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Image: runnybabbit.jpg   280x700 70794 bytes 2004.03.04

Keester Bunny I drew after putting up all the window clings during Easter of last year. This time, the little rabbits were stitched, making them look like they were stuffed toys come to life. So I drew my own version. He's horribly cliched, and his ears remind me of Usagi Yojimbo. \r\nIf I were a rabbit, I would not want to try and fit my feet into a pair of Converse canvase sneakers.... although somehow *I* manage to fit my size 11's into a pair. ^^

Image: shai_xiyi.jpg   448x601 103671 bytes 2004.11.11

This is what happens when you throw a newt, a salamander, a gecko, and a poison dart frog into a blender, then add a pinch of dinosaur. ...Probably makes a tasty soup. ...Or a new race of adorable little critters. Whichever.\r\n\r\nThey're short and brightly colored. They're also amphibious, using their tails and hands to propel themselves. The single webbed digit is a natural mutation - it is incredibly strong, and has an extreme range of motion for swimming purposes. Other than that, it functions as a normal digit. In addition, they can cling to surfaces using the pads on their hands and feetses.\r\n\r\nAnd as to what 'they' are, I have no idea. Haven't named 'em yet. But they're still me.

Image: sleeepy_sleeepy_sleeepy.jpg   615x649 79619 bytes 2004.04.20

I've been helping my aunt move, and then turning around and coming home to pack and move my own family's junk (as we're moving into her old house), so I have been IMMENSELY tired. I didn't know how tiring sheer exhaustion is until now.\r\n\r\nYes, I have earthtone sheets and pillowcases. XD Usually I wear big honkin' headphones (like the kind DJs use), but they kinda muddled the picture. I tried to attempt a new style of shading, almost like backlighting. Didn't work too well, I think. BG is inspired by my ceiling. I've got glow-in-the-dark stars and music notes up there. ^^\r\n\r\n"It's been a hard day's night\r\nAn' I been workin' like a dog\r\nIt's been a hard day's night\r\nI should be sleepin' like a log..."\r\n\r\nlyric blurb The Beatles

Image: teh_lump.gif   474x336 17450 bytes 2004.08.08

...Don't mind me. Just impersonating an ottoman, I am.\r\n\r\nDrawn entirely in pen. Fun.

Image: tek_lowres.jpg   421x505 84942 bytes 2004.03.19

'Your current upload allowance is 15 chickens'. OH, IRONY.\r\n\r\nColonel Tek Andersen (alias Iron Talon) again. Took me a week to composite, an hour to ink, and about 4 to color. It's a shame the drawing is shabby, because the background is pretty wicked-looking. My intentions were to have him look like he was flying out of the background, but the wings weren't working for me, and got scrapped during the inking process. Instead, his wings are folded down into their compartments on his back. So I went for my second option, him 'crawling' out of a tecchie-looking BG. I've got the BG, but the crawling or whatever isn't jiving with me. Looks like he's just a legless mutant hovering over a weird BG.\r\nTek Faia/Guitargoyle (meh!)

Image: thingamajiiger_vcl.jpg   530x796 137573 bytes 2004.08.01

You know, if you're into that sort of thing, I suppose you could call this a 'boxed lunch'. ::CACKLE!::\r\n\r\n...Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the fish.\r\n\r\nYeah, I know it's random (and very pastel, urk), but, eh, who really gives a shit? Not me, says I.

Image: WHAT_THE_FUCK.jpg   626x510 76724 bytes 2004.10.15

....\r\nAaalllrighty. Reason one why drinking and drawing is a hazard. Was takin' a nip off the ol' bottle last night, and I recall issuing a challenge to myself - to draw something cute, heavily anime-influenced, and with a floofy tail, and to color it in the morning. In striving to fit in with everyone else ::cough:: I chose a Red Panda. Jesus... the sketch and notes could've given Jackson Pollock a run for his money. \r\n\r\nFuckin' thing gave me a toothache just lookin' at it. She has ribbons and giant dice-shaped bells in her hair.\r\n...I'll say that again. DICE-SHAPED BELLS. WTF, man.

Image: yo_yo_bonehead.jpg   420x648 49339 bytes 2004.07.17

Semi-OT? Whatever the hell he is, he ain't a human, that's fer damned sure. Just wanted to draw a skull (for anatomy practice, not for the sake of drawing a skull), and next thing I know, this charming fellow came about. Don't know what the fuck he is, or why he's drooling allover the place, but I like it so far. He could be useful for further character creation.\r\n\r\nPose was referenced from an anatomy book. I added the fangs (in a charming smoker's-brown), the spikes, and the obscene tongue (not to mention that strange stringy drool-stuff) on a whim. Drawn at 4:30 in the AM - we'll blame it on sleep deprivation. Colored and shaded partially with an airbrush, partially with the Dodge and Burn tools.

Image: yuri_denisov_color.jpg   518x701 68066 bytes 2004.08.17

A character I created for a WW:tA campaign that never quite came into being. I'd already fallen in love with him to send him to the scrap-heap, though, so I pulled this out of the first few pages of my sketchpad and decided to give it a color. Besides, it's once in a blue moon that I actually draw something with a typical anthropomorphic muzzle nowadays.\r\n\r\nI tried to blend the patches of fur together, but it didn't work so well on his head. He's getting on in years, so in his human form he's got salt and pepper hair, and I tried to reflect that in his mane. Beh. The other thing that annoys me pretty badly is the mismatched line-weight between his body and his head. Eh well. I was just dickin' around with the drawing anyway.

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