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Image: AkalAshataAlis.jpg   500x726 171433 bytes 2001.05.07

A commission for my friend, Akal Ashata Alis, who helped me get back into the ring. Not only is he a super sweet guy, but he makes you believe in yourself. I wanted to call it quits after Further Confusion 2000. I did so horribly in selling my prints, but he helped me look on the bright side and even got me an artlist on egroups (now yahoo groups). Thanks to him *hugs* and everyone else who helped me sell out at Further Confusion 2001 *big hugs*. \r\n

Image: AzdorSketch.jpg   550x975 151487 bytes 2002.03.25

Commission for Arf Paws of his mate, Azdor.

Image: BadgeFurKiyo.jpg   402x300 43356 bytes 2000.04.21

Here's a con badge I did fur Kiyo from Confurence 11.\r\nKiyo's devout when it comes to scanning art I do fur him.\r\nHe's the best!\n

Image: BadKitty.jpg   750x478 75892 bytes 2001.02.10

This is a take off from a classical painting of Venus emerging from the sea. I like the effect of the baby t-shirt. It emphasizes her breasts and nipples more so if she was just completely nude. I also like her feet. My roommates have nicknamed her "Afterglow Kitty". ;P

Image: BadKittySketch.jpg   800x452 106466 bytes 2000.03.06

Here's the antithesis of Good Kitty, I'm making shirts of this's on the front, and the other's on the back, in color! Tah dah!\n

Image: BestFriends.jpg   810x650 231196 bytes 2002.03.25

Commission for KittFrost done a while ago of him and FyrDragon. =)

Image: Blitzy1Color.jpg   600x841 153851 bytes 2001.02.07

This trio of pix is a series of commissions from Blitzy. He fell in love with my character, Catriece, and her feet ;p As you can see in Blitzy 1, he's kinda embarrassed and nevous, but when you get to Blitzy 2, he kinda got over that rather nicely. ;p

Image: Blitzy1Sketch.jpg   500x708 77046 bytes 2001.05.07

Here's the start of a series of commissions fur my wuf bro, Blitzy! Poor Blitzy here is too timid to touch her feet...*gigglewufs* He needs a little prodding to get over that first time nervousness... (continued at Blitzy2.jpg) \r\n

Image: Blitzy2Color.jpg   600x831 165656 bytes 2001.02.07

I was lookin at this picture and realised something...I need to do more spooge art dammit! Rrr.r.r.rRRr.rr!

Image: Blitzy2Sketch.jpg   500x646 68251 bytes 2001.02.13

...and it looks like it worked! *winks and grinz* (continued from Blitzy1)

Image: Blitzy3.jpg   600x768 78410 bytes 2000.03.06

This one realy doesn't follow the first two..(duh! *gigglewufs)\r\nI'll tell ya tho, definately a new drawing experience fur me.\n

Image: Blitzy3Color.jpg   600x821 114354 bytes 2001.02.07

Here we have our beloved Blitzy who somehow wandered into the right room at the right moment in our exotic Hotel of Luv! ;P Remeber folks, this Yiffintines Day, do something a bit more sensual...dress kinky! ArrrrRRRRROOOOoooooOOOOO!

Image: Cam&Ven.jpg   550x455 92623 bytes 2001.02.06

After so many semesters of figure drawing, hyoomans just don't draw\r\nthe attention like furries do. Ya definately get a crowd around ya\r\nwhen you do the models as furries! *gigglewufs*\r\nBut most of the time the models love it! Camielle is the fur with the \r\npink hair, she's awesome! And the other fur is Venice. Oh man...I saw\r\nher modeling portfolio!...Dang! not only is she super nice, but she\r\nreally has a talent! She even took a photo of this drawing fur herself!\r\n*blushes* Purrrhaps I can post her website here when I get an email \r\nback from her. By the by, the models are copyrighted in whatever way,\r\nand this was done in oil pastel, just to let ya know =(o.<)= *wink!*\n

Image: CaracalExoticDancer.jpg   600x718 106918 bytes 2001.11.05

Here's another sketch I got back from CFNW, and all's I gotta say is HOT DAMN!!! Usually I enter "artist mode" when I work on stuff and deeply concentrate, but this one definately gave me troubles! ;p All touchy and squatty that she is. ERF!

