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Image: iron_talon.jpg   446x763 74922 bytes 2004.03.11

I HATH BROKEN MY ARTBLOCK!\r\ creating a character that I knew would be impossible to do properly. Go me. Because I can't draw mech (although this is relatively decent), and I've not really drawn avians before, let alone raptors (and he's a Harpy Eagle, if ya can't tell). The CGing here has some rough spots, although, for it being my first time CGing metal (as I've avoided it like the plague), it ain't half bad.\r\n\r\nCharacter details can be found over at DevART (since there's no text limit there, hur): \r\\r\n\r\nIron Talon Faia/guitargoyle

Image: fenris_compressed.jpg   436x562 50563 bytes 2004.03.04

You have NO idea how pissed this drawing makes me. Felt like doodling Fenris (hence his missing arm), and the CGing AND background WORK OUT BEAUTIFULLY!\r\n\r\n::rolls around on the ground, foaming at the mouth while screaming in rage::\r\n\r\n...ahem... I'm sure I've bored you all to tears, so this is gonna be my last upload for the day (...and the peasants rejoice...). I feel like a defective typewriter, so I'm gonna go get some sleeeeeeep.

Image: badass_goddess_compressed.jpg   458x472 48525 bytes 2004.03.04

Blitz, the Goddess from a manga/novel I'm working on. She kicks all sorts of ass, hence the filename. :D

Image: runnybabbit.jpg   280x700 70794 bytes 2004.03.04

Keester Bunny I drew after putting up all the window clings during Easter of last year. This time, the little rabbits were stitched, making them look like they were stuffed toys come to life. So I drew my own version. He's horribly cliched, and his ears remind me of Usagi Yojimbo. \r\nIf I were a rabbit, I would not want to try and fit my feet into a pair of Converse canvase sneakers.... although somehow *I* manage to fit my size 11's into a pair. ^^

Image: Ghul_ver3.jpg   363x498 52817 bytes 2004.03.04

A full-body of Ghul. I got really lazy about halfway through the CGing, so it totally blows goats. The angle of his head and back-fin annoy me.\r\n\r\n...I'm getting tired of putting copyrights down here, and it seems a little pretentious to me, so feck it.

Image: Ghul_vers2.jpg   416x508 51568 bytes 2004.03.04

The first CGed image (which is why I didn't go overboard with shading/highlights) for Ghul, my half-dragon, half-wolf Demon. I adore the fin on his back.\r\n\r\nGhul Faia/guitargoyle

Image: rhyssuss2.jpg   372x525 36038 bytes 2004.03.04

Another oldie-but-goodie. I suffer from 'bendy-leg-drawing-retardosis', otherwise known as a severe inability to draw digitigrade feet. And since I was really inept two years ago, I lopped off Rhyssuss' feet at the knees for this drawing. Feh. I still like it anyway.\r\n\r\nI <3 my Lizard King.\r\nRhyssuss Faia/Guitargoyle

Image: rhyssuss1.jpg   458x600 46632 bytes 2004.03.04

As you can tell from the date, this is from two years ago, but it still holds a special place in my heart, and is actually pretty decent, given the age.\r\n\r\nMeet Rhyssuss, my Lizard King. Luff him, or he will put one of those axes in yer head.\r\n\r\nRhyssuss Faia/Guitargoyle (and that would be meh!)

Image: gargy_meh.jpg   404x649 56944 bytes 2004.03.04

My first upload to the VCL. Took me about a week to decide what my fursona was going to be. I knew it needed horns, a tail, wings, and big honkin' feet. Then it hit me. A gargoyle! ^-^; Doi. Although this is a chibi-version ( I don't really know why I drew it chibi, it just sort of turned out that way). Still practicing those damned digitigrade feet. Love the magic floating wingies, dammit!

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