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Image: KrystalEricaSketch.jpg   500x696 113530 bytes 2000.09.02

Image: Competition1.jpg   500x512 44502 bytes 2000.07.16

Here's a character that will be a regular in a comic book I have comming up, hopefully ready in time for Further Confusion 2001! I donno, but whenever I hear some sections of techno music, he pops into my mind and starts dancing. Guess it's that THUMP THUMP THUMP sorta thing.\n

Image: GoodKittyColor.jpg   600x745 91588 bytes 2000.07.16

Image: SquealSketch.jpg   600x637 89926 bytes 2000.06.05

His name in Greek means "Little Shit Head"..HAHAH!\r\nOh..and by the way...It's a can of whip cream!!!! sheeesssh!..Get yer minds outta the gutter! Buncha furverts...\r\n

Image: Kristal3.jpg   500x642 67136 bytes 2000.06.05

I hope to finish this one just like the other two...\r\nshe's kinda goin..." /this/ the file you were looking for?"\r\nhaha!\n

Image: ThatWasThen.jpg   300x542 63989 bytes 2000.04.21

There was a poem to this, too...\r\nIf I ever find it I'll post it\n

Image: ThisIsNow.jpg   500x449 79673 bytes 2000.04.21

Tired wolf in big kitty paws...\n

Image: SassettSSCU4.jpg   600x596 132321 bytes 2000.04.21

Requested by Jack Andrews, who wanted to see the chap on the bottom! Oh man...this close up request thing has me so freakin tickled it's unbelieveable!\r\nI love you guys, man!!!! Also, just as a side note, this is really the only known depiction of Siberskunk. Man, what an honor.\n

Image: SassettSSCU3.jpg   638x506 102297 bytes 2000.04.21

This one wasn't really requested by anyone really, but I got an email from Faxtron who just wanted close ups of /all/ the areas! AHHAHA!..Oh guys are the greatest!\n

Image: SassettSSCU2.jpg   600x382 98893 bytes 2000.04.21

To quote Siberskunk on this one "Mmmmmm...Mink tits" Hahhaha!

Image: SassettSSCU1.jpg   700x626 190728 bytes 2000.04.21

Oh man, the response to my description from Sassett1.jpg was overwhelming!\r\n*gets all teary eyed* You like really like me!!!\r\nHhehee...honestly though, you guys are wonderful. As you can see with this close up I...ahem....embellished the respective members just a /tiny/ bit. *gigglesnorts* Have fun floks!\n

Image: KiyoPlush.jpg   500x671 64384 bytes 2000.04.21's another page from Kiyo's sketchbook...I decided to go fur kyoot and cuddly rather than hot and busty!..hhahaah! (check out ForKiyo.jpg if yer unsure what I mean, =(>.O)= <--Wink!)\n

Image: Chakat.jpg   455x600 127206 bytes 2000.04.21

Here's a sketch I did for the fur from Austraila!-Chakat! My first 'taur I've ever done, I was very lucky to find someone with a scanner at the con. Chakat, you rock man! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to attemp a 'taur!\n

Image: BadgeFurKiyo.jpg   402x300 43356 bytes 2000.04.21

Here's a con badge I did fur Kiyo from Confurence 11.\r\nKiyo's devout when it comes to scanning art I do fur him.\r\nHe's the best!\n

Image: Kristal1Color.jpg   700x1069 295574 bytes 2000.04.19

Image: Sassett1.jpg   755x1039 291872 bytes 2000.04.19

Well...finally after 6 months it's finished! My very very first commission fur\r\nmy furry bro, Siberskunk, admin. (Siber-you are so cool!, and his char, Sassett, is so freakin yiffy!). This one sold the most at Confurence 11 (hrm...I wonder why...heehaa!)\r\n\r\nI was having a thought, which is scarey. Now this is a very scaled down version of the real I was thinkin...maybe I should post some "close up" sections of this pic. Whadduya think? Email me, and let me know what you want to see a close up of...and I'll post it. Also, if you want to see a close up of another pic in my archive, lemmie know. I pride myself on detail, and it's so agonizing to have to post something so tiny compaired to what's in my Photoshop files. me and tell me what ya want to see! =(O.x)=\n