Image: Catriece_Kiss_Liquimetal_Moon.jpg   504x504 89299 bytes 2000.02.14

Image: CatrieceColor.jpg   500x763 160627 bytes 2001.02.10

My first full blown experimentation with Photoshop filters from back in the day.

Image: CatrieceSketch.jpg   367x617 52708 bytes 2001.04.14

I realized I took it down by accident, along with a few others...please forgive the "re-uploading" again.

Image: CatrieceUndieColor.jpg   750x531 84278 bytes 2001.02.10

My girlfriend at the time had just come home from a grueling day at work. After she eased herself out of her clothes, she rolled to her side to rest. I just kept looking and thinking and finally just told her to stay put. (Those who live with me recognize this "look" I get when I'm thinking "now that would be a cool pose…". They eventually know better to not move as I go racing to find my sketchbook.) I used a photo of a fawn Somali to color her in, but I later made some anatomical changes to her like lowering the tail and making her shoulder more prominent.

Image: CatrieceVariant.jpg   338x647 54168 bytes 2001.02.10

And here's the unfiltered version. =)

Image: CaughtColored.jpg   800x577 186605 bytes 2001.02.07

After eons of posting nothing new to the VCL, I'm back with a load of stuff. Just for information, this is not a rape scene, it's just a depiction of my favorite postition. I can see how it would look like that, but then again have you seen some of the orgasm faces that others can have?! (oh, by the way, I'm sorta cleaning my archieve, so if you see something you've already seen before, all apologies. I'm just taking down stuff that doesn't have a signature and replacing it with ones that do.)

Image: CFNW_03_Shirt_01_INV.GIF   749x886 64514 bytes 2003.08.29

Here's my shirt design for Conifur. It's an exclusive version done on optically slimming black shirts! Conifur just has regular green or pre-reg purple. If you'd like to order one ($15), email me @ and I'll eat the shipping cost, or you can pick one up from my table at the con!

Image: Ch-marrColor.jpg   600x419 108341 bytes 2002.12.03

Here he is, the Bastard Admin From Hell! Ch-marr!!! Whooo hooo! As one of the many wonderful sponsors for CFNW 2002, one of the benifits was having a con badge done by a participating artist of their choice. He chose me to do his badge, and so I did! =3 \r\n\r\n*hugs* Luv ya, Ch-marr! CheetahCheetahCheetah!!!

Image: Chakat.jpg   455x600 127206 bytes 2000.04.21

Here's a sketch I did for the fur from Austraila!-Chakat! My first 'taur I've ever done, I was very lucky to find someone with a scanner at the con. Chakat, you rock man! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to attemp a 'taur!\n

Image: ChakatsGFFW.jpg   650x561 140004 bytes 2001.05.07

Here's a commission from Bernard Doove who's just one helluva guy! Something I've never done before...hermaphroditic....felitaurs...sexin' the livin' daylights outta each other! Yeeeeeowzah! Quite interesting though. Not my personal taste, per say, but definately interesting. ;p\r\n\r\n

Image: ChakatsGFFW_sketch.jpg   600x491 96610 bytes 2001.05.07

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand here's the sketch. =3

Image: ComeHere.jpg   800x593 152961 bytes 2001.02.07

After spanning an enormous amount of time and several name changes it's done. Bon appetite ;p

Image: Competition1.jpg   500x512 44502 bytes 2000.07.16

Here's a character that will be a regular in a comic book I have comming up, hopefully ready in time for Further Confusion 2001! I donno, but whenever I hear some sections of techno music, he pops into my mind and starts dancing. Guess it's that THUMP THUMP THUMP sorta thing.\n

Image: Compost_Sketch.jpg   500x694 82759 bytes 2001.04.14

Image: CompostColor.jpg   550x681 124453 bytes 2001.02.08

It's finally finished dammit!!! After years of neglect, I forced myself to complete Compost for my art cd, "Grrrwolf's Grrrotica Parlour". He's sorta like a cross between Beetlejuice and Frankenstien, and he's got a little bit of everything in him. Cheetah, rabbit, coyote, wolf, aligator, housekitty...yadda yadda yadda. ;)

Image: DarkHammerSketchV2.jpg   409x550 53764 bytes 2002.12.03

Drawn during CFNW 02 for Dark Hammer. I made a HUGE mistake, though, when drawing him. I left out his belt pouch thingy. I don't, however, think he or anyone else really minded. ;P

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