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Image: DragonKittySketch.jpg   500x855 92016 bytes 2000.03.06

Here is my submission to the Souvenir Book fur Confurence 11. \r\nI owe my thanks to Megan Giles fur this, because if she didn't email me\r\nand remind me to move my butt on the deadline, I woulnd't have had this to turn\r\nin. Since the theme is "Furries In Asia", I stuck in the Japanese character fur\r\n"Dragon" fur the "Good Kitty" to sit her furry rump on. Thanks Megan! It was\r\nso kewl to meet you at FCY2K!!! \n

Image: Dusk.jpg   539x750 94301 bytes 2002.05.06

This is the last picture of the Twylight & Dusk Portfolio I'm going to show. I can't give EVERYTHING away, so I'm leaving one pic left unknown. =P\r\n\r\nI feel like I gotta mention as well the song "The Host of Seraphim-Trance Mix" by Dead Can Dance. It doesn't /quite/ fit the feel of this portfolio, but if this was ever animated, it would sure make for sweet background music.

Image: Eeep!sketch.jpg   900x644 138918 bytes 2001.02.11

Ok...I think...after more than a year...I am finally satisfied with this one.

Image: EquisPounce.jpg   597x421 68309 bytes 2002.03.28

Here we have Equis, all tranquil and asleep...unsuspecting of what will befall him. ;P \r\nIt's a sketch of me waking him up when he stayed over at my apartment in my own (Notice an evil KittFrost lurking underneith the bed. *gigglewufs* \r\n\r\n

Image: FELatio.jpg   550x695 70006 bytes 2002.12.03

During CFNW02 I got to hang out with Fel quite a bit and we FINALLY did that art trade we kept saying we were gonna do. At first, he was gonna be Felamon, the self felating digimon, or Felatiomon...sumfin' like that. Anywho, there wasn't enough room on his humungo art book for it to fit (hence why his right foot just fades out). FELatio worked good enough, plus it was a wonderful lil' play on his name. ;P

Image: ForKiyo.jpg   592x798 75134 bytes 2000.04.05

Drew this fur Kiyo at Further Confusion Y2K. I'm gonna be at Confurence 11,\r\nmy nerves are so frayed with all the stuff I'm trying to have ready....gah.\r\nJust a little diddy about this pic, Kiyo's sketchbook is pretty big, so the drawing's practially "life sized". Well, I took the book and put it up to my chest, and walked over to Ken Sample's table at the con. I had the book closed, and I'm all, "Hey, Ken!", he looks over, so I open the book right over my chest, and go "WhoooooOOOooooo!" and he just looks at me like I'm some psycho-fruitcake! HahhaAHAHHAHAhahhahahaA!!!....erm....ahem...nevermind..guess you had to be there. \n

Image: freddycougar.jpg   524x400 65575 bytes 2002.12.04

Image: FuzzWolfAndCo.jpg   694x550 135399 bytes 2002.12.03

It's Mark Fuzzwolf! He's lovingly surrounded by a nice group of his characters'...cocks. See if YOU can point out whose cock is whose! ;P\r\n\r\nCheck out his furrotic stories on the story archeive, and at

Image: gardendance.jpg   300x449 66723 bytes 2001.02.08

Just a very relaxing picture taken in Neo Orleans. That's me on the right, and my mate, Christicalico, on the left. Or is it the other way around? Gah, depends on what perspective you're looking at I guess... =)

Image: GoodKittyColor.jpg   600x745 91588 bytes 2000.07.16

Image: GreymalkinSketch.jpg   700x910 193201 bytes 2000.02.14

Image: Grrr-Master_and_Servant-Facial.jpg   594x810 182743 bytes 2008.02.29

The Master and The servant (messy version)

..."Oh My loving servant, you are too good. I, oh god...," he gulped quite audibly, "I cannot resist much longer. Where would you like it?"\r\n"Wherever you wish, my Master," his servant replied sincerely.\r\nHe couldn't hold back any longer, and he gushed like warm champagne, sprinkling his servant's serene face. His servant's eyes widened as he puffed, "My Love, you're going to miss a drop."