Image: Si_Vous_Plait2.jpg   750x919 79936 bytes 2000.04.19

Ok...this is a message fur David ("SirWolf914")...I got yer email waaaaaay from March 16th, and I sent a reply back to ya, but fur some reason it bounced back to me! Here's a "all apologies" pic fur ya, David! I'm gonna try to email you back again! Ack, technology!\r\n\r\nErf...well..the email got bounced back (I just checked), so David, send me an\r\nemail to and perhaps that'll woik. *crosses fingers and\r\nwhimperwhines*\n

Image: StrawberryShake.jpg   700x823 149598 bytes 2000.04.19

Image: ForKiyo.jpg   592x798 75134 bytes 2000.04.05

Drew this fur Kiyo at Further Confusion Y2K. I'm gonna be at Confurence 11,\r\nmy nerves are so frayed with all the stuff I'm trying to have ready....gah.\r\nJust a little diddy about this pic, Kiyo's sketchbook is pretty big, so the drawing's practially "life sized". Well, I took the book and put it up to my chest, and walked over to Ken Sample's table at the con. I had the book closed, and I'm all, "Hey, Ken!", he looks over, so I open the book right over my chest, and go "WhoooooOOOooooo!" and he just looks at me like I'm some psycho-fruitcake! HahhaAHAHHAHAhahhahahaA!!!....erm....ahem...nevermind..guess you had to be there. \n

Image: Kristal2.jpg   400x745 56550 bytes 2000.03.22

Image: Kristal1.jpg   400x719 48829 bytes 2000.03.20

Image: StrawberryShakeSketch.jpg   750x792 228942 bytes 2000.03.06

Here is a very very late Valentine's Day pic fur my roomie, Christicalico.\r\nBut...those who know me, are you really surprized? *gigglewufs* ;3\n

Image: KellySketch.jpg   700x1057 137635 bytes 2000.03.06

Image: DragonKittySketch.jpg   500x855 92016 bytes 2000.03.06

Here is my submission to the Souvenir Book fur Confurence 11. \r\nI owe my thanks to Megan Giles fur this, because if she didn't email me\r\nand remind me to move my butt on the deadline, I woulnd't have had this to turn\r\nin. Since the theme is "Furries In Asia", I stuck in the Japanese character fur\r\n"Dragon" fur the "Good Kitty" to sit her furry rump on. Thanks Megan! It was\r\nso kewl to meet you at FCY2K!!! \n

Image: VircooBadge.jpg   400x287 54604 bytes 2000.03.06

Here's another name badge I did fur Vircoo, the most bad ass hippitey roo out there! He sent me the scan, too! Mystee, send me your badge!!!\n

Image: MrrrcatBadgeFCY2K.jpg   400x298 45274 bytes 2000.03.06

Bagde fur Mrrrcat...erf...she aways has to wait sooo long fur one..hehee\n

Image: Tygrrr.jpg   345x618 67648 bytes 2000.03.06

Here was a sketch that fur Tyger in his book at Further Confusion Y2K, and\r\nhe's so kewl of a guy that he scaned the pic and emailed to me so I could post\r\nit! *dances* If there is anyfur out there that has a pic I did fur them, \r\nI would be so happy if you could scan the drawing I did and email it to me at\r\\r\nAhem....Mystee, Kiyo, Lestat, Orzel, KatVixen....*coff coff*..that means you \r\nguys *gigglewufs*. PleaseOhPleaseOhPleaseOhPlease!!!\n

Image: GuessWhatSketch.jpg   600x1070 171498 bytes 2000.03.06

"Gueth what...I'm not wearing any pannies!"\n

Image: BadKittySketch.jpg   800x452 106466 bytes 2000.03.06

Here's the antithesis of Good Kitty, I'm making shirts of this's on the front, and the other's on the back, in color! Tah dah!\n

Image: Blitzy3.jpg   600x768 78410 bytes 2000.03.06

This one realy doesn't follow the first two..(duh! *gigglewufs)\r\nI'll tell ya tho, definately a new drawing experience fur me.\n

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