sane. It just shows only half the time. And Manny's not a cannibal, either. -.- He's... a pilot... ^^;; Manie iss (C) me, so's Phobia.

Image: Wraith.jpg   552x597 37350 bytes 2001.01.06

Wraith, a Garou of an undecided tribe. x.x I have a hard time deciding stuff on my characters, y'know? ^_^;; Wraith's (C) me.\n

Image: WraithButt.JPG   534x668 117568 bytes 2002.07.18

Older drawing I just recently looked at in my sketchbook, and got the guts to finish. (Hadn't drawn his arm in the previous version, nor had I colored it.)\r\nWraith and art Paula Whitney 2002

Image: WuvOoChelly.jpg   240x600 28006 bytes 2001.05.18

NARRR! I LOVE YOU CHELSEA!!! ^_______^;; Heh. O.o; No, don't look at me like that. My best bud's (C) herself, I'm (C) me. ^^ I wuv 'oo too Krizzyyyyyyy~~ ;.;

Image: Wyrm.jpg   365x450 36842 bytes 2001.10.07

Phobia's illegit son, Wyrm Delire. Mweeee. His mom was a dragon. Wyrm's technically a physical representation of hate/fear/corruption/ETC. Very evil. He has markings like Phobia, half of his face white the other black, and same with his wings, but he, unlike Phobia, has no good side. Wyrm and art 2001 Paula Whitney

Image: WyrmNyeh.jpg   346x542 24266 bytes 2001.11.09

A tribute-ish-y or nod-of-the head thingy to Lurid. I love her little Nyehs. I drew a Wyrm-ish-y thingy based off of them, though it's got no legs. Don't ask. It made.... Sense at the time. Wyrm and art are 2001 Paula Whitney.

Image: Zauriel.JPG   292x689 29287 bytes 2001.06.22

Old... But not TOO old... Zauriel, my Corn snake/Fennec Fox hybrid. x_x; Yeah, I know. He doesn't look much like a snake. I TRIED.. And... It IS kinda old, so, yeah. Yew know what I mean. He's (C) me. Zauriel be... Cannibalistic... x_X;

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