Tags: dominance, submission, cock, yiff, wolf, wolves, lick, romantic, romance, cum  
Image: Grrr-Master_and_Servant.jpg   594x810 183097 bytes 2008.02.29

The Master and The servant

The loving Master offers his paw for his cherished servant to greet after returning home from afar. As moonlight pours into the chamber warmed by a monstrous fireplace, time slows down for two lovers who long to reconnect and be one....\r\n\r\nThere will be prints available through, search for Grrrwolf or email me at grrrwolf6d9 at yahoo dot com\r\n\r\nThank you for your time and I hope all is well!

Tags: dominance, submission, cock, yiff, wolf, wolves, lick, romantic, romance  
Image: GrrrCalicoConbadges.jpg   400x600 86649 bytes 2001.05.07

Here's my conbadge, and my mates conbadge. She's such the helper. ;P

Image: Grrrpuppy.jpg   500x665 103456 bytes 2001.02.08

This has been posted before, but now with a signature! Yay me! Yay common sense!

Image: GrrrRose.jpg   300x317 52148 bytes 2001.02.08

This has been posted before, but now with a signature! Yay me! Yay common sense!

Image: Grrrwolf_Expression_Sketches.jpg   400x272 37817 bytes 2001.02.10

Some older sketches of me =)

Image: Grrrwolf_Space_Discs.jpg   576x503 96580 bytes 2000.02.14

To evfurryone from Further Confusion Y2K, ALLO!!!!\r\nI'm gonna be at Confurence 11, so look fur me! I'll be sellin' at a table,\r\nso drop by to say hi or somethin', okay?! =/\\/\\=\n

Image: GuessWhatSketch.jpg   600x1070 171498 bytes 2000.03.06

"Gueth what...I'm not wearing any pannies!"\n

Image: Gunner.jpg   500x624 64836 bytes 2002.03.25

Featured in the Confurence 12 Souvenier Book, and more particularily in Akal's sketchbook. =P\r\nI donno where the influences are from...just...everywhere. He is Sci-Fi. I hope to color him someday a la Neurodyne (that guy's got some kick ass skills).

Image: GunVixenColor.jpg   700x965 112257 bytes 2000.02.14

Image: GunVixenSketch.jpg   450x610 95499 bytes 2001.02.10

Again, all apologies for reposting...just gotta get the pix with the better signatures in!

Image: HaloSpaceboyColor.jpg   467x650 92103 bytes 2003.08.29

Ahhhhhh Mesh...the clothing of the future! Man am I behind on my posting. But oh well!

Image: HaloSpaceboySketch.jpg   429x600 76475 bytes 2002.12.03

At first, it was supposed to be Fel, then it turned into Pagan Kitten, then Christi Calico, now it's Halo Spaceboy!\r\n\r\nHalo Spaceboy by David Bowie\r\n\r\n"Do you like girls or boys?\r\nIt's confusing these days.\r\nBut moondust will cover you,\r\ncover you.\r\nAnd this chaos is killing me."

Image: Jase.jpg   750x548 65124 bytes 2002.05.06

Here's Punker Fox's buddy, Jase. Both of them are quite an adorable set of guys. =P I've never done a pose like this before, and Frank Gembeck helped me out a lot. (Thanks Frankie!!!! *bigsqueezeyhug!*) I like his mouth, too (see punkerfox.jpg). He's messy! ;P *lix*

Image: JewelColored.jpg   600x1090 92102 bytes 2001.09.02

Here kitty kitty kitty! Come here and let me make you purr! Rrrrowrr! It'za commissioin for the wonderful owner of this fine feline. Jewel is (c) her owner. ;p

Image: Kammink.jpg   750x482 115084 bytes 2001.02.11

This was one of my first experiments with using real fur texture and photomanipulation. I dont even remember how I came to use this technique, but I noticed my artwork taking itself to a new level I really liked. Ive found my niche in making artwork as realistic and believable as possible. Ive always been in awe of those who do that. Those that make artwork in which you ask, oh my godz, how did they do that?, not oh my godz, why did they do that?. Modify your voice and it changes everything. =) \r\n\r\n

Image: KamminkSketch.jpg   450x605 51036 bytes 2001.04.14

and yet another ...

Image: KandENebulaDisco.jpg   600x780 294090 bytes 2001.05.07

Girls and guns just kick ass, don'tcha think?

Image: KellyColored.jpg   500x721 74216 bytes 2001.02.10

Sooner...or later, this WILL have a background!

